Thursday, June 30, 2005

I'm so boring this week.

Tomorrow is Canada day, WOO HOO. Party time. Its our country's 138th birthday. Time for a barbecue.

Actually tonight is the important part. You see, tonight Canadians put up a Canadian flag up and go to bed and if they've been good Canucks, the great beaver will come down the chimney and leave beer and steaks under the flag. OK, I'm full of shit, but it's a nice idea. It's short weather people. I just hope it stops raining.

Its been a difficult week. I'm tired and my creative juices are not flowing at all. I don't know what to write about and nothing is coming to mind. Yesterday's post was the same way but at least I found a train of thought. Tonight all I'm thinking is. "I want food, I want to watch some TV. I want to go to bed."

I plan to be "out and about" tomorrow so I'm hoping to have some things going on. I'll work on the movie quote game and do an audio blog post. There are some things I want to do but I can't do them now.

SO I now officially apologize for the lame ass post. I'll do better next time. I promise. I swear. Actually its really sad when the only highlight of the week is getting a e-mail saying that Western Digital is sending me a new hard drive, which is nice since I'm only running on one 80 gig right now. Smut takes up a lot of space.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

So tired. So very tired

I must be really stupid. Why is it that people who slack around here get away with it for so long while I bust my ass to get everything done without even an acknowledgement? Between system failures and people calling in “drunk”, it seems that I’m doing almost everything around here.

Ok truth be known, there is another member of the “team” that I can rely on and she is great, but she’s still a little inexperienced (though she picks up things very quickly). Things would be a lot worse without her.

V. is smart, but also shy. It has something to do with her upbringing and culture I guess. She’s from India and when I first meet her, she got annoyed that I was sweeping up, saying that it was a woman’s job to clean up. After a few months, she realizes that were all equals here and gender has nothing to do with who does what job, but she still gives me crap when I try to sweep up. She even grabs the broom from me sometimes, which I think is funny as hell.

She’s very well educated actually, holding a B.A. from a university back home but over here she’s would need another year of university to get a Canadian degree. She’s been talking about it and I encourage her to do that last year, but other things are going on. It might be her arranged marriage or something else.

Until the day I die, I will never understand arranged marriages. I know one person who went through it and she ended up divorcing the guy. Another friend, P. is suppose to be going through an arranged marriage soon and he seems ok with it and another woman, C. was married that way.

Personally I find the whole concept of “arranged marriages” scares the crap out of me. I can imagine my mother telling me that my future wife has a “great personality”. ARGGHHH !!!! Everyone knows that a “great personality” is the kiss of death here. I would rather hear stuff like, “She really hot looking” or “Her parents are REALLY RICH”.

With all the talk about legalizing same-sex marriages here, I wonder how long will it take before we start seeing same-sex arranged marriages. I can just picture the parents looking at their child when he is 7 years old and they say, “he’s still playing with dolls? He’s a little fruity huh? We’d better find a nice guy for him”

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Me so tired

It seems that work is conspiring against me again. I did some job searching and now they’re trying to drain my spirit again. Yesterday I was mentally fatigued, I couldn’t even post, but I couldn’t sleep either. I just stared at the ceiling, knowing that it was 4:00am and that I should be asleep, but instead I was in a useless state. I could have posted then but I knew that I had to rest, but the rest never came. Instead all I did was “rest my eyes”.

I love the term “resting my eyes”, which means your dad has fallen asleep watching TV but as soon as you change that channel, he wakes up and says, “I was watching that” even though it was an infomercial for some thigh cream.

Anyway, I have a headache and I’m growing to hate everyone here again, but I swore to myself that I was going to post on my meal break. I don’t give a crap if the owner of the company walks in. I’m not stopping.

Great, now that I’ve stated this resolve, I can’t think of anything else to say. Maybe its because I have to pee Hold on.

Ok, fresh as a daisy and while I do feel relief, the trip was also a source of pain. I saw the multi-day growth on my face, (I need to shave). I witness the tangled mess that is my hair but the worst is, I saw how big my ass is.

Ok I’m no toothpick. I admit that, but the last thing I need to be reminded of right now is that when I walk backwards, my ass should beep like an industrial vehicle. I need “me” time to work on that. My weight has gone up and down, and it gets frustrating. My eating habits were learned. When I’m depressed, I eat and I see how big I am and I get depressed. See the cycle. The job situation doesn’t help either.

