Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I remembered Mom

Well this morning I mailed a birthday card to my mom, her birthday is on the 6th. Actually she brought it up. Something like, "you'd better send me a card or I'll move in" or something like that. Though the thought of my mom living with me sounds creepy. The place would be extremely clean but she would still drive me mad after a week. I wouldn't be able to go online because she would be at Pogo.com all the time. That's what she does right now. Actually I should complement her on the fact that she does go online a lot. Then again, she's not "old" old. (I'm so going to kick my ass kick the next time I see her.) Though she started knitting and that's a sign isn't it?

Anyway yesterday I saw "The Screen Savers" return after most of the cast and producers were fired and I have to say, WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP. First thing, this Kevin P. guy doesn't know crap about technology, but then again he works for a videogame channel, so why should he know. I noticed that the producers are trying to make Kevin the bad guy here but even though he sucks (and he doesn' sorry) its not his fault. Its the producer weasels at G4. Sorry Kevin P. but they are trying to make you a scapegoat.

Well my time is limited right now, I'm actually at work so I need to get back. I shall properly post later tonight when I get home. Take care.

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Monday, November 29, 2004

I'm not weird ok

Why does everyone say that I'm weird? You know it all started with that Gery guy and I e-mailed him, asking what was weird about my site. Well I think I scared the crap out of him or something because I never heard from him again. Oh well.

So I wonder, does everyone thing that there's something odd about me? Yes I tend to look at the world a little different but does that make me weird? Actually I look at the world a lot of different ways and I'm always trying to discover why something is occurring, so I tend to ask "Why" a lot. I ask "Why" about many things, from simple things like "why doesn't the supermarket order more of my favorite type of ice cream since they keep running out" to "what were they thinking when they tried to rig the election in the Ukraine" (ok that was a what, but you get my meaning).

The reason I do that is because I base my opinion on all the facts that I get. I like to learn about things and decide my opinion based on that information as oppose to what the right or the left think. Like Chris Rock, I am an individual. I guess I'm weird for that.

As well, I've into a lot of things that are considered part of the geek domain, such as my love of technology, science fiction and videogames. While some of these items are more main stream now, I was interested in these things because it was my choosing, not because it was the "in" thing. I guess I'm weird for that as well.

Even my blogs, this and my geek blog (which I don't update nearly as much as this one and I really should post there as well) is my choice. I'm not doing it because it's the "in" thing, though I hear that many people do blog because of that, but once the blogging fad goes away, I will still be here writing about whatever I feel like While it's nice to know that you're reading this post, it's for me that I blog. I guess I'm weird for that as well.

Now I admit that some of my posts are a little odd, like the last once about the adult toy industry but let's be honest. These things do occur. There are processes going on in different industries that would make out say what the… Like the guy has to check all the screws on a jet engine. Now that is an important job but it's not something we really thing about. How about the guy who monitors the amount of "waste" going through the sewer system. Its might be considered disgusting but it has to be done. I think about these processes a lot. I guess I'm weird for that as well.

Basically I like to look at things from different angles and different points of view to understand things better. I want to understand why a cab driver would stoop so low as to steal a passenger's cell phone (no I will never let that incident go as long as I live). I want to understand why a small percentage of Islam feels that we in the west should all die. Why do they harbor such hate for us? As well, does this small percentage realize how difficult they make the world for other followers of Islam who's hearts are not filled with hate? I have met many Muslims in my life and they are the kindest people I have ever met. I want to understand why those air bubbles are coming up my toilet lately. I feel a need to know and I feel a need to share so if you think that I'm weird, well that's fine with me.

Oh and I was kidding about the trombone and flippers; I just thought it was funny.

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Saturday, November 27, 2004

These people have to be twisted

Earlier tonight, I was chatting with someone online and they sent me a link to the most disturbing sex toy I have ever seen. It was basically all the sexual organs of a female with the tip of a man at the end of it. WHO COMES UP WITH THIS STUFF?

I must admit that I'm a prude in real life, but also a closet pervert so I do know a thing or two about "toys". I mean if any of you claim that you've never once looked at pornography online, then you're LYING.

Now thinking about this whole industry, I realized that there's a lot of money involved and there has to be a lot of people in the process. I want to be in the boardroom of one of these companies. I want to listen in on these conversations. It would go something like this. "Sales on the Pocket Pussy are up 15% while sales on the Mighty Dong are only up 5%. How are the numbers on the Butt Plugs?" How could anyone keep a straight face through all that?

Another thing, WHO NAMES THIS STUFF? Let's see we have the Concubine Masturbator (I'm not linking any of this. Fine it yourself), the Eurasion Dong 3, or the ever popular (so I hear) the Rampant Rabbit. Then again I think it's the same people naming candy bars, like "Mr. Big" and "Oh Henry". I mean come on.

One thing I also noticed is that some the artificial women's organs are based in a real woman (a porno star). What I want to know is how can they be sure that it's accurate? Do they get her to sit in a mold or something? Do they get a guy to test it and compare it to the real thing?

That's another thing, who do they get to test these things? Is there one guy who comes into work and "tests" the prototypes and writes a report? "I felt a little pinching and chaffing towards the tip. Perhaps we can increase the diameter." Then he has to go home and his wife asks him how was work? Oh and is this the same guy who's taste testing the flavored condoms? I wonder if Banana is the most popular flavor.

Oh and who comes up with all these glow in the dark colors for condom and even dildos? Some of these things look like that they should be strapped to the wing on an airplane and used as running light? Are people looking for bright red toys? Do they need to glow in the dark? Did the power go out and you need something to light the room?

Oh and I'm not going to say anything about fur covered handcuffs other than they exist along with a lot of other creepy leather stuff. I want a hug from my lover not to be forced to wear a leather mask.

One other thing. If you're a woman and claim sexual harassment, how the hell are you going to prove it? "Your honor I was discussing our new line of vibrators" and it would be a valid argument.

Some people do enjoy these devices as they can add something to someone's sex life but what's wrong with cuddling and small kisses down someone's back?

