Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Ok this isn't exactly news. We all knew this even before they screwed Conan O'Brien over with the Tonight Show bullshit, but to cancel Heroes? DAMN YOU NBC YOU SUCK.

It's no secret that most of the executives at NBC are morons. Making stupid decision after stupid decision to the point that there really isn't anything good on anymore. I've looked at their new fall lineup and the only thing I'll be watching is Celebrity Apprentice, and that starts next March. Did I mention that NBC SUCKS.

There were rumors of this happening for weeks now, but to actually here it, and just end it there is pathetic. There was talk of a 2 hour movie finale, but that's not happening. At least when CBS cancelled Jericho, they realized that the fans needed closer and gave us 8 more episodes to end the story. NBC just left us with NOTHING. NBC YOU SUCK.

Honestly, these days I rarely watch any US Network TV because of Bullshit like that. At least with Lost, they got to finish the damn story. Heroes got NOTHING. These days, people want to have some sort of closure when it comes to their TV programs. It's not the age of Leave it to Beaver anymore.

I personally think that cable network executives are a lot smart than people at the broadcast network. Cable networks give us great shows like Rescue Me, Battlestar Galatica, The Sopranos, Blue Blood, Dexter, Caprica (I heard this might be done as well). At least these shows when end, they will give us some closer. Heroes has left us hanging. YOU SUCK NBC.

Why should I even watch US network TV anymore? What the hell is left, another spin-off of Law and Order? Screw that. I'll patiently wait for Celebrity Apprentice and that's it. NO MORE NBC. YOU SUCK NBC.

As you can guess, I'm not taking this well. I own the first three seasons of Heroes and I'll probably end up buying the fourth as well, but I'm not buying the fifth because there will be no fifth season. This is an revenue stream that NBC is too stupid to figure out. At least Fox figured it out with Family Guy.

Bottom line, I'm pissed. NBC YOU SUCK.

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Olly said...

It's not just NBC - there is really NOTHING worth watching. I can't stand reality shows. Not into crime/dramas much. HATE sports on tv. If I can guess how a movie will end in the first 10 minutes, I won't bother with that either. Other than the news and Craig Ferguson, I've gone back to reading lots.