Well I’m needed elsewhere but I did feel a need to say something so here you go. I’ll post some more pics to the mobblog tonight as well.

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Celebrity Ballroom Dancing: My style

Alright, I checked out this Celebrity Ballroom Dancing show and I've decided that its BORING. Perhaps it's the fact that I'm a straight male, but ballroom dancing doesn't seem to catch my eye. We live in a world with almost a hundred channels (I have more thanks to my dish.) and all they can give me is this? Come on people. Watching celebrities and professional Ballroom dancers compete in front of some snobbish judges doesn't seem like entertainment. Then it occurred to me. The problem isn't the show, but the celebrities. Who cares about Rod Stewart's ex-wife and Evander Holyfield . If your going to make it interesting, then you need some interesting celebrities.

Andrew Dice Clay. Whatever happened to the Dice Man? He was the rudest, most obnoxious asshole on the face of the planet but he sure knew how to fill a room and generate excitement. His career went downhill after that lame ass sitcom so I'm sure he's looking for some money. Can you imagine him with his dance partner? Using that charm of his? What charm? At least he'll be able to afford some more cigarettes and come back from obscurity for a moment or two.

Nichelle Nichols. I'm pretty sure that she's not doing too much except making appearances at Star Trek Conventions. She will attract all the Star Trek fans and hey, she has class and she can sing. Oh and were going to need someone with class after looking at the Dice Man.

Gilbert Gottfried. I honestly feel that this man is one of the funniest, underrated comics alive today. This guy is so talented, from his voice work in Disney's Aladdin to his appearance as Bobby's Mom in the Howie comedy series. This person is the best. I can imagine him talking to his dance partner. "Why are you dress up so nice? WERE ONLY GOING TO BURGER KING. Have you bought Aladdin on DVD yet? I GET A CUT SO GO BUY IT NOW, SO I CAN AFFORD TO TAKE YOU TO RED LOBSTER INSTEAD".

Molly Ringwald. I haven't seen her since "The Stand". That TV miniseries based on the Stephen King novel. I remember it was her with Rob Lowe, Gary Sinise and some other people who I don't remember their names. I know one of them was the guy from "Coach". Again, I think she needs the work. She could dance to that song from "The Breakfast Club"

Mike Tyson. The guy owes the U.S. Government $20 million in back taxes and he's not boxing anymore after that dismal performance earlier this month. So instead of becoming an Aid worker in some developing country, he could become a professional ballroom dancer. The only problem would be that his partner might be concerned that Tyson is a convicted rapist, bipolar and has a history of biting the ears of his opponents. Mike will be dancing and then MUNCH., this guy will take a bite out of her arm or something creepy like that. GREAT TV WATCHING THOUGH.

RuPaul. Maybe it's just me but watching a man, who might be gay dance with a man who has made a career in being a drag queen just seems like a great idea. I just hope RuPaul doesn't break a heal or anything like that, because that might he heart breaking. Actually, think that RuPaul might have an unfair advantage.

Richard Simmons. Another fruity type, I know but if were going to have a man in drag, then we should also have a man acting "funny" as a man. Having him be his “quirky” self is enough. Though I can only imagine how difficult it would be to get him in a tux, instead of those “fruity” shorts. It seems that he's not on TV anymore after Letterman sprayed him with the fire extinguisher.

Sandra Bernhard. Another one of those “disappear of the face of the earth” types but let's face it. That's the type of celebrities that appear on these shows so she's perfect. Then again, I did see her on a episode of the new “Dragnet” a little while ago. Too bad it was cancelled because Ed O'Neil as a cop rocks.

Howard Stern. Yes I said HOWARD STERN. He's been bitching and complaining about how his ideas are ripped off and how he's not taken seriously. Well here's his chance to show another side of the “King of All Media”. I can imagine him asking his dance partner about her cup size and saying how he looks like a “fag” doing this.

Connie Chung. Alright Connie can't be doing too much and her career has gone downhill since she “fooled” Newt Gingrinch's mother by claiming that no one would fine out when she called Hillary Clinton “a bitch” but hey, she can be funny. She was good on Letterman and when she played herself on that one episode of “Murphy Brown”

Paul Teutul Sr. He's already a reality TV star on American Chopper. We all love it when he and Paul Jr. start screaming at each other. I can just imagine Paul accidentally snapping his partner's back with those huge arms of his. “Ummm sorry bout that, PAUL GET YOUR ASS IN HERE AND FIX THIS”.

