Sunday, January 02, 2005

The World Sucks

I really want to think that there is good in all people. I really do but from conversations I've had and blog articles I've read today, I've feeling it's not the case. I hate to say this and it really bothers me but people are scum and only care about themselves.

I've been reading Dan "Foo" Huards blog and he was talking about his time at G4 and Tech TV (YES I'M STILL MOANING ABOUT THIS). I was reading about the dishonest nature of the producers and management of G4 in "faking" live calls for "The Screen Savers" by have staff friends and family staging these so called live calls. I personally loved how at one point, Dan was forced to use his own girlfriend for a call.

I soon found a link to a post by Wil Wheaton (He was on Star Trek) and his experiences with G4 as well. How the producers treated him and his co-host like crap and they ended up going behind his back and cutting his pay when he complained to management.

It's not the corporate world either. Earlier today I heard about some problems that a friend of mine was having and I'll just leave it at that because I promised not to say a thing and unlike many of the people in this world. I keep my word.

So basically I'm extremely depressed and disgusted with the world right now. I wish that I could just leave everything and disappear somewhere and just have my internet connection to keep me in contact with the world. Well I can dream I guess.

Once I said that I don't understand women, well now I think its people in general I don't understand. Perhaps I need more God in my life? I'm catholic but I don't really practice my religion or go to church (and my mom is disappointed by my not going to church) but again, I thought there was good in everyone but it seems that I'm wrong.

Now I'm going to say that there are exceptions to this (at least I hope so) and there are some people that when I see (even online on AIM or MSN) that just makes me smile. There are a few people who bring me joy and I wish I could spend a lot more time with them, but alas, I'm forced to see the world for its ugly self.

Another thing, what is the deal with political blogs. Is it just meet or are they nothing more than people throwing dirt (and worse things) at each other? Why can't these people have proactive discussions instead? I'm getting more and more sick of people every day

Oh well, I hope that I feel better tomorrow. I think I'll feel better when my entire life changes. I need change and I need a hug.

My 2 bytes.

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