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Thursday, November 25, 2004

I couldn't sleep

Its way too damn early in the morning for this but right now this seems like a good idea since I CAN"T SLEEP ANYMORE.

So far around 4: 30am I made a bunch of entries to Pepsi's (Canada) Win an IPod contest. On the back of the label for every 600ml Pepsi, there is a code. You enter the code to be part of an hourly draw for an IPOD. Yes I said hourly, every hour for 12 weeks. Now I've been keeping these codes, waiting for the right time to start entering them. Well at 4: 30am, it seemed like a good idea since I couldn't sleep. So a half hour and 35 codes (I've been saving these things for weeks) I get NOTHING. Nada, not a bloody thing. I have their logo on the side of this blog and I didn't win a damn thing.

You know, you'd think that Pepsi would reward me for this but noooo! ! ! I want an IPod. Grrrr. Maybe I should reconsider this style sheet (that's what this is after all). I wonder if Coca Cola would give me an IPod. If it has the Coca Cola logo on it then fine. Heck at this point, I'm willing to slap the Tampax logo on my blog if they send me an IPod. This is prime real estate people I get. . . . 5 to 10 visits a day. Ok maybe this won't work out.

Let's see, no one bought the Clay Christmas CD or the Carolyn book from Amazon via my blog and all I can say is that I'm proud of you all for resisting the urge to buy that crap. It shows that you think things through, that you're intelligent and that you know that it wasn't a good purchase. I'm proud of you all. (Cheap Bastards)

Now I have to ask, is this site weird? Gery seems the thing so. I e-mailed him and asked for an explanation but I haven't heard back from him yet. Maybe he thinks that I'm a nutball who wants revenge for such a comment. Perhaps he figures that I thought that "those were fighting words" and then I reached for my flippers and trombone and was going to issue a challenge. (Ok maybe I he has a point).

Well the sun should be coming up soon, say around noon. Actually sunrise will be at 8: 10am today with sunset at 4: 26pm. The winds are currently out of the South at 14Km/h and its 0 degree Celsius with a wind chill of -4. The UV index is low right now (because the sun hasn't come up yet). Let's check traffic. MMM there are no reports of delays into the downtown core. I guess that's good.

I guess that is what lack of sleep will do to a person. You've been warned. (And I'm not weird)

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I decide what I write, not some damn censor

I'm part of a online RPG group that plays via a message board and e-mail. You post what your character says and does. It's like that (ok I'm part geek(OK I'm a TOTAL GEEK)). Anyway one person made this post about the work FUCK. He was concerned about the use of this word and wondering if it was appropriate. Well to that I saw FUCK FUCK FUCK.

How dare this one person decide what I can or cannot say? What is it with some people who feel that they have the right to decide how another person can act, talk, listen, watch or even think? You know that this is all Janet Jackson's fault.

Ever since that Super bowl incident occurred last year, the FCC in the U.S. has been on a rampage to stamp out what they think is offensive content. What is even worse is that the "Religious Right" (I don't know why they call themselves that because they are neither) have been using the FCC to push their agenda of making America more like the; the closed minded fascists. Isn't the U.S. supposed to be the land of "free speech"?

If they're not careful, then more of their rights are going to be taken away from them. It's at this point where I no longer want to cross the border. I'm concerned that the U.S. "Thought" Police will come after me because of my blog.

Around Remembrance Day (Veterans day in the U.S.), Saving Private Ryan was suppose to air but many ABC stations choose not to air the program for fear of being fined because of the graphic nature of some scenes (the D-Day invasion was harsh, but pretty accurate apparently). What is next, documentaries will not be aired? When the hell did this small group get the right to decide what the hell I want to watch? Its makes me feel glad to be Canadian so I don't have to deal with this kind of bullshit (Actually I do but not often and we don't take it. The CRTC will pay for their arrogance).

Now I guess I should touch on this in order to be fair. In Canada, it is illegal to promote hate, so say a rally that talks about Killing (Insert minority group here) is illegal and the people who are responsible would be charged with a hate crime. I actually had this argument before when I mentioned this someone (some left wing U.S. University student) and she started screaming about free speech. Well my answer is this, we have free speech in Canada but you are responsible for what you say. You can't yell Fire in a crowded building, causing a panic and people getting hurt and not have to answer for your actions. We have something here called (this is going to shock some people) accountability. None of this, "My mom didn't love me enough" or "blame society" crap. You did it, you answer for it.

As for the RPG email group? Fuck'em those Fucking Fuckers.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I lost some TV friends

Now I talked about this before and forgive me if you've heard this but I need to say this. G4 Media has finally destroyed a good thing. They ripped the heart out of great TV channel that all technophiles enjoyed and have left us with a piece of crap videogame channel.

I mentioned before how the last great programs were cancelled but I want to talk about the repercussions of this action. First people who moved to L.A. from San Francisco just a few months ago are out of a job. G4 was planing this all along and yet these people were forced to relocate in order to keep their jobs, which they now have lost. A really nice bunch of guys.

Now I think the webcam pics say it all. I'm normally see Alex with energy and full of life but to see him like this is heartbreaking. It makes me feel moral outrage. These gutless corporate whores have no shame. I read that when they were told that they were let go, they were given 4 hours notice to clean out their crap and leave. You come to work and BAM!!! You and a lot of your friends, including producers are let go. Their lives are turned upside down because or some bastard.

Now I think G4 and their parent company Comcast will regret this decision. These dumbasses have just pissed off the computer geek community (including the hacker set) and they will get bitten in the ass for it. I understand that Kevin's blog went through a Denial of Service attack for a couple of days (those I thought this was misguided, its not his fault that he was one of the lone souls that wasn't fired), but sooner of later, a group is going to get together and wage a cyberwar against these guys. We've already seen the level of incompetence that their IT department have. It took them months to move the Tech TV archives to their servers. Fans has created their own "unofficial" archive websites for this information. So now I sit back and wait for the battlecry to be screamed and I look forward to watching the mayhem that is soon to come.

A final last note, I found the Alex pictures and a lot of other information at this website . I always give credit where its due.

Again this was for myself if not anything else.