Jenna Jameson. Every show has to have some sort of sex appeal and what better way to add some than to add a porn star. She's done mainstream stuff before (I think she has), She did some voice work on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, along with Burt Reynolds, Ray Liotta and Dennis Hopper so she has worked with real actors. It will also give the perverts someone to cheer for.

I'll be honest, I would end up watching the show, just to see the people and how they are holding out. That's the same reason I watch “Hit Me Baby 1 More Time” I thought it was great to see these old performers after all these years, fat and bald. I even got into an argument with someone over Tiffany; was she fat or pregnant. I'm still not sure but I think she was preggers. Maybe it would turn the show into a train wreck but isn't that why everyone watched “The Simple Life” with Paris Hilton?

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Back Bacon is REALLY Ham.

The first thing I've learned is that no one seemed to like the Photo Friday pic so note to self. No picture of guys with hoses coming out of their asses. Ok done, never again. I thought it was funny but I guess not everyone like the idea of bald guys showing of their asses appearing on my blog. So that is that.

I saw “real” back bacon today for the first time. I even went so far as to buy it and guess what? ITWAS HAM !!!! WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP. The McKenzie Brothers are hosers big time for going through all that trouble for HAM!!!

Well the cell phone story continues. Yesterday I was going through the paper and I spotted my cell phone on sale for $29.99. Those bastards I thought. I paid $179.99 so needless to say, I was pissed. So today I went back (this was my forth time returning since I bought the thing) and I was given a credit for $150 so all is good, but this cell phone thing is turning into a real nightmare. I hope that this will be the last of it for some time.

Oh, things are finally starting to go with the Mob Blog. I'm up to 20 picks and with Stampede only 2 weeks away (It came out of nowhere I tell you), I'll be clicking, like crazy. Between the parade, the exhibition, the rodeo, the shows and the free breakfasts, there will be plenty to do and I'll be clicking away with my phone and putting everything up on the Mob Blog.

As people might have noticed, I put a cool little java app on my blog, that is showing off my most recent photos. I think it's a cool thing but what I had to do in order to find the JavaScript, so I could use it was insane. hid it in the syndicate section. WHO WOULD LOOK FOR THAT IN SYNDICATE? The only reason I looked there was because I looked everywhere else already. I knew the app existed because I saw it on other blogs and I wanted it for mine but what I had to do…

I swear, summer arrived to damn quick. I don't know where the time is going. I remember time DRAGGGGGGIIIINNNGGGG but now, it seems to be flying by, This cannot be a good thing.

I know that I was working on a more interesting blog post but I had other things to attend to and I think that I need something to stop time so I can catch up on everything.

So this was another yadda yadda and there was no true wisdom here, except that BACK BACON IS REALLY HAM !!!.

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Google's Smut Search

It looks like this is going to be one of those weeks. One of those weeks that drains the life from me. I keep coming home to work on some things and I end up asleep, with all my free time gone. I'm thrilled that I'm going through this crap again.

Actually I spent some time downloading some pics for a blog post (but this isn't it). I'll have it up on Saturday, since tomorrow is Photo Friday. I'm not going to say what the post is about, but let's just say that I'm back to my old smart ass self.

So I'm using Google's image search to find what I'm looking for and I notice that there's a setting called “SafeSearch” and its on. Well I'm an adult and I'm running anti viral and other items so I turn it off. As far as I'm concerned, it's a filter and might be screwing up my results.

So I do my image search of Molly Ringwald and the first thing I see is a pic of her TOPLESS. WTF I thought, “Ms Popular” from “The Breakfast Club” topless? This is wrong people. Where the hell is Anthony Michael Hall to stop this? Where is Emilio Estevez? Bad, Bad, Bad. Google should be ashamed of themselves.

Then I decide to do a search of Jenna Jamieson, and low and behold. Nothing but “naughty” pics, and all I was looking for was a head shot. (Not that kind of head).

So I've now learned that Google' image search engine can be a great resource to smut seekers.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A day later

I missed posting yesterday because I was either too busy (earlier in the day) or too tired (later in the day) so I say to you, sorry.

Well everything that had to be taken care of is done. I managed to get my cell phone working properly after 2 visits. Good thing the place is just down the street or else I would have been really pissed. The second visit, some guy tried to tell me that the tech guy wasn't there when I knew he was. I nearly bitch slapped him out of spite. “Don't lie to me you little bitch”, I was thinking. It turns out that it wasn't even the phone per say, but the 32MB data card, that was causing the problem, so now everything is fine.

