Friday, September 11, 2009

I did go to Chicago

I’m going to force myself to talk about Chicago. Chicago is a great city, and if you ever get the chance, GO. I had a great time. Chicago is a great city. It’s has lots to do, and the good is great, and not expensive. I remember finding a Chinese Buffet which included drinks for under $10. INCLUDING COLA? That doesn’t happen up here. In Calgary, you go to a mediocre buffet, and they charge you a huge amount for a damn Pepsi. There, you get unlimited Pepsi. I was shocked. SHOCK I tell you. While I stayed away from the Mexican food, (I’m sorry but I do not believe that the Chinese can make proper Mexican food), the Chinese food as great. I still can’t believe that I could find good food at a good price.

The same thing with a Mexican Restaurant I went to, it was run by real Mexicans who spoke Spanish. Not like up here where you find a Taco Bell run by Filipinos. Again, the food was great, and the price was good too. Why can’t Calgary be like that? Here’s it’s overpriced food and shitty service.

Anyway, the coolest part was meeting all my online friends from City of Heroes. It was a little strange using people’s real names. The first night half of us went out for Sushi. I’ve never had sushi before so it was an experience. The most interesting part was when there was a large piece of sushi, that was far to big to pick it up with chopsticks. Someone said “Just shove it in”, and this the phrase for the weekend was “Shove it like it was sushi”. That phrase is still being said today.

Eventually all 12 of us got together, and we did many things, from going to the Comic Con in Chicago, going out to dinner, and seeing the GI Joe movie at a fancy theatre with really big seats, on the balcony, where alcohol could be served. Oh, and there was a real restaurant in the theatre.

I did a lot of touring, and picture taking. I latterly took hundreds of pictures. Thank you for digital photography. I posted most of the pictures on my Facebook page, but I will post a link here.

The last day, I went to see Blue Man Group. I’ll say 2 things. The first is the show was great. The second is they didn’t hand out enough plastic ponchos. I got hit with something. I’m not sure what it was, but it came out of a spot that shouldn’t exist.

I could go on and on about the trip, but I’ll just say this. It was an experience and I’m looking forward to doing it again. We’ve agreed to meet again, in San Diego in 2011. Some people already have plans for next year. Including myself. I’m going to London next year. This will be my first time off the continent. I’ve already promised to take a lot of pictures for some of the friends that I met in Chicago.

Here are the links to the pictures.

The Friends I finally met in real life.

The Costume Contest at the Comic Con


Chicago Boat Tour

Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

My 2 Bytes

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Neat - looks like you had a great time!