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Monday, November 22, 2004

Things that I learned today

Well today I learned something that I thought everyone would like to know. Who knows perhaps my wisdom will help you someday.

I learned that if you live on the ground floor of an apartment complex and your bedroom window is by the parking lot. Close your windows and pull the curtains shut if you decide to have sex (Note: This is really important if you have a partner as well. I never want to look in the direction of that apartment again. Freak, I was going to the mall and I didn't need to see that)

coverI also learned that Clay Aiken has a Christmas CD out. Now doesn't this cry buy me? Nothing says Christmas more than the runner up of the second American Idol singing? Come on look at him. He's such a talented young man. (Ok I have a Amazon Associate Account but its Clay ??? Click on the picture and buy him)

coverYes Carolyn has a book out. Everyone remembers her from "The Apprentice". She also decided to market herself by writing a book about business. You've seen her rip people apart in the boardroom now you can too with the information in this book. (I'm such a whore, trying to sell this stuff. How can I sleep at night? Hopefully in a big pile of money)

I also learned not to look suspiciously at the chairman for the company that you work for during an early Christmas Party and accuse him of being up to something, because if he wasn't before, he will be after and you ended up on stage in from of everyone singing "Jingle Bells" BADLY.

I also learned that my bum is getting smaller. Yaaaa the diet is working.

I still haven't gotten anything from Pepsi. Grrrr. Cheap bastards.

I learned that some people don't know how to dress. Here's a hint, don't wear a red tank top under a white silk shirt. We can see the red you stupid tit. (It was someone at the brunch today who has yet to understand the concept of a MIRROR).

I learned that you can find a lot of stuff on Ebay if you type "Crap" in the search bar.

I learned that sales people don't like it when you say? "$80 ? Are you shitting me?. I could download these 10-15 year old videogames for free off the Internet"

One of you people who visit has a thing for manboobs.

I learned that I appreciate every one of you who visit my site. Thank you (NOW BUY SOME CRAP, Just kidding)

I learned that the Blogger Spellcheck doesn't work very well

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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Porno Music

I've decided that I feel sorry for people who work in the adult entertainment industry; specifically the people who work on Porno Films. I mean if you were say a camera operator, how would you make a resume tape of your work if you were trying to go into another field. You work would all be adult material. Think about it. Camera Operator person wants to get a job doing news after not getting any adult work for awhile. He sends his resume tape in and Bam. There are these shots of people doing "the deed". His closeup work on "certain areas" and of "certain actions". I guarantee that he's not gong to be doing news reports about a church picnic anytime soon.

Though I think that it's far worse for the musicians who make that cheesy music. They dream of being the next "big thing" and they end up recording music for "Beach Sluts 17" or something. You know, when they record a score for a major film, the actual movie is shown as the orchestra plays along. It might have something to do with timing or inspiring the musicians or something like that. I wonder if they do the same with pornos. The band plays while they watch the scene take place. I hope not, because it would get boring after awhile.

Now that I think about it, working in the "smut" industry must hold some sort of embarrassment for people. What do you tell your mom? "Mom, I'm a lighting director for porno movies. It's my job to make sure that we can see things from underneath while something is going on". I know that mom's are suppose to be proud of their children but I could see my mom telling people that I'm a drug dealer before telling them that I worked doing porn.

What about National Take your daughter to work day? You do that once and your daughter will be wearing clear heels for the rest of her life. According to Chris Rock, clear heels are the new international symbol for SKANK. Any child of people who work in the porno film business is going to suffer in one form or another and I'm not even talking about the actors in the films.

The actors are going to have it worse eventually. Now everyone manages to go into mainstream entertainment like Ron Jeremy or Tracy Lords. If they become parents, they will have to explain this to their children. You know Madonna is going to have to explain that sex book to her kids one day.

Perhaps these people feel pride in what they do and I'm glad if they do but you still have to wonder what their normal lives are like when they are not at work. Do they volunteer at church or spend all their free time with their smut friends. Do the children play together? I wonder because there has to be some sense of shame. Not everyone has to be proud of what they do in that business and I'm not even going to talk about the guy who has to clean up the set after the scene is done. Someone get a hose.

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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Yesterday was National Sex Day

I was flipping through the Calgary Sun around suppertime and I came across this article about National Sex Day. At least I think that was what it said but I had to leave and perhaps my mind was playing tricks with me.

The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of National Sex Day. People could meet on the street and BAM. Go into a hotel for a quickie. All hotels would have hourly rates that day, instead of just the really seedy ones (they have hourly rates so you can take a NAP! ! ! ).

What really disturbs me is that I missed it. National Sex day being on a Friday is brilliant. I wish I had thought of that before. It's a good pick up line. You can hand a potential partner a brochure and say "Did you know that today is National Sex Day? In this country, there are not enough people having sex and we need to encourage more people to have sex, so how about it? "

Television programming could be dedicated to it as well. Come on, we all want to hear Oprah talk about sex. What kind of Martha Stewart Living episode would be see? Well since she's in a woman's prison right now, it not be something that normal viewers would expect but I've had my suspicions for some time.

Even children's programming can reflect National Sex Day, We can find out once and for all if Jerry Falwell was right about Tinky Winky. We can find out if Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street are just roommates but I'm scared of what Barney, the purple dinosaur would have. Maybe we shouldn't have Barney on that day.

Now what about Prime Time? A shocking episode of The Simpsons, where Bart and Lisa see an unauthorized Itchy and Scratchy cartoon, where they're S&M antics go too far and once again Scratchy is dead. What about Survivor ? What kind of competitions would they have? Just as long as that Richard guy isn't around. He walks around naked too much already. (Note: the Itchy and Scratcy thing was someone's elses idea but they wish to remain anonymous)

What really bothers me is that I missed National Sex Day. Why didn't someone e-mail me about this before? There were no commercials like "Tomorrow is National Sex Day, remember to get some". I simply missed out, just like everything else. Oh well, at least I'll have time to vote at the advanced polls today for the provincial election.

So next year, I'll be watching and waiting for National Sex Day. I'll even have a MP3 player with that cheesy porn music ready.

