Monday, February 28, 2005

Right Now

First thing. I enjoyed my weekend even though I never posted but I decided to give myself some time away but I'm back.

It seems that there are a bunch of little "quizzes" floating around the blogosphere and I've done a couple of them myself, from my music tastes to stuff of a more intimate nature (That means SEX! ! ! ). Anyway, I was listening to the radio and that Van Hagger song "Right Now" came on(It's not Van Hallen unless David Lee Roth is singing) and I came up with an idea. What is going on Right Now? So here's my idea. I encourage my readers (actually I'm begging) to post 5 things that are occurring "Right Now" in their lives on their blog (Feel free to cut and paste but really! ! ! ).


Right Now, I'm hoping that someone will call me soon for a job interview so I can quit the shitty job I have now.

Right Now, I wish I would wave my hands in the air, say "Abracadabra" and my apartment would me nice and clean.

Right Now, I'm spending too much time playing Grand Theft Auto and I need to get out more.

Right Now, I'm disgusted with the price of dress shirts, $50 plus for a damn shirt that I'll only wear to job interviews and "formal" occasions. Give me a break.

Right Now, I just realized that I didn't watch the Oscar's last night and to be honest. I really don't give a crap.

Well this is my first attempt to…basically create a chain letter now that I think about it. Well I look forward to seeing if it goes anywhere. Ok I'm no Michele (the Michele sent me thing is the best idea I've ever seen), but who knows.

So Right Now, I'm hoping that this doesn't BOMB! ! ! .

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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Captain Canuck!!! Now what the hell am I talking about ?

Earlier this week I mentioned that I was Captain Canuck and needless to say, no one knew what the heck I was talking about so its time to explain that little known Canadian superhero.

Captain Canuck was originally published in the late 70's and early 80's in a monthly comic book as well as a daily comic strip in Canadian newspapers. He was our home grown superhero. Made in Canada for Canadians. I remember him from old issues in comic bins in used comic stores and I thought wow, who knew? Well apparently a lot of people did. There's even a set of Canadian stamps that were issued of Canadian created superheroes ( I know, I have it somewhere but I'm not looking for it).

I'm not going to go into all the history of the guy because this would be something for my Geek blog, and while I am I geek. I try to hide it, by not talking about my Geek core and wearing contact lenses but let's just say that he's come and gone over the years and has changed over the years.

So for more information on Captain Canuck, do a Google search because I'm not a comic book fanboy geek in disguise, nope nope nope.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I'm annoyed again. I'll watch whatever I want, thank you.

I’m flipping through yesterday’s newspaper and I end up reading something about a ‘so-called’ Christian Family organization and how they are condemning Shriek 2 for blaa blaa blaa. Personally I don’t care what these closed minded jackasses have to say. All I know is that I don’t want to hear them anymore because we seem to hear to much from them already and its all about their so called morals and how they are right and everyone else is wrong. BULLTSHIT.

I think it was the Simpsons episode that triggered this all over again, but then again, these people have been getting too much attention since the ‘boob’ incident at the Superbowl, last year. Now listen here, right wing wackos, “I’M SICK AND TIRED ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO DECIDED WHAT THE HECK I CAN WATCH. CONTROL THE TV IN YOUR HOME NOT MINE!!!”. As for the Simposns, I thought it was really funny when Marge confronted Rev. Lovejoy about where exactly did it said in the Bible that it was wrong for homosexuals to marry. How the rev. started ringing his bell and claiming that he didn’t hear Marge’s questions. To be fair, the episode did make fun of both sides so it wasn’t actually a pro or con stance. Oh and Selma being gay? Not a big stretch.

Anyway this reminds me of things that have cropped up over the tears like the Tinky Winky incident and the Bert and Ernie issue (Teletubbies seem to be asexual and Bert and Ernie were in separate beds). It even goes back to the nutjobs listening to rock records backwards listening for secret messages from the devil.

