Friday, September 25, 2009

It's just a statue, dumb ass.

Why is it that religious groups tend to piss me off? Whenever they open their mouths, they just prove how narrow minded they are. Well, I guess that’s why they piss me off. They’re a bunch of hypocrites.

I read today that Concerned Christians Canada has sent a letter to the Calgary Zoo because they are offended by an elephant statute by the … (wait for it) Elephant exhibit. These people are really pathetic. What really bothered me the most was their anger of the display of a “foreign god”. A FOREIGN GOD!!! What a bunch of racist bastards. I wonder how the Hindu Society of Calgary would feel about their God being referred to as a foreigner.

They claim that the statue is a representation of a the Hindu God Ganesh, even though the zoo officials made sure that there were no religious symbolism on the statue, and because they feel that it should be taken down. BULLSHIT. What gives these wackos the right to decide that can or cannot be seen by the general population of this City. They claim that they’re offended by the statue, and that’s all it is, a statue, not an idol. Well I’m offended by their closed minded thinking. HOW ABOUT THAT, so so-called Christians.

When I hear a group saying crap like that, I feel there are no better than the KKK, or Muslim fundamentalists. They should also change the name of their organization as well, because NO NORAML CANADIAN THINKS LIKE THAT. As Canadians, we appreciate our multiculturalism. It’s what makes us a better place to live. It makes us the envy of many people from around the world. If not, then why are they coming here?

The good part of this story is that the Calgary Zoo is standing up to these narrow-minded people. We need to stand up against these people, or else they will eventually think that they have the right to control every part of our lives. Isn’t that what the Taliban was doing in Afghanistan?

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this kind of crap from these people either. A few years ago, a pastor went and wrote a letter “declaring war against the homosexual machine”. A complaint was filed with the Alberta Human Rights commission, and the man was then charged with a hate crime. This is the mentality of the people who wrote this letter to the zoo.

These people do not deserve the slightest bit or respect from me, or any sane person in Canada. I refuse to give these crackpots the time of day. Get an education.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Now I can't get London out of my head.

Alright, in order to keep blogging on a regular basis, I’m going to write about something. The problem is…I got nothing to blog about. I’ve searched many websites for ideas, but I have nothing…except maybe one thing.

I’ve been checking prices on flight an hotels for my trip to the UK next year, and I’m starting to get a little pissed off. It seems the since last month, the trip I wanted to book has gone up by $500.I mean seriously, WHAT THE HELL? How the heck am I suppose to know how much to put away in order to be able to go on my trip, if they keep changing the damn price. It’s bad enough that the British Pound is worth almost twice as much as the Canadian dollar. It’s also pretty bad, that the price included over $500 in taxes and fee’s but seriously, why the hell would people want to go there if it’s so frigging expensive? It’s almost as if, they don’t want me to go.

Now here’s the deal. I’m not going to let those bastards win. If this means that I have to cut back on my spending a bit, so be it. Hell or high water, I’m going to be heckling the Queen of England. I’m going to try English Beer. I’m going to have English Style Fish and Chips. I’m going to EUROPE DAMMIT. I still have a lot of time to plan for my trip next August, and I did manage to get a good deal when I bought my ticket, so perhaps I need to be patient, and wait for the right deal?

I think the problem I’m having is that there are so many hotels in London that I’m not sure what part of the city I should be looking. I might have to do a little research. With Chicago, it was easy because I knew I wanted to be close to the Convention Center for the Comic Con, but in this case, I have no frigging idea what part of the City I should be looking at staying. Not to mention the fact that London is more than twice the size of Chicago. If I were booking a trip to New York, I have a general idea of where to book a hotel in the city, but with London, I have no clue.

Ok I found a map of the different areas of London, so now I have an idea of where I would be, and I’m have some decent luck for finding a decent price for hotel/flights. I insist on a direct flight, otherwise I’m going to be super tired when I get to London. Actually I expect to be super tired anyway, but I don’t want to me it worse that it will be. I’ve had bad luck with sleeping on a “Red Eye” flight, but then again, I’ve never been on an 8 hour flight either, so even the flight is going to be an experience. Also, I’m not looking forward to dealing with customs when I arrive. I’ve never had an issue going between Canada and the US, but I have no idea what the UK experience will be like.

Well, I have 11 months to get things figured out, and I’ll take the time to do a little research. Just put a book on hold at the library about London in order to figure out where I should be booking my hotel.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

I did go to Chicago

I’m going to force myself to talk about Chicago. Chicago is a great city, and if you ever get the chance, GO. I had a great time. Chicago is a great city. It’s has lots to do, and the good is great, and not expensive. I remember finding a Chinese Buffet which included drinks for under $10. INCLUDING COLA? That doesn’t happen up here. In Calgary, you go to a mediocre buffet, and they charge you a huge amount for a damn Pepsi. There, you get unlimited Pepsi. I was shocked. SHOCK I tell you. While I stayed away from the Mexican food, (I’m sorry but I do not believe that the Chinese can make proper Mexican food), the Chinese food as great. I still can’t believe that I could find good food at a good price.

The same thing with a Mexican Restaurant I went to, it was run by real Mexicans who spoke Spanish. Not like up here where you find a Taco Bell run by Filipinos. Again, the food was great, and the price was good too. Why can’t Calgary be like that? Here’s it’s overpriced food and shitty service.

Anyway, the coolest part was meeting all my online friends from City of Heroes. It was a little strange using people’s real names. The first night half of us went out for Sushi. I’ve never had sushi before so it was an experience. The most interesting part was when there was a large piece of sushi, that was far to big to pick it up with chopsticks. Someone said “Just shove it in”, and this the phrase for the weekend was “Shove it like it was sushi”. That phrase is still being said today.

Eventually all 12 of us got together, and we did many things, from going to the Comic Con in Chicago, going out to dinner, and seeing the GI Joe movie at a fancy theatre with really big seats, on the balcony, where alcohol could be served. Oh, and there was a real restaurant in the theatre.

I did a lot of touring, and picture taking. I latterly took hundreds of pictures. Thank you for digital photography. I posted most of the pictures on my Facebook page, but I will post a link here.

The last day, I went to see Blue Man Group. I’ll say 2 things. The first is the show was great. The second is they didn’t hand out enough plastic ponchos. I got hit with something. I’m not sure what it was, but it came out of a spot that shouldn’t exist.

I could go on and on about the trip, but I’ll just say this. It was an experience and I’m looking forward to doing it again. We’ve agreed to meet again, in San Diego in 2011. Some people already have plans for next year. Including myself. I’m going to London next year. This will be my first time off the continent. I’ve already promised to take a lot of pictures for some of the friends that I met in Chicago.

Here are the links to the pictures.

The Friends I finally met in real life.

The Costume Contest at the Comic Con


Chicago Boat Tour

Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

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