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Friday, November 19, 2004

Photo Fridays (Put this on the new 20 dollar bill)

Alright, as long time readers may (or may not) remember, I threw a fit when the I saw the Queen on the new $20 bill that the Canadian Mint has issued. I remember saying enough was enough and it was time to put a Canadian on the bill. Well I'm willing to reconsider if they use this picture instead.

Ok its time to come clean about my feelings towards the Queen. I'm still disgusted at how the Monarchy first acted when Princess Diana was killed in that crash. It was disrespectful, small and petty of them. There I said it.

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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Corporate Whores are destroying my favorite TV channel again

It’s no secret that I’m a tech geek. I’m really into technology but I don’t discuss it too much (then again, I’m a blogger so that’s hint number one right there), though Tech is “in” so too bad for the stupid jocks. Geek is in people, just get rid of the glasses and get some contact lenses and you’ll be cool.

Moving on, a favorite cable channel I watch is TechTV (it’s really G4TechTV, but I’m not calling it that) and recently, they were bought and merged with this lame ass videogame channel called G4. After the merger, things started to go down hill as I started to see so much crappy programming, like shows about guys playing multiplayer games and jocks who play sports videogames. It was mostly crap, but some of my favorite shows managed to survive in one form or other.

However recently it got so bad that one of the fired guys had to come up here to Canada to do his show again and its doing very well (with many U.S. fans asking if Call for Help 2.0 will be seen in the states).

Now these pinhead executives have struck again. Now they killed the “The Screen Savers” and “Unscrewed”. Now I wasn’t that big a fan of Unscrewed but what they did to The Screen Savers is pathetic. First they got rid of the older hosts (Leo came up to Canada to do a Canuck version of Call for Help) and Patrick just went his own way.

So we had younger hosts but they kept the formula of the show until now, where almost everyone got the boot, including the new guy Alex Albright, he’s in my Tech Blog link, Actually everyone in my Tech Blog Links are related to Tech TV.(I love Technology).

Now I need someone to start to new Tech Channel or perhaps all those people who lost their jobs (including Cat Swartz, I so miss her, she has a monthly column in Stuff Magazine and she's doing something for Comedy Central) should come up here and work for TechTV Canada. Everyone else is concerned about what kind of crazy crap is going on with Bushy (even Colin Powell left, god help us, he was the really smart guy) that everyone is talking about coming up to Canada anyway, so come on people, the Great White North is calling you. It’s a beautiful land of lakes, and streams and forests. There are a lot of people up here that are into technology so come on up, especially the good looking tech women. I want a girlfriend who uses Firefox. (Ok I’m straying)

I do hope the best for the people who lost their jobs from this boneheaded move and I hope that they land on their feet. Good luck and remember, CANADA !!!!

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I am my Blog

First thing, the message board will return. There seems to be an issue with the people hosting the board (their website is down as well) and as soon as it appears that the problem is fixed, I will put it back up, I just commented it out anyway, all I have to do is remove the comments tags from the HTML.

Someone said to me recently, that my blog constantly changing and I guess that is true but then again, I hate the same stale old thing, don't you? The generic templates were starting to make me ill. So tonight I changed where how comments are made. I saw it on Brandie's blog and I STOLE THE IDEAL. (For the record, I found Brandie via Vics, she's so worldly).

You know I've borrowed many items that are on my blog. I stole the Mood icon from Kati, I stole the Message board and the clock from Vics and now I've stolen the comment function. I hope you all forgive me.

Then again isn't that how we try to evolve, by taking the best parts of others and trying to make it a part of ourselves? Just a thought.

As well, since I am my blog. My blog reflects me, my thoughts, my words and my social life to a point. I've met some very nice people thanks to my blog, though I fear that I cannot afford to fly to Manchester to take a lovely Lady to the theatre (If I go to Manchester, its going to be longer than a night).

Actually what I wish I could do is have you all come to Calgary for the Stampede, The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. Well perhaps I can bring a little Stampede to everyone through my blog. Those days will be long Blog entries. The whole city goes nuts, and the population actually doubles because of all the tourists.

In recent weeks, I've joined Blog Explosion and added the Creative Commons license as well, (again, stolen from Vics and Kati) and I've visited so may other blogs and I'm just waiting until someone offers me a job to do this for a living. It would be nice, I have far more talent than that jackass Rick Bell at the Calgary Sun. All he does is bitch, bitch, bitch. He reminds me of an old lady.

Now were getting to my personal hell. What to write about. I want to be witty, charming and interesting but it seems that I can't be anything like that. Some people say that I don't even need to try and be funny, I'm just am, but it honestly does take some effort. I don't have an audience to work with. If I had some material, to work with then I'm ready to go. SJ was talking about her daughter's invisible friend (why haven't I ripped anything off from your blog SJ) and I made a comment about my invisible friend being named Donald Trump but he never bought me anything, the cheap bastard. A comic is only is as good as his material and If can't think of anything funny then I'm screwed

Well I'll go get something to eat and call it a night. I found this recipe for "Condoleezza Rice", mmm that sounds exotic.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

What does it mean to be Canadian

I talked about Canadian identity a while back and I said that I would come back to it and I've decided that today was the day.

Over the weekend, I was watching this program on CBC Newsworld. It was about who is the Greatest Canadian ever. Now they had an online poll and they're doing profiles of the top 10 people and I watched a couple of them on Saturday (and for the record, only 2 of them are hockey related, Wayne Gretzky and Don Cherry) .

There were 2 profiles on that night, the first was of Dr. Frederick Banting, the inventor of Insulin, and was hosted by Mary Walsh, a famous Canadian in her own right (Hearing her talking about stuffing bread up a turkey arse was priceless). Well the show about Dr. Banting was interesting and made an impression. Millions of lives have been saved by this country doctor from Canada.