Like it or not, things change and that includes morality. Don’t believe me then, what about how there use to be slavery in the U.S. and even after that there was (and is) still racism going on down there and all over the world still. (A few days ago I had some cab driver start talking about “the Jews”, I just shut up right there because I thought he was an ass). Another example … the rule of thumb. Want to know it what that really is? It from old common law stating that you were not allowed to beat your wife with a branch thicker than your thumb (meaning that you could beat your wife but not too much). Last time I checked, that wasn’t acceptable today.

Personally if they were to think about the whole gay marriage issue, they should be encouraging it. After all, everyone knows that the sex stops soon after people get married so no more immoral gay sex.

Oh and one more thing about the “right wing wackoes” I use to consider myself right wing about many issues but today. I swear someone has moved the line and suddenly, I’m a moderate now, so don’t start calling me some left wing tree hugging hippie because I can’t stand them either. Basically I’m an individual, who develops his own opinions by learning about all sides of an issue and not basing my opinion on what someone said or didn’t say.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Because Vics asked (and bugged later)

I'm doing this so Vics can say she passed this thing on.

Random 10 from my computer:
1. Trapt - Headstrong
2. Bodycount - Smoked Pork-Bodycount's In The House
3. Bubblegum Crisis - Konya Wa Hurricane (Don't ask)
4. Robin Williams - Elmer Fudd Sings Fire (Ozzy Fudd and the Wabbit Swayer)
5. Hello Dad, I'm In Jail-Was, Not Was
6. O'Jays - For The Love Of Money (Hey it's the Apprentice Theme)
7. George Throrogood and the Destroyers -One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer
8. Odds - Hetero Sexual Man (Because I am)
9. Rush - Distant Early Warning (Rush are Canadian Rock Gods, All bow to Rush)
10. Puddle of Mudd - Blurry

Amount of Music on your Computer:
" 923 songs 2.83 GB (Alright, I'm only half the music lover that Vics is but I'm a GEEk dammit)

Last CD you bought: Bryan Adams - Room Service (Just came out last October)

Last song you listened to before receiving this message: Ok one of the last songs.. Van Halen - Hot For Teacher (Sit down WALDO !!!!)

Five songs that you either play a lot, or mean a lot to you:
1. Green Day - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Because right now I feel like I live on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams, and while were at it, what's his face is singing about being alone but in the video he's with the other band members)
2. Batman Beyond- Return of the Joker (End Title) (I did mention that I was a geek right but seriously the Guitar kicks ass in it)
3. Asia - Only Time Will Tell ( I just heard it a couple of weeks and it went from there, I'm sure I'll get bored of it in a couple more weeks)
4. Linkin Park - In the End (Because "I had to fall, To lose it all, But in the end , It didn't really matter")
5. Evanescence - Bring Me To Life (Ok I'm in love with Amy Lee but you can't blame me)

I'm suppose to pass this on to 5 people but I'm going to be realistic. If it ends with me SO BE IT !!!!!

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Monday, February 21, 2005

There has to be a reason why that warning is there.

Today has been a real pain in the ass day, simply because I have to work and here in Alberta, it’s Family day (I don’t know how his holiday got started but it is a holiday here). Anyway I’m sitting at my desk, feeling bored as hell, wishing that I could be at home, doing something more productive like writing a post about music (it’s the next one Vics, promise), or perhaps scooping my eyeballs out of my head with a spoon. Then I pick up a bottle of liquid paper and start reading the back. OK, it says not in inhale the fumes and it’s flammable. Ok fine and then I read the next line, “Do not smoke”, and I think what the heck?

Now is this a serious problem? Are drug addicts walking into office supply stores for their fix of “liquid paper bliss”. To people like you and me, it might seem nuts but then I remembered hearing about people sniffing glue and then I remembered other things. A few years ago I saw a news report about some native youths sniffing gas in a remote reserve in Northern Quebec. It made news because the elders asked the government to take the youths away for treatment because they didn’t have the facilities there to treat everyone (it was one of those small reserves in the middle of nowhere where you could only get there by small plane).

