Friday, March 27, 2009


Well to Canada anyway. I knew this was coming, but to get an air date is like WOOT!!!! (or is it SQUEEEE now?). I just read that Global will start airing the animated adventurers of Bob and Doug McKenzie on April 19th. I can’t wait.

I’ve been a fan of the McKenzie brothers as far back as I can remember, and they still have influence over me to this day. Don’t believe me? Where do you think the name Tales from the Great White North came from? Back in the day Bob and Doug did a SCTV called….The Great White North. Coincidence.? I think NOT eh.

So as I said before, this is an animated series so the hosers will able to do some Loony Toons type stuff, like be crushed by kegs or beer, or be body checked by their French Canadian rivals Now I can’t confirm the existence of the French Canadian rivals right now, but they were in a animated short that came out with the DVD release of Strange Brew, the Bob and Doug movie (cue the singing angels eh).

The good news, Dave Thomas will be doing the voice of Doug. The bad news is that Rick Moranis will not be doing the voice of Bob. I guess he doesn’t need to do it, after Disney game him all that money for those Honey I Shrunk the Kids movies, but he is an executive producer, alone with Dave. The replacement for Bob’s voice will be….Dave Coulier. Yes, the voice of Bob will be done by Joey from Full House. I do know that Dave plays Hockey and plays on the Celebrity All-Star Hockey Squad, and is a big Red Wings fan, so he has some Canadian in him.

I’m very excited that my hosers are coming back, but I’m also sad, that the show will only be seen in Canada. Why hasn’t a US network tried to pick up this gem? Fox can put it on Sunday nights along with all the other animated shows they air, but alas, this show is only for us Canadian eh. Here’s a clip of the original show, and I’m looking forward to post clips of the animated series when it comes out eh. I can’t wait for the show to come on in 4 weeks. Just 4 more than a square beer eh. A square beer is 24, or a two four eh.

My 2 bytes eh.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Being a closet pervert is perfectly normal.

So it’s been a month, since I last blogged, and all I can say is OH SHIT. I didn’t want to let it slide like this but…surfing for porn takes up so much time. Sometimes I wonder if the people who visit this blog really do think that I’m a sick pervert, and to them I say…Sorta.

Here’s the deal. Deep down, most of us (I’m not saying everyone so calm down), tend to think about such things on a regular basis, but never act on those thoughts. Who hasn’t thought of a specific person and though naughty thoughts about them? I’m sure we’ve all done it once in a while. We all have fantasies in one form or other, right? Mine just happen to feature women dressed like the female characters from the X-men.

I’ve read other people’s blogs, and they’ve discussed this side of themselves with ease. They don’t mind sharing some of their “experiences” ;I, on the other hand, (don’t go there), am really shy and private about such things. I’ve never been the type to proclaim to everyone…I DID THAT. Then again, I’ve never been big on the bar scene, and I’m actually extremely shy in real life. It’s to the point where I’m actually fearful of saying anything. I figure, if I don’t say anything, they might think I’m an idiot, but if I do, they will know for sure.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m going to a meet up in Chicago in August. I’m going to meet people I’ve teamed with in a game for years. The nice thing about this, is that I don’t have to be anything but myself. These people have known me for years. They know a lot about me, I’ve shared some details about my life and I’ve even posted my picture on a webpage for our Super Group, so we know what each of us looks like. I’m feeling any fear, because I don’t have to win anyone over. Then again, most of the people I’m going to meet are male. There will be some women, but their married. I’ve not planning on “finding a mate” there.

I had a few people who have recommended that I should try one of those web-dating services, but it’s hard to work up to something like that when you work two jobs, seven days a week, and I don’t always like what I see starting back at me in the mirror. I’m going to go into the self-image thing now, but this is something I need to remedy one day. Perhaps in a few years after I no longer need the second job. Being in debt also affects my self-image, and I’ll be debt free in less than 3 years. Then perhaps, I’ll be more confident in myself and go get me some (insert 70’s porno music here).

My 2 Bytes.