Now what really caught my interest was the second profile of Lester Pearson, a former Prime Minister (Leader of the Liberals back in the day when Liberal wasn't a dirty word, I still hope Paul Martin, the current P.M. can change that). This profile was hosted by Paul Gross (the Mountie in Due South, a Canadian program that was seen all over the world). He talked about how he defined what Canada is today. From the creation of the U.N. peace keeper (his idea from when he was the Canadian representative to the U.N.) to the Canada Heath Act, old age pensions, official bilingualism and even our flag. (Before he changed our flag, we had something that looked like it belong on a British merchant ship.(it had the Union Jack on it).

I think of what being Canadian means to me and I realized that he made it all possible. He was the Prime Minister back in 60's and he had a minority government (Just like the current P.M. Paul Martin but if anyone thinks that I'm going to compare the two, then forget it. Paul Martin doesn't stand anywhere near the calibre of Pearson). Despite the constant danger that his government could fall, he managed to accomplish so much, including our flag.

Someone once wrote to me and said that they found it difficult to define their national identity while I could talk about what it meant to be Canadian. Now I realize that this was all because of the effort of one person, Lester Pearson. So now I have someone to thank; because of him I know how I should behave as a Canadian. It's because of his efforts that I have this identity as a Canadian that I can point to with pride. I can say "Being Canadian means this" or" that" (Though the top of my head doesn't come off like in South Park).

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Monday, November 15, 2004

A high point for my friends (I hope)

Well its early Monday morning and I realized that my weekend was almost a total waste. Saturday I cleaned and caught up on some of my TV viewing (thank you to whoever invented the PVR) but I' still days behind on some stuff. Oh well.

Ok SJ, I watched the first DVD of the First Season (that's a lot of firsts) of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I will admit that the shows are pretty good. I'll send the first DVD back when I head for work and save the second DVD for next weekend. The final DVD of the first season is on the way.

I'm glad to see that Hugh is slowly coming back to us. It kind of creeped the heck out of me, the way Hugh disappeared like that. It was an emotional rollercoaster but I look forward to seeing regular posts from Hugh again.

LdyPayne is finally settled in her new apartment and I'm hoping that she will start blogging regularly again. She was ranting to me about her new job on AIM Messenger over the weekend and I said that she should post it on her blog. I wonder if she did? I guess I will have to check later on.

Kati, I think we should have a contest to see who had the most interesting weekend. I bet that you would win, miss Festival of Trees.

Vics, I'm starting to wonder if were cut from the same cloth. I'm really starting to believe that we think the same about many things.

Now to the people that I have just addressed, I have come to think of you as my online friends even though I don't think that we will ever meet (LdyPayne is the exception, I knew her for awhile and I got her into blogging) . So anyway I just want to say Thank you for making feel that these words that I type matter and at the same time, I want to thank you for the privelge of being allowed to read your words as well.

Oh and if your screen resolutions is set to 800X600, TOO BAD. I'm not fixing the problem. This blog was for me first and I like it the way it is. So I'm not going to let it bother me anymore. (Its the Blogger NavBar and Blogger can fix it themselves. (Actually it looks good on Firefox so I blame Microsoft for my pain and suffering. I wonder if I can sue?)

Well I'm going to play some "Simpsons: Hit and Run" and head for bed. Good night my friends.

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One last thing, you'd think that Blogger would have the word Blog on their spellcheck.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Its driving me insane

You people are going to drive me to drink, I swear. I cannot get my blog to look good at the 800X600 Resoultion. Now I wonder, why are you people doing with your monitors set that way!!!! Get a 17 inch monitor and if your running one, then change you settings!!!!

I try to make my blog look nice for everyone and then I have to deal with my sidebar disappearing to the bottom of the screen or some other crap like that. I don't know what your excuse is but CHANGE YOUR RESOLUTION DAMMIT.

Actually if your using Firefox then I'm sorry about my rant and happy surfing since this page does look good while using Fixfore at the lowest (My videocard cannot go any lower) setting of 800X600. But if your using Internet Explorer then stop it RIGHT NOW.

Did you know that the U.S. government has advised that Internet Explorer isn't safe? Its true, because there are some concerns about Microsoft Technlology giving Explorer too much power and it would make it easy for someone (Like a bad guy) to do damage to your computer just by visiting a web site. Why do you think you have all that Adware crap on your system. I know a guy who uses Explorer and now tomorrow I have to go and fix his system because it keeps showing pop ups of GAY PORN. Want gay porn on your system, then keep using Internet Explorer. If you want to say NO to gay porn, then download Firefox. I have a link on the bottom of the page. WAAAAAYYYY at the bottom if your screen resolution is set at 800X600. Do it and you'll be far more secure online and you won't have banner's of guys doing strange things to each other.

Now start using Firefox now and enjoy my site the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

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Friday, November 12, 2004

Photo Friday (My first hangover)

Ahhh we all remember our firsts. Our first best friend. Our first pet, our first girlfriend and my first hangover. Oh, that's not me but you get the point.

My 2 bytes.

YES I changed it again

Alright, I switched to this new template because I was having issues with the old one with people who were running on 800X600 Resolution. It is this reason and this reason only that I have chosen made this change(so I hope you people are happy now).

Personally I liked the old one just a little bit better but I have to be concerned about the masses. Also you might have noticed that I put the message board up and if I would have put it on the old blog setup then everything would have been so smooshed in the old template that it would have been unusable in my opinion.

Now how long until I start getting checks from PEPSI ? (Drinks a large glass of PEPSI and smiles for the Camera).

Actually I do drink the stuff and I have been buying a fair bit of Diet Pepsi (Where's my check?)lately. Up here in Canada, Pepsi (Show me the MONEY) is running this contest where they are giving away an IPOD every hour for 12 weeks. I just need the pin numbers on the back of the bottles to enter. (Give me an IPOD Pepsi and we'll call it even).

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My Mom's been here

Like I said, my mother was here. Now I’ve given this URL to my mother for the heck of it since I figure that I’m not going to say anything so offensive that she will be shocked (That was before I started dropping the F bomb with my last post).