So after that thought went through my head I thought, maybe putting that warning isn’t a bad thing. So maybe we should think why a warning label is on a product, and not just because some stupid woman spilled coffee on herself and sued because there was no warning about the coffee being hot.

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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Some sports I just don't get

Today, like any other Sunday, was uneventful. I channel surfed and did some other stuff and then I found something that interested me. There was a free preview of Nascar In Car. Its 7 channels of Nascar auto racing goodness, if your into that sort of thing.

The first channel was the normal Fox broadcast (I think it was Fox) and the other 6 channels are live feeds from inside 6 of the cars. Now at first I thought that it would be interesting but after 5 minutes I became really bored. All I saw was the driver in his car driving and all he really was doing was driving straight and turning left. Boring ! ! ! !

Maybe I just don't understand Nascar. It's something that I will admit, but watching cars turn left at high speed while watching the fans getting "shit faced" just doesn't appeal to me. I remember seeing races on TV with people parking their RV's in the middle of the Oval and sitting on the roof and watching the race. I DON'T GET IT.

Then again, these are the same people who tried to put sensors in a Hockey puck so it would glow blue on the ice. Yeah they can see a white baseball in a cloudy sky but they can't see a black puck on the ice.

As well I'm reminded by some people (Vics) that it makes no sense to call football, football. Since football is really soccer. Then again, to be fair, I think she does have a point. Our football is more like warfare than kicking a ball around. Maybe they're right, actually I think they are right now. Oh well.

Did you know that in some parts of the world, people go crazy for Cricket? Is it just me but does cricket seem like the most boring sport in the world? I don't know but it seems incredibly lame and boring.

I guess it has something to do with upbringing and culture. Perhaps I wouldn't feel the same about Hockey if I hadn't grown up playing street hockey and watching it on TV. So perhaps it is culture. Who knows but then again people sometimes look beyond what they know and try new things. If that didn't happen, then we would never have had the Jamaican Bobsled team (and that great movie Cool Runnings) so I should keep an open mind with Nascar and Cricket I guess, but Figure Skating will always be a fixed girly sport.

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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Celebrity What???

It's after dark and I don't know what to write about. MMM I'm really have no idea what to write about so it will be about whatever appears in the screen I guess, if that makes sense. I'm sick and tired of the "H" word though that seems to be everywhere.

Well I spent the day with my ass glued to the couch catching up on my TV viewing for the week (God bless my PVR) so now I only have a month's worth of new episodes of "The Osbournes" and 2 weeks worth of "Call for Help" (It's a computer tech show) to watch.

One thing that is bothering me is how Celebrity Poker has suddenly become the rage? What is the deal with watching washed out celebrities play poker now? I mean really, what is the big deal. One day I ended up watching the "World Series of Poker" and I was amazed by the crap going on, even with the announcers. I remember hearing an announcer say once "You have to respect the person with the most chips". Who cares and why is it so friggin important to respect that guy. He has a couple of bad hands and BOOM, he's no longer the "person with the most chips".

Most of these guys are boring as hell and not really funny. If you were to do Celebrity poker the right way, I'd get Ozzy Osbourne, Eminem and Steven Wright playing. Ozzy would be mumbling and mess up and swear. Eminem would be calling everyone Bitch and Steven Wright would mumble so much that no one would understand what the hell he's saying.

A sure sigh that this show is the 21st century Hollywood Squares is the fact that they have one of Kids in the Hall guys hosting the show. I mean what the hell has this guy done since News Radio? NOTHING, except maybe doing commentary on the Kids in the Hall DVD sets. Oh and that guy has let himself go.

Again, I'm just babbling on but I want to leave you with this thought. Martha Stewart will be released from jail in less than 2 weeks.

