Wednesday, May 26, 2010

On behalf of the male gender, I appolgize

Recently, there was an incident on a Continental flight from Hong Kong to Newark, New Jersey where some sick 63 year old bastard was caught, in a sexual assault against the person sitting next to him on the plane. From what I've read, the woman was asleep and she was awaken by someone from behind her kicking her seat, to be awaken with this asshole with his hand ...I'm not going to say it.

The good news is that the FBI was waiting for Ramesh Advani when he got off the plane, and his entire family got to witness him taken away by the FBI. I normally try to refrain from using names on my blog but, I take great pleasure in exposing that sick old bastard as the pervert he is.

Now I`ve kidded in the past of being a closet pervert, but I have NEVER EVER doing anything like that. The idea of forcing myself onto someone else sickens me. It`s wrong, plain and simple. It`s usually sub intelligent people who have no respect for other people. There`s a place for people like this. It`s called jail. 

I hope this guy makes the mistake of `dropping the soap` so he`s made to feel like the innocent victim he molested. She didn`t deserve to be touched by that sick bastard.

Seriously, what`s wrong with some people. I hope he gets raped in jail to feel the same humiliation that his victim felt.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

I don't think even China believes them this time

I'm sure that everyone has heard the news of the week about the South Korean ship that was sink by a torpedo fired by a North Korean submarine by now. If not, then were the hell have you been? I keep reading more and I can't belive that the North Korean government statements about it. How it;s all a lie and any sanction against them would be considered an act of war. Well guess what Kim Jon Ill, firing a topedo and sinking a South Korean navy vessel is consider an act of war you stupid hyprocite. Seriously, their arrogants is beyond me. Even China, who's their only friend is shaking their head over this one.

I believe the problem is that, since they're developed a nuclear weapon, that they have the right to act this recklessly without concequences. That is obviously incorrect, and they need to learn this lesson, and their own arrogance is going to make them learn it the hard way.

Honestly, who would belive these people? Just a few weeks ago, they claimed in their state run newspaper that they have developed Nucelar Fusion? I seriously doubt it. I don't belive a damn thing that their government says. Who would? I don't think even China belives them.

Do these old guys really think that this kind of behavoir will go on forever? The good thing is that I belive that time in on our side, and as these crazy old bastards start to die off, then the next generation will have a clue and stop this insantiy.

It happened in the former Soviert Union. It wasn't until the peoeple in power who lived through the second war died, that we started to see some changes in that country, and then the old guard fell from the inside, not the outside. I predict that this will soon happen with North Korea. China also learned this lesson and now allow captialism in their country. It's still not perfect, but it's a lot better then the past. We're starting to see it happen in Iran as well. Time is indeed on our size.

Until then, smarten up you dumbasses.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010


I stare at the screen, without an idea of what to talk about. My mind tends to drift back to the word "boobies", but I'm not going to talk about them; at least not today. I'm just glad that people can't search my mind for porn, or else I would be in deep trouble. It's also a good thing that I keep that stuff off my laptop and cellphone, or else someone my see it. Someone like the Customs Officials in Australia. I once considered moving to the "land down under", but the more I learn about the country's laws, the more I want to avoid the place...for long periods of time. For the longest time, I've been reading about the censor laws in Australia but not they think they can snoop through my cell phone and laptop. NO FRIGGING WAY.

I've been hearing about laws like this cropping up for some time now in different countries, including the UK, and other places, and I just laugh at the what they're trying to do. In the days of online storage, why would anyone keep their smut on their laptop while going through any Customs Office? Of course there are the dumb people who will get caught. They aren't as tech savy as I am. (I'm a professional computer geek, of course I'm tech savy), but dumb people deserve to be caught. Especially if it's illegal crap like...that stuff. However, if I want to see some explicit BOMP BOMP CHICA BOMP. That's my business, not some governments.

I know there are countries that ban that stuff for religious reasons, and while I dislike the idea, I do understand their thinking. Australia is just the frigging thought police. They're not censoring the stuff for religious reasons. They're doing it because they're being pompous control freak.