The Hard Drive is on the way to Toronto, via Purolator Courier, I have a friend who drives for them and he gets me the employee rate, so its only costing me $5 for next day service, to half way across the country. Now let's see how long it takes for Western Digital to replace it, because its not cost effective to repair it, because to do that, you would have to do it in a clean room and wear those “bunny suits” because the inside of a HD is a dust free environment.

It appears that I'm getting the silent treatment from the Yacker at work. He's actually working and isn't standing around, talking all day. Personally I prefer it quiet so if we wants to be quiet and give me the “silent treatment”, then that's fine with me. If being mad at me, mean that he's going to focus on his work, then I hope he hates my guts.

Lately it seems that my posts are less inspiring than in the past. Perhaps I'm posting at the wrong time, or its lack of time. I just dragged my sorry ass out of bed a half hour ago. And I have to leave for work in another half hour. I have so much sarcasm to share, especially about the summer TV schedule. That celebrity ballroom dancing show is begging me to rip it apart. Between that and those Mawhatsay? commercials, I'm going nuts. There's another one with people rubbing up against each other and feeding pasta to one another and the announcer says “Buy Mawhatsay Products” What the hell are they and if I buy this stuff, will hot women come into my kitchen and rub up against me in a sexual manor and feed me pasta? If so, WHERE CAN I GET SOME !!!!

Anyway work calls, and its saying, “get your ass over her dumb ass”

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Monday, June 20, 2005

A day in the city, for a change

I'm mostly pleased with what I acomplished today. I finally got my mobblog up and running, though it took many attempts to get the pics downloaded off my new crappy phone. I went back with it and they gave me some bullshit about the tech guy not being there so they couldn't exchange it, even though there was an obvious problem. They could see it themselves and that I had my less than 24 hour receipt with me justified that I needed a replacement, but I got screwed around. Oh well.

Well I spend most of the day downtown, which was nice for a change. Walking in the valleys between the glass towers was a nice change of pace as opposed to hanging out in an industrial park.

Between the office towers, food courts, shops and just people dress in suits, I felt so much better. I felt like I belonged there. I felt welcomed; I loved the green of the trees by the streets. I loved the sound of people laughing at the food court. Everyone looked nice and my eyes started to wander as I noticed how “smart” the women looked.

I know what you're thinking but here me out. While there are some smart people at my current job, they are a minority, and there's no reason to dress professionally. I usually see people in sweat pants and tea shirts. No business attire. I want to wear a tie to work for awhile. Is this too much to ask? I want to sell out and be a corporate stooge instead of a pinhead going menial labour.

Again, I'm glad that I have some content on my mobblog at I took some shots of the of the city in general, No people or human interest shots yet but who knows; maybe soon.

Oh and I never went into the lingerie shop with my camera phone. I got the impression that Jay might think of me as a freak for doing that. I SWEAR I WILL NEVER TAKE LEWD OR INAPPORATE PICS WITH MY CAMERA PHONE. I swear that I have some class. I might live in a city populated by closed minded western hicks (yes I said it sorry Calgary), but I swear that I have enough class to respect other people and I will NEVER invade the privacy of someone with my camera phone (unless I'm really drunk, or she's really hot *grin* )

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Yadda (I know)

It's been one of those weekends. Saturday was a day of rain while Sunday was really nice so I did get to go out for some exercise. Hopefully the flooding subsides.

What really annoys the hell out of me is when people start complaining about wealthy people. One of the rivers that overflowed happens to be along a stretch of land where some of the city's wealthy live so their homes were at risk as well. Though when I mentioned it, all I hear was “yeah, yeah, they have money, so what”. These people worked hard to get the success that they have and I don't feel that they deserve to thought of in a negative way, just because they are well off. Rich people aren't lazy, at least the person with the actual money isn't.

Well I managed to get everything off the “bad” hard drive and I'm sending it back to the manufacturer. Apparently it is “on warranty” so back it goes, so they can send me a replacement. Oh and I owe Maxtor an apology, the hard drive was a Western Digital drive. Who would have thought? They're supposed to be a good make. Perhaps it was just a fluke.

Well now about my cell phone blues. My phone is dead, so I went in to upgrade and the new phone is screwing up. It keeps resetting itself and I can't access the memory card. It's a camera phone so I'm also planning on starting a mobblog. The nice thing is that the phone included a data cable so I could download pictures from it to my PC and post them, without paying anyone for the data transfer. I'm looking forward to taking pictures of my pants and posting them on the internet. The only problem is when you take a picture, it makes a click sound so I'll be caught if I take pictures in a lingerie shop.