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Friday, February 18, 2005

Photo Friday (Double threat this time)

Good Advice, I'll remember that

Yeah its over and I said I would stop talking about it but I never said anything about pictures

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Its all I can think of right now

Alright I can’t think of anything talk about other than the Hockey strike and even I’m bored with that. It’s in the past so I give you this.

A penguin drives his car to the garage because he’s having problems with it. The mechanic says that it will take 15 minutes to look at it so he goes across the street for some ice cream. The problem is that he doesn’t have hands so he eats the ice cream with his beak and end up getting it all over his face. Then he heads back 15 minutes later to find out what was wrong with the car. The mechanic turns and says to him. “It looks like you blew a seal” and the penguin replies “No, its ice cream”.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Its finally over, thank you Jackass

There are people I meet and I wonder, how do they have the brain power to form words, let alone sentences. You listen to them talk and you wonder how do they prevent the drool from dripping out of their mouths. You wonder how they managed to arrange their hair to hide their slopped forehead. As well how many times a day, do they say “duh”? It seems that I encounter these people on a regular basis. I see them walking through the mall, dragging their dumb children around (they’re spreading their dumb genes) or just doing dumb things in general. What is starting to worry me is that these people are breeding and the smart ones aren’t. This is basically my “peeing in the gene pool” theory.

Well today they made it official (FINALLY) and canceled the entire 2004-05 NHL Hockey season. Good, I’m sick of it (just as everyone is sick of me talking about it, but its Canadian Identity that requires me to talk about it). I was walking through a mall today and people were gathered around a TV, which was showing a press conference in regards to the cancellation of the season and everyone had the same reaction. It was about time. Everyone was tired of it. Tired of the greed the players were showing. Everyone around me knew that the NHL is having money problems. A few years ago, we nearly lost out team. They didn’t have the money to keep operating but the fans showed their support and bought the season tickets needed to keep the Flames in Calgary. We know the score, so were not buying the ‘greedy owners’ theory.

Now the players also know this is going on. A few years ago, Ottawa was having problems meeting their salary. They needed advances from the NHL to pay the players. Tell me again that it’s the greedy owners. Now I heard a comment from a NHL player saying something along the line of “we’ll be on strike as long as it takes”. Well you go right ahead and then get a real job stupid. These guys have it all. They make for more money than you and I and yet, they are still playing this billshit game. Maybe it’s the bad genes or perhaps it’s the steroids affecting their brains. Either way I don’t care anymore. Let’s get the replacement players in the training camps as soon as possible and let the stupid, slopped foreheads stay on strike, play in Europe for less than half of what they would have been making in the NHL or better yet, get a real job. Oh and stop drooling on the microphone during press conferences you retards.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Which Simpson character is gay (other than Smithers)

Simpsons, meet the Simpsons. Well this weekend is going to another of those “ground breaking” episodes. Apparently Homer is ordained as a Minister and end up marrying same sex couples. I’m sure it’s going to be classic “Simpsons". However someone is suppose to come out of the closet in this episode a shocking twist or just an excuse to get rating? Then again it is the Simpsons and that show has been on forever anyway, and odds are it will continue to air until the end of time so the ratings thing doesn’t fly with me; either way, it doesn’t matter.

So I was thinking who is going to ‘come out of the closet’ this Sunday? Originally I was thinking Carl or Lenny but then it hit me. It’s Barney. He’s GAY!!!. Now when he’s drunk he looks pretty bad but when he’s sober what’s the deal with his hair. Oh and what’s the deal with that movie he made. Its screams GAY !!! So I think Barney is gay but I will have to wait and see on Sunday. My theory anyway. Any other ideas?

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Monday, February 14, 2005

My personal Valentine

Well, it’s that time of year again where single people like me want to jump off a bridge. Just kidding, I’m happy being hopelessly single. I think about how couples spend their time together, through the good and bad and I realized I have a relationship like that as well. She’s there in the morning for me as well as when I head to bed. If I’m feeling tired and beat, she’s there for me as well. I’m talking about my pillow.