The good news is that one of the local political parties is trying to so something about it, thought I can honestly say that I'm no a member of the "Sex Party". I'm a member of the "I'm Not Getting Any Party".  Seriously, this is another case of government having too much control.

I think being in Canada, I'm a little safer from that due to the proximity to the United States. Many of their ideas regarding free speech and personal rights flow across the border, and to be honest, I don't think it's a bad thing that this kind of influence is coming across the the border. I think it protects us more than other countries, but seriously, this era is Big Brother looking for porn on my laptop and cellphone is just the start to something nastier. First porn, then what;s next? Unpopular ideas? New ways of thinking? No thought police please.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Ok this isn't exactly news. We all knew this even before they screwed Conan O'Brien over with the Tonight Show bullshit, but to cancel Heroes? DAMN YOU NBC YOU SUCK.

It's no secret that most of the executives at NBC are morons. Making stupid decision after stupid decision to the point that there really isn't anything good on anymore. I've looked at their new fall lineup and the only thing I'll be watching is Celebrity Apprentice, and that starts next March. Did I mention that NBC SUCKS.

There were rumors of this happening for weeks now, but to actually here it, and just end it there is pathetic. There was talk of a 2 hour movie finale, but that's not happening. At least when CBS cancelled Jericho, they realized that the fans needed closer and gave us 8 more episodes to end the story. NBC just left us with NOTHING. NBC YOU SUCK.

Honestly, these days I rarely watch any US Network TV because of Bullshit like that. At least with Lost, they got to finish the damn story. Heroes got NOTHING. These days, people want to have some sort of closure when it comes to their TV programs. It's not the age of Leave it to Beaver anymore.

I personally think that cable network executives are a lot smart than people at the broadcast network. Cable networks give us great shows like Rescue Me, Battlestar Galatica, The Sopranos, Blue Blood, Dexter, Caprica (I heard this might be done as well). At least these shows when end, they will give us some closer. Heroes has left us hanging. YOU SUCK NBC.

Why should I even watch US network TV anymore? What the hell is left, another spin-off of Law and Order? Screw that. I'll patiently wait for Celebrity Apprentice and that's it. NO MORE NBC. YOU SUCK NBC.

As you can guess, I'm not taking this well. I own the first three seasons of Heroes and I'll probably end up buying the fourth as well, but I'm not buying the fifth because there will be no fifth season. This is an revenue stream that NBC is too stupid to figure out. At least Fox figured it out with Family Guy.

Bottom line, I'm pissed. NBC YOU SUCK.

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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Last words about my father

I went away for a bit, but it happens. At least I committed myself to go back. I didn't feel like blogging while I was home, and I took a quick break when I got back. Well not much of a break, but one nonetheless.

I never got the chance to say goodbye to my dad. In fact, I never got the chance to "see" him when I was down. He was cremated before I even landed in Toronto. I never got the chance to say goodbye. The last thing I said to him was "see you in June".

My father didn't always see eye to eye on things. I even remember when we argued about something we both agreed on. That's how we were, but that's my dad. My dad as a strong, smart person, but growing up was a different story. I thought of him as a control freak, I thought he always had to have his way. I know know better. I now know that he wanted to make me a better person. In many ways he succeeded, but there was always a deep seeded resentment I felt for him. A resentment I've only managed to let go after his passing.

I do have some regrets however. We didn't always talk. Whenever I called home, as soon as he answered the phone and after a few "how are things", he would say "I'll get your mother". Toward the end we would chat more. Maybe it was because he knew his time was coming, or maybe it was the encouragement from my mother, but he did open up more. He asked about work and how my career was going. Something this I find important as well. I guess I am my father's son. I do regret not telling him of my plans of going back to University to get my MBA.

A good family friend gave my dads eulogy. I wish I had a copy of it, but I never thought about it until now. He told stories about my dad. Some I knew. One I was a part of, and one I didn't know, but it was all classic "my dad". It was a hard service for me. It was the only time I actually "say him", and even then I never said goodbye. I couldn't bring myself to doing it. He's not gone. He's just someone better.


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