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Just some Yak Yak (sorry)

Earlier today I was listening to the news on the radio and they started talking about bowel cancer, but I had misheard what was said. I thought I heard ball cancer and I though, whoa. Isn’t the term testicular cancer? It’s funny how when I mishear something that my mind goes right into the gutter. I should be ashamed of myself but instead I find myself grinning as if I’m pleased with my self. “Balls cancer”.

I have reason to believe that my blog is being sought by Russell Crow fans. I usually get x amount of visitors but it seems that yesterday, the amount of visitors went up, though some of them were looking for Jessica Karr, and I haven’t written about her in a looooonnnnngggg time. I haven’t given the “big ole dead titties girl” a thought. Anyway welcome Russell Crow fans, but those are the only pics that I’m putting up. After I put them up, I thought that perhaps I should have asked if the person who took them didn’t mind. My bad. I just hope they didn’t mind too much.

Earlier this week, I received an e-mail from M.I.T. about helping out for a study on blogs. I was asked to fill out a questionnaire, which I did. I didn’t mind helping out with higher learning. I’m a smart guy as well, and I like to help.

I just read that the CRTC has approved licenses for Sirius Canada and XM Canada so Satellite Radio is coming here legally, but Sirius had better now screw me around with Howard Stern, or else I’m buying a U.S. version and going ‘gray market’

I know I seem lost right now but I’m at work and I’m still annoyed with the issue with my computer. I want to do the hard drive switch tonight but I don’t want to be up till 4:00am doing stuff with my PC, so I might do it on the weekend.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Stars on the Rock

A friend of mine (Dr. Cheryl) sent me these pics of Russell Crow in a local pub in St. John's, Newfoundland. Apparently he dropped by for a beer and to perform on Monday night.

Must be nice to one day be on Letterman and the next day, perform on stage in a bar with a bunch of newfies. I don't know the details and I get the feeling that the pictures were taken by a friend of hers. I say that because all I received was the pics and not a e-mail that started with "OMG, a bunch of us went to the pub and Russell Crow was on stage"

I'm sure that he had a good time being in Newfoundland. It seems to me that that island is one of the most interesting places to live on earth. I've received pictures of icebergs on the water and I feel that its one of those places that I want to see and experience. Oh well until then I guess I'll just have to watch The Shipping News again (great movie that stars Kevin Spacey) and perhaps in the future, I'll get screeched.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I'm not l33t (GRRR)

I'm seriously annoyed at my computer right now. One of my hard drives is dying. Well its running extremely slow right now. The good news is my computer has 2 of them so I'm just going to switch them over and reinstall Windows on the second drive. Its getting so bad that right now, as I type this. I have to wait a few seconds before the text appears on the screen. THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

The part I love is that the drive is only 14 months old. SURE WAIT TILL THE WARRANTY EXPIRES AND THEN GO TITS UP ON ME. It's making my entire system unstable. I can't even burn anything with fear of it being corrupt. It has happened a few time already. So I need to transfer everything to the bad drive and do the swap, reformat the good one (the older one), install Windows on that one and then move the stuff back over. Then I need to get a new hard drive.

So on a final note Maxtor hard drive's SUCK !!!!!!

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Monday, June 13, 2005

It's up now

My audioblog post finally appeared on Hey, its free so I shouldn't complain too much.

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

More Power

I love my broadband connection. There I said it. Picture me kissing an Ethernet cable, announcing to the world that its possible for a cable to bring so much joy into my life (but don't ask what I do with my Satellite dish). Isn't broadband great? I swear that I would rather have someone smash a brick in my face than having to go back to dial-up. The pain would be severe but it would be fairly quick, as opposed to the slow dull pain of dial-up.

I did an audio blog post, but hasn't posted the damn thing yet, so I'm not linking anything until its actually up and running. I still remember how long it took that one time and I'm still annoyed at that.

As this blog evolves, I continue to feel the desire to take things to the next level. I want to start posting video as well as audio. It seems to me that I need to have my blog “evolve”. I'm going to call it the “Tim Allen Effect”. MORE POWER, GRUNT, GRUNT, GRUNT.