My pillow seems to be the only one who truly loves me. My pillow is there for me when I need her. She comforts me every day and makes me feel better. In fact the only one who would ever make me feel even better is the toilet bowl after a night of drinking too much (but that’s another story, but notice how nice and cool the toilet bowl is on your forehead when you feel like crap?). Anyway my pillow in her green slipcover is there for me and I can always dress her up for different occasions. She can wear any color (even purple) and she will always be beautiful to me because she’s my pillow.

To be honest though, we do have some problems. She a little overprotective and she can smother me sometimes. Not to mention the arguments we have every morning. It usually goes like this.

“I need to get up, the alarm is going off”

“No stay with me, you know you want too, hit the snooze bar and spend a few more minutes with me”

This cycle goes on for about an hour until it gets too late and I have to rush to get ready for work and then it gets ugly.

“I have to go to work, I have to go”

“You know you love me more, now stay here”

Then five minutes later.

“ARGHHH I need to get up, I have to go, sorry”

“Stay here, you need me.”

“No I have to go” and I finally get out of bed.

It’s then my pillow stops talking to me and starts to sulk until I get home that evening. When I try to go asleep, she becomes less comfortable and we have another argument.

“I’m not comfortable” and I shift and fluff the pillow.

“All you think about is you, you’re selfish. What about my needs?”

Then we get into an argument and I fall asleep.

Anyway, despite our rough times, I still love my pillow so now I saw Happy Valentines Day Pillow.

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Free File of the Day (Now I feel like a real computer Geek)

I was planning on writing something totally different today but I found this little program and I thought 'I must tell everyone about it', so here goes.

Now everybody likes to customize their PC's with different wallpaper, mouse icons and the like but the one thing everyone (Windows users that is) has in common is the same Windows Boot Screen. That is until now.

With Bootskin, people can now select a different screen or even have a random one come up every time. No more simple Windows XP or Windows 2000 bootscreen. Now you can select whatever you want. It's a simple program and its FREE ! ! ! Oh, sorry but it doesn't work on Windows 95, 98 or ME.

As well I found a site which has over 1300 different bootskins so you're bound to find something you like. Fool everyone by having Mac's OS X bootskin come up or something totally different. No more generic Windows startup screen.

Again, everything is FREE so have fun with it. Oh yeah, the program is simple to use and very 'user friendly'. It even provides a link to Wincustomize. com to find your Bootskins.

I hope you have as much fun with this as I am.

Oh and one more thing. I Have GMail Invites coming out of my YING YANG, so if you want one, then please e-mail me and send you one.

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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Another Hockey Strike Rant (Sorry Everyone but I need to get this out)

Personally I'm sick of hearing the same crap over and over again when it comes to this Hockey Strike. Honestly, at this point I just want it to end. Cancel the whole season and we can get on with our lives.

Right now I just want to string up Goodenow by his feet and beat the crap out of him. That greedy bastard is responsible for this mess. He's the one who's been feeding the players all this BULLSHIT about how they are worth all this cash. How the greed of the players has created a situation where the league cannot afford to continue to operate.

There's always the other side where people are claiming that the owners are greedy but let me say this. These people invest tens of millions of dollars every year into the team that they own and is it wrong for the owners to want a return on that investment? Let's face it, it is a business and the owners are taking a risk here, not the players.