Now I’m having second thoughts about my mommy being here, especially after I talked about the sex blogs and “power tools”. Now I know that my mother doesn’t expect me to be innocent and prim and proper but on the other hand I don’t think my mother would want me to discussing things like fisting and why I left keys in there (which I never did, ANY OF THAT)

Well some people whose blog I frequent mention that they don’t tell their parents about their blog and I get the impressions that another person doesn’t care so I’m a little divided. Now I do feel a little bad talking about perverted things when my mother can come by and read about what I say but they are my thoughts and I don’t talk about such things often. To be honest, I find discussing sex to be rather boring after 5 minutes. It’s usually all talk and no action anyway. I’d rather discuss other things like why I haven’t talked about Mr. T. yet.

Well my mom knows that this blog contains my thoughts and that they are mine to discuss and if I say something that she’s not impressed with then that’s too bad (Like how I flamed my Aunt on the Sept 12th post. Actually she never said anything about that post so either she hasn’t read it or she secretly approves. I know that she wasn’t impressed with the whole episode herself but she chooses to take the high road but since I live so far away from the rest of the family, I can give my shoots as I see if and I can always get on a plane and fly home.

Anyway my mother is very proud of her son’s blog and she ever e-mailed the URL to my brother who I think visits it sometimes anyway (though I have no proof yet.)

Oh yeah, one last issue. I have a feeling that my mommy (and perhaps other people will want to leave a message but don’t want to bother with a Blogger account so I put up a message board so everyone can now say how nuts I really am.

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Thursday, November 11, 2004


First thing, no one seems to know what I'm talking about with Jacko in my last post but I found one of the old commercials . It seems that no one claims to remember him though someone I talked to remembered him being on the Simpsons. Actually it was the Austrian episode and they showed a picture of him holding a big battery. Anyway the link is there and enjoy Jacko as much as I do. OY !!

Anyway I've noticed that some visitors use the screen resolution 800X600 and you people are annoying the piss out of me. It turns out, that the template of my blog reacts badly to having pictures on the top of the page in that lower screen resolution. In fact what happens, is that everything gets pushed down past my sidebar and I ended up spending 3 hours, fixing the problem last list (I was up to 2:30am). Anyway I found a solution to this problem so I HOPE YOUR ALL HAPPY. GRRRRR.

Finally its Remembrance Day and I have to work for those fucking cheap slave driving bastards. Its suppose to be a holiday, and they're not even paying me time and a half or giving me a day in lieu. What do these people want, my blood? Oh get this, we don't have a Christmas party, they call it an employee appreciation dinner and your not allowed to bring a guest. CHEAP BASTARDS. Oh and they having it as a Sunday Brunch so if someone drinks and drives, they're not liable. I pray for a new job. God please give me a new job where I will be happy and smite these CHEAP UNCARING SELFISH ASSHOLES. GRRRR.

I really need a cookie.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I miss the old Energizer guy

Am I the only guy who remembers this guy? Then again I watched a lot of TV when I was a kid so that is why I'm such an expert on pop culture. No one seems to remember when his commercial would come on and he would talk about "One of these" and then he would hold up a giant Energizer battery. Then at the end of the commercial, the camera would come in real close on his face and he would say "OY"

When I was a kid, I thought this guy was so cool. He had so much energy and chrisma. I wanted to be just like him, (and Mr. T) but it never happened and then one horrible day, the Energizer guy was gone. Replaced by the stupid rabbit with the big drum.

I did some research and found out that his name is really Mark Jackson though he's also known as Jacko Jackson and he hasn't really done much since the Energizer which I find sad since I like him a lot.

Ever wonder how he took being replaced by that stupid rabbit with the drum? That must have really sucked. I can imagine the conversation. "Jacko, we think your great but the marketing people think that fake bunnies are in right now so were forced to let you go". I HATE THAT RABBIT.

Now that I'm thinking about it. I wonder if there's a home for retired commercial actors. A place where Jacko can hang out with the Dunkin "Time to make the Donuts" guy and the Kool Aid picture guy. Then after supper he goes back to this room and throws darts at a picture of that Rabbit. I miss him going OY.

Now that I'm thinking about it, what happened to Mayor McCheese ?

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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Has anyone seen the real me? I can't remember where I left him

I want my life back and I want it now! Its seems lately, that my life has become this ugly cycle of going to work and going home again, over and over again and I hate it. I need a change, I need a holiday, I need to get laid (I had to sneak that in).

I’m tired of my job defining my existence. Instead I want to be able to decide for myself what my purpose is. I want to take the time to write a book, a play, or a screenplay. I want to see the world. I want to be a public speaker. Maybe host a television program and make smart ass remarks. I WANT TO BE THE NEXT DAVID LETTERMAN!!!!! Actually I just want to redefine myself.

The way I see it, everyone does what they have to do in order to survive but a lucky few get to do what they dream of. I never got to do what I dream off (My last girlfriend told me to take off the flippers and to put the trombone down).

I think the problem was that I never really took any risks. When I was in my teens, I thought about becoming a stand up comic and the one time I mentioned the idea to my mother, she reacted negatively to it. She said something about doing something more stable but to me, stable is boring though after that, the dream stayed in the back of my mind and I just continued making smart ass comments and little jokes here and there. Maybe I could have been something big, but I guess I will never know.

Actually I’ve toyed with the idea of being a humorist (I think they write funny articles or maybe they just hum a lot, I’m not sure) but I really don’t know where to start.

I’m sick of being part of a team of yahoos at work (I live in Cow Town and I never hear the word Yahoo). I want to be an individual. I want time to myself, I WANT TIME TO MEET A GIRL!!!!!

Yeah I guess that’s another issue. I put a lot of things on hold while I was at school to get my degree and now that I have it, it seems like I don’t have time for myself anymore. I want to meet someone special and take her out to dinner. I WANT TO CUDDLE!!!! Yeah there something real nice about cuddling and the little things (NO I’M NOT GAY). I really like the little things like simple touching tickling, but if there was only a way to keep dancing out of the equation, (see, told you I’m not gay) I’m a horrible dancer. I’m trying to arrange an accident so that I won’t have to dance with my sister at her wedding next summer.

Well I’m looking for a new job now, something that will free me of this existence and I can only hope that it happens soon. I know that I’m looking for meaning now and a 65 inch HDTV isn’t going to give me meaning (but I still LOVE that TV).

I’m not sure what I’m trying to say to be honest, originally I was going to write a comical post about Mr. T but this came out instead so I’ve decided to go with it and save Mr. T. for tomorrow.

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Sunday, November 07, 2004

I'm really starting to hate the political process

Maybe it’s all these elections going on here and in the states (here in Calgary, we’ve had 2 in the last 6 months with another one on the 22nd) but right now I’m starting to think that the political landscape is filled with selfish, bitter slime balls.

I’m not sure when this ugly trend started but my theory is that it started with Rush Limbaugh, that conservative radio show guy. Now to my knowledge, he was the first guy to start this slam and blame campaign and calling it entertainment, and it just keeps getting worse and worse.

I’ve had limited exposure to Bill O'Reilly (we don’t get Fox News in Canada yet, thanks to the Liberals( The Canadian political party) censors at the CRTC, but they let Al Jazeera into the country) but he’s another one who starting to piss me off I also find him to be a blowhard that’s in love with himself. What kind of nutball writes a political commentary book for kids? What going to be in there? Stories about how taxes are lowered and everyone lives happily ever after? (Not going to talk about the phone sex scandal)

Though the democrats are getting good at this game as well, in fact I think they’ve gotten better then the Republicans. All I have to say is Michael Moore. I cannot stand the sight of this guy. He is so full of himself that it makes me want to barf. Now it can be argued that he’s a documentary filmmaker, not a political analyst. Then what the hell was he doing covering the Republican National Convention for USA Today? (Oh and I thought all the people at the convention calling him fat was out of line as well).

I’m not sure when it got from bad to worse but I have a feeling that Michael Moore’s book “Stupid White Men” had something to do with it, though Al Franken’s “Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot” was when it fell down to the current level because that’s when the personal attacks started. Now were seeing books like “Michael Moore Is A Big Fat Stupid White Man” and that documentary “Michael Moore Hates America”, though the filmmaker is quoted in saying that the film isn’t about political beliefs but accountability.

Oh and this trend is not limited to the U.S. either. There’s a book coming out by former Liberal MP Sheila (God I HATE her) Copps. Now in a “leaked” exert (leaked my ass, she purposely released it) she talks about how our current Prime Minster Paul Martin, back when he was finance minister, wanted to throw out the Canada Health Act but she, as Deputy Prime Minister prevented this from happening. Now we have people in the same political party turning on each other. This book is nothing but a way to get back at the P.M. (Prime Minister) after she lost her bid to become the leader of the Liberal party and then being forced out of office and loosing her seat in the House of Commons. She apparently thought that she was special because she always had her nose up former P.M. Jean (Doesn’t know his head from his ass) Chr├ętien's ass, but after she lost her seat she’s out for revenge and she doesn't care what damage she does. I’m just glad that the current P.M. has decided to take the high road. Hey he’s friends with Bono so he can’t be all bad Actually I like him, and I hope he can repair the damage that Chr├ętien has caused during his time in office and be able to say the word Liberal without grinding my teeth.

Even in this provincial election, things are getting disgusting. Now we have this political party called the Alberta Alliance (Not putting a link to these scumbags) putting out a flier claiming that our Premier Ralph Klein is responsible for the death of 283 babies last year and with that comment, they have a picture of a baby that receiving medical treatment. Did I mention that the Premier’s party, the Tories and this Alliance party are both right wing parties? (Alberta has been right wing for so long that I can’t imagine that it would ever change). Oh and did I mention that I had never heard of these guys before this flier came out?

I remember reading somewhere that politicians were suppose to be respectable poeple and I also remember once that political analysts were adults who discussed things rationally, like adult instead of a bunch of 8 year old children throwing insults. If I want to see type of crap done by adults, I’ll watch Jerry Springer, not CNN.

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Saturday, November 06, 2004

A new look

As you might have noticed (or not if you haven't been here before) I'm using a new template. I just grew so bored of the old one. It was simple and effective at first but it grew to be too simple and I started to really hate the title bar. As well I got tired of looking at other blogs that looked exactly like mine.

Well after days and days of looking and evaluating, I've settled on this one. I found it at http://blogger-templates.blogspot.com/ . I actually found a few and one that was familiar (you know who you are) but I really liked it, even though there a blatant product plug with the Sony VAIO logo on the left (It could have been worse, I like the Pepsi one as well), So I hope that everyone likes the new look and if you don't then TOO BAD !!!!

Alright, speaking of products and commercialism, I should mention the banner. First thing, I didn't sell out. Ok I did, but before everyone starts pointing fingers but let me explain. This is something that I wanted to do because I really like Zip.ca. I think these guys are great and I recommend them to everyone I see and people have joined based on my recommendation. Now I recently l earned about their affiliate and refferal programs where I could have zip help support my DVD habbit (and its a big one too, over 100 DVD's) so I thought why not? So the banner goes up. So maybe they can help fund my DVD viewing habbits. They just sent me the first 2 DVD of the first season of Buffy and I expect them on Monday. SJ said I should watch them so I'll give them a go.

Anyway tomorrow I should be back with my normal words of wisdom, but until then, take care.

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Friday, November 05, 2004

Photo Friday (Poor Kitty)

I found this and I thought, WHAAA !!! That Cat looks
pissed and I don't blame him/her. That pussy cat is bald !!!!

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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Happy Birthday Harry Letterman.

Oh yeah, yesterday little Harry turned "1". He's such a cute kid. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!

That kid gonna have it good, he's got David Letterman as his dad and even former presidents are giving him gifts (Clinton gave him a personally signed copy of his book)

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Why are there so many sex related blogs out there ?

Alright, I know that the Internet is filled with things like pornography (that's why it was invented right? for the distribution of smut) but why are people dedicating blogs to the subject? I'm glad to hear that people have found someone in their lives (congrats Kati) but why do people need to confess that they don't really enjoy fisting?