Another thing is the attitude of these players. They have this "WOOO look at me, I can skate and shoot a puck in the net now pay me 2 million dollars a year". There are people like Police Officers, Firefighters, Paramedics as well as soldiers of the Canadian Armed Forces who serve as UN Peace Keepers, not to mention the troops of my neighbors to the south, who have people in Iraq right now. These people constantly put themselves in 'harms way' for the sake of duty and helping people and they make far less than the minimum salary of an NHL player. Then they start to whine about a 30 million dollar a year salary cap per team. GO TO HELL GUYS. GO GET A REAL JOB LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

Though no one has said it yet 'officially' but there is talk about replacement players for the next season. As far as I'm concerned. Let's do it. These guys will play with a lot more heart than these jackasses in the NHLPA. My brother still plays in 'fun' leagues and he enjoys it. My parents go to see Jr Hockey where they live. I also enjoy Jr Hockey because these people play because they love the game. It's not about Greed. It's about the love of the game. Someone needs to tell Bob Goodenow that. He's a businessman and not a hockey player.

So basically there is life without hockey and while it would be nice to see these guys play, I'm not holding my breath. Its going to last a long time and we are going to have replacement players before this end. My message to the players is this. The Salary Cap is going to happen, so deal with it.

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Thursday, February 10, 2005


I’m Albertan and proud of it. I love home, the city of Calgary. I’m proud to live in great city that has showcased the world on many occasions including the G8 conference, the World Petroleum Congress and of course the Winter Olympic Games (back in 88), so why the heck would I want to leave this city? Quite simply, I don’t and I have no intentions of leaving this land of no provincial debt (not deficit but actual debt, none, zippo, zero) .

When I think about Calgary I think of the Stampede, the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. For ten fantastic days, this city doubles in population as cowboys and tourists from all over the world flock to the city. The whole city is a celebration as the Calgary Stampede and Exhibition shows the rest of the world that Cow Town knows how to party. Everywhere you go there’s either free food or music. Every night of the Stampede ends with fireworks at the Grandstand show. YEEHAA.

As well I live about an hour’s drive from Banff National Park and the only way I can properly describe it is “God’s country”. The mountains are fantastic and the beauty of the area is indescribable. You simply have to come to Banff to see it.

Oh did I mention that the Calgary Flames came within a game of winning the Stanley Cup this past year and if (and that’s a big if) we ever get this strike crap behind us, then the cup is coming home. Home to Calgary Baby.

Now some of might be wondering why I’m talking so highly of my home. Is it pride, or is it something else? Well basically it’s to inform certain parties I’M NOT MOVING BACK TO ONTARIO. GOT IT!!!

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I heard you missed me, I'm back.

Sorry for the disappearance. I know its not like me but I wasn’t feeling all that hot the past little while, Physically or Mentally. I’m suffering from this flu bug and I just want to sleep this thing off and at the same time, I’m getting sick of work (again). I’m starting to feel like a hamster running around in one of those wheels. I’m going nowhere fast.

So over the past few days, I have developed opinions that I feel the need to express but I just didn’t have the energy to do it. Even now, my time is limited since I’m writing this blog post at work.

One thing that I decided is that I’m never going to blog about work related issues, too many people are loosing their jobs over that even though that I feel its time to move on. Until I’m actually out the door, I still need the paycheck so unless I win the lottery on Friday (24 Million, cross your fingers for me, yeah right) , I’m not going to mention work EVER. Actually I remember Vics posting something in regards to that issue once, about a group and how they boycott any company that does this. I’ll have to look at her blog again and find it.

Other issues building up are the hockey strike and the inevitable cancellation of the NHL season. Personally I just want it to get it over with. I really don’t care as much anymore. I know that I’m suppose to be patriotic about the sport but at this point, I don’t give a crap anymore.

As well I feel the need to discuss things that I saw and did while playing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and maybe they are going a little far sometimes. Let’s just saying running about in a Gimp suit and being able to beat old ladies to dead with a dildo is not in good taste. Oh and the game is rated Mature so if children are playing this and the parents are shocked, its their own damn fault for letting them play a “Mature” rated game.

Well the clock is ticking and my time is limited so I’ll continue tomorrow morning or early in the AM.

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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Posting about NOTHING

It's been a less than spectacular weekend. I spend all day Saturday sneezing, from when I woke up until 3:00am the next day, when I finally took some NyQuil so I could fall asleep.