Alright now the idea of censorship disgusts me to no end. I know that I don't have the right to tell someone what they should and shouldn't write on their blog and I would never actually do something like that but sometimes I self censor (there are things that I choose not to talk about) and perhaps some people should do the same, but I know that I've already lost that argument since even I'm not buy this crap I'm laying out. A blog is where someone can express their feeling and views about whatever they choose and if someone wishes to comment on how fisting was not a pleasant experience then they should be able to.

Personally why would I want to stick my whole hand up there anyway? What are you looking for, your keys? I can think of something more interesting things to put there, and when the hell did power tools become necessary for sexual activity? When did Black and Decker start making vibrators? When did Maytag start making these crazy attachments for their washing machines? Also, if you’re on a motorcycle, shouldn't you be watching the road?

Well there is a plus side for me in all these sexual blogs (not that, get your head out of the gutter), when I get another job that lets me work normal hours, and I'll have time to have a relationship with someone, I'll have a better idea what to do and not to do (because I don't know anything !!) Now I know things like the special benefits of drinking lots of pineapple juice. So basically I now have many tutors now (too bad they don't live close to me so I can get some one on one tutoring).

Its like a train wreck, you know you should look away but you can't help but watch and I admit that, so I guess that I will still read A New York Escorts Confessions (actually its about a lot of thing with only some sex comments but not a lot)

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Some people need to be smacked around a bit

I have this dumb kid to supervise and lately and he's really annoying the piss out of me. He's one of those guys who talks like he's real cool and that he knows everything but in fact the doesn't know a damn thing.

I think the worse part of it was last night when he was asking who I hoped would win the election and I mentioned that I thought Kerry would be more friendly towards Canada so I would prefer him. Then he went off about cloning and gay marriage and I just shook my head and thought, all he knows how to do is talk and not listen because he knew nothing about cloning. I talked about stem cells and growing replacement organs and helping people like the Late Christopher Reeves and Michael J. Fox and he comes up with this crap about overpopulation in 1000 years, not even understanding that the birth rate has been dropping for some time, even in the developing countries this has started to occur.

Then he started tell me about how gay marriage was wrong and again, he had no facts. He just went on and on. By this time, other people were listening in on this conversation and one person who I know has a very rational mind joined the conversation. Now he admitted that he didn't like homosexuals but he defended their right to "marry" but he felt the name marriage should be changed. He even went on to say that the whole concept of marriage in its current state is outdated and I actually agree with him. With the divorce rate so high, perhaps we should be looking a new 'legal' concept of marriage.

The first thing he said (and I totally agree with him) is get rid of the name marriage. Marriage as a legal term anyway. It has to be removed so we can have this separation between religious beliefs and laws. Then he even proposed that these unions would now be for a specific time with renewal options. Now with divorce rates so high in some places, this would solve a lot of legal issues (I'm sure the divorce lawyers can get in union renewal law instead).

Anyway as this goof went on and on he started talking about how homosexuality was a choice and again this isn't the case. I hold him that there was even homosexuality in the animal world .

Anyway this turned into a hot debate as others inserted their opinions and I saw a lot of bias and misunderstand. I have friends who are gay and I know that they have the same dreams and goals as everyone else and seeing this attitude does bother me but I do hope that this will chance and I believe that it will. The proof of that was standing around me. People of different coloured skin also happened to listening to the conversation and I though, there was a time when this argument would have been about their rights as opposed to the rights of homosexuals but we've seem to cross that barrier and they are thought of as equal. Now that is a good sign and I hope that homosexuals will be thought of the same way and soon because these uneducated boneheads are really starting to piss me off.

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I'm raging against the dying of my light

I'm at work and I despise it. These days I end up working 12-13 hour shifts and I don't have time for any social life. The only time I get to interact with people is online. Other than that, its people from work and I'm starting to hate the whole place.

I honestly feel that this place wants to keep me here for the rest of my life. They're trying to break me and turn me into a lemming but I can't take this crap much longer. Every day I'm given difficult deadlines and because I didn't have any choice, I'm met them but right now the work load increases and they continue the same results with less resources.

I'm looking for another job, but my problem is when do I have the time? Now your saying, if I have time to write this blog then I have time to look for another job and to a point you are correct. However, most of the time I post around midnight and its difficult to make cold calls at midnight. Again I am looking and I look forward to the day when I can say that I move on but I want everyone to know what my employer is up to and IT WON'T WORK.

To my employer I say this. I an individual, not a resource to use as you choose. You people are nothing but users, pushing for more and more and giving me crumbs in return. I know what your plan is and it won't work. My last day in that building is coming and coming soon. I soon will be free to enjoy a life once again.

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Monday, November 01, 2004

I fell in love at Best Buy

Alright this has been one of those weekends that I just didn't want to do anything, In fact it took some effort to get my ass into my chair and start writing.

Anyway, on Saturday a got a call from a friend of mine, and we decided to head to another part of the city that we don’t normally go to. We use to work together but now we have different jobs and it has become difficult to get together so when we do get to hang out, we make a day out of it.

Anyway we head up to the new Best Buy to see what was there. Now I've heard of Best Buy from U.S. ads and commercials but it's only recently that the chain had expanded up to Canada. They bought the Canadian chain Future Shop but they kept those stores separate.

Well when I went into the store for the first time and I swear I could hear angles call me in. I looked inside and it was beautiful. Now some Future Shop stores are big, but something told me that this place was the next level and I was right.

As we were looking at the big screens TV's I encountered a 65inc Wide Screen, Rear LCD projection HDTV set. It was huge. I swear I would have to buy a house just to store this thing. My only thoughts were "Who do I have to kill to own this thing". I swear seeing this TV was a life altering experience. Even close up, the picture looked great. THIS TV WAS PERFECT. So now I'm started the "Let's get me this damn TV" fund. Actually I seriously would need to own a house, they is no way I could get this thing into my apartment.

Anyway, now this TV is forever fixed into my mind. I know that I should be concerned with other things, like work, friends, finding a girlfriend, buying plane tickets (my sister is getting married next summer and I need to fly back east for the wedding) but I NEED THIS TV.