I knew I was in for a good day when I first sneezed after getting out of bed. Not so much the sneeze but the loss of dignity as I now had a foot long lines of snot coming from each nostril. I'm just glad that no one saw it. It was disgusting to say the least and I'm not sure why I'm talking about here.

Here a tip. These people who refill printer cartridges are crooks and are full of crap. Yesterday I went to get refill a cartridge that shouldn't have been empty and $11.00 later, I'm still having the same problem. Then my other catridge (which I let them fill) started causing problems because it was empty as well (and it was only 'refilled' 2 weeks ago). So, I'm never going to trust those 'refill' places again. It only cost me $24 to get new cartridges anyway.

I'm not full of wisdom today actually. Its cold out but not freezing so I'm not going to complain about the weather. Actually it's typical for this time of year.

GRRR This post is bullshit but we all have so there. I bought Aliens vs. Predator at Costco. Maybe I'll come up with something after.

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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Words that make me smile

There things that make us smile. Sight, sounds and words. Here a list of words that make me smile.


These words make me smile.

UPDATE: I forgot Pants. (thanks Vics)

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

What did I do to deserve this?

Last weekend I found a new blog and I added a comment and ask something about what the blogger thought of Canada. Usually people are quite polite when they find out that I’m a Canuck. Many Americans as well as a few Brits and people from all over the world are very nice and gracious to me. Well that changed yesterday. I went back to this person’s blog and she seemed to be snarling over the mention of “my home and native land”.

I have this image of horns growing from her head(I know it’s a her), as she snarls and fire comes from her mouth. I have images of her writing distasteful comment on our flag and carving up stuffed beavers (Our national animal people). I also see her burning Brian Adams, Nickleback and Rush CD. Destroying “Due South” DVD and anything Canadiana. Oh and singing “Blame Canada” while she does this.

What the heck caused this reaction? I don’t know maybe there was a “maple syrup” incident as a child or she doesn’t like hockey or Roots clothing? I don’t know but right now I’m scared. Canadians are supposed to be the peacekeepers. Were not use to having people mad at us. It normally doesn’t happen. I’m at a loss. I’m use to being the understanding good guy, not the target of rage.

Well for now, my long-term plan to visit the UK is on hold. What if this person finds me? Will she pour gasoline (or is it Petro over there?) and set me on fire? What fate will become of me? Is this because I complained that I wanted the Queen off the new Canadian $20. (Sorry but she shouldn’t be there anymore).

Either way, I feel safer in the Great White North and until I start feeling braver again, I’ll just stay by the lake at sunset and listen to the cry of the loon.

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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I think this is a cry for comments.

There’s this guy who has a blog and apparently he’s a little disturbed. He’s holding an innocent teddy bear hostage and if people don’t make comments on his blog, then something awful will happen to the bear. Needless to say, I have made a few comments in order to try and save Vics precious little “Jake”.

He’s even gone so far as to post a picture of himself and the bear on his blog. You can just see the look of fear in Jake’s little innocent eyes and this smugness of the kidnapper. I’m disturbed by all this and I say we need to do something before Jake gets it.

Now that I look at the picture more, he looks more like a Bond villain, when he has 007 in one of those traps that usually contains “friggin sharks with friggin lasers on their friggn heads” or something like that. I can picture Stef with some eastern European accent saying something like “You thought you could penetrate my secret underground base but you were wrong and now I will dispose of you and I will destroy the bear and take over the world. BWAAAAAA”.

Though what Stef needs to remember is that its about that time that the good guys arrive and rescue Bond and save the day with the villain dying by the same fate that he had in mind for Bond (Friggin Sharks). So Stef, I encourage you to take a step back, think about what your doing and release the bear. Oh and if Stef, if you release the the bear unharmed, I'll ad a link to your blog now come back to reality before it too late and you end up friggin shark chow.

Oh and I encourage everyone to make a comment.

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