All men suffer from the Tim Allen Effect in one way or another; from the guys who work on their cars to carpenters building stuff, to geeks needing a more powerful PC. MORE POWER. This is part of the male psyche. Its part of the “keeping up with the Jones” factor. Personally I'm going nuts that I haven't gotten a better cell phone yet. I need a camera phone. MORE PHONE POWER. I need a HDTV set,. MORE TV POWER. I need a Play Station 3 when they come out early next year. MORE VIDEOGAME PLAYING POWER. I want to switch my phone service to VOIP. MORE PHONE POWER. AND I'M NOT OVERCOMPENSATING FOR ANYTHING OK!!!!!!

So let's recap. I like my technology to be faster and L33T (elite), I'm not overcompensating and the audioblog post will be up as soon as Ourmedia puts it up. Probably tomorrow.

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Saturday, June 11, 2005

To and Fro

Right Now I'm not sure what to write about. Sure I've gone through this before but it seems that my week was dominated by work. I know I threw the quarterly fit already but this time, there was something different. It was worse. I was enraged that I didn't have to time to read many news sites, tech sites or even listen to my downloaded Howard Stern broadcasts, not to mention blog reading. I'm spending too much damn time there and I've had enough. They're trying to deprive me of “Me time” Though this is the weekend and I visited to do some job searching.

I'm starting to wonder if I've become addicted to the lack of respect I get. I worked there during my schooling and they've hung this “tech support job” in front of me for a long time and personally, I've had enough. It's time to move on. The problem is that I'm starting to feel like a broken record as I say this. I'm saying the same damn thing over and over and nothing comes from it. I feel like that I'm all talk and no action.

In all honesty, that isn't the case. I've posted several versions of my resume at Workopolis and I've had meeting with people at Robert Half, a head hunter company, but it seems that everything stops at “meetings” I never seem to be getting to the next step. I don't know what it is.

I'm not sure how or why but things just don't want to work out for me and I'm really starting to feel glum about it. Actually I'm feeling glummer and glummer as I write this.

I know that I need to be more positive but it's difficult to be so when the warehouse continues to suck the life from me. It makes me wonder why even bother, but I know that I can't take this frame of mind because if I do, then they win and I will not allow that to happen.

I need to contact a couple more agencies this week, one called Kelly's and the other called Horizon, I haven't heard from Horizon lately so I need to rattle their cage to see what is going on. At this point, I'm willing to take a pay cut, as long as I get out of there.

In other news, I managed to get a replacement USB headset, after breaking my old one so expect to hear a audioblog post very soon, probably tomorrow.

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Friday, June 10, 2005

Thursday, June 09, 2005

I'm mad, tired and fed up.

I’m tired and I feel like BLAAA. It feels like I’m burning the candle from both ends again. The worse thing is that nothing good is coming from it. All energy is going to work. YUCK.

I have bad hair, a weeks worth of growth on my face and the urge to tell everyone to go to hell. Having to work while the other guy was standing around yakking didn’t help things. Management saw it, and I said something but they just took note and are saving it for another day I guess.

Life isn’t suppose to be like this right? I’m convinced that I’m insane for putting myself through this crap. I want to yell at these people are say, “My life belongs to me, not you. TO ME SO STOP DRAINING MY LIGHT. “ but I have a feeling that they don’t care. Why should they?

Yes I’m in a pissy mood this morning, because this past week, I’ve been getting home, going to bed and waking up and heading back to work. There’s no me time and all work and no play PISSES ME OFF. I’m not having any fun. Well I hope that I feel better soon.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Official Interview Game Rules

1. If you want to participate, leave a comment below saying "interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions each person's will be different.
3. You will update your journal/blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

1. You come across as a very patriotic Canadian. What 3 things do you not like about your country?

The things I do not like about Canada. The first thing is the state of the political system. There is no political party that represents my views anymore.

First we have the Liberals. These people are crooks, Plain and simple. Some of them are going to jail.

Next we have the Conservative Party and these guys are just a bunch of bible thumping wackos. They're anti gay, anti choice anti everything that doesn't involve sitting in a dark room, reading the bible.

Finally we have the NDP (New Democrat Party). While have become nothing other than a bunch of pot smoking, left wing extremists who couldn't be trusted to run a lemonade stand, never mind the country.

Oh how I miss Joe Clark and the Tories.

The second thing is how elections work in this country. My vote doesn't mean crap. Western Canada's vote doesn't mean crap. Every election should only be held in Ontario because that's the only province which seems to matter in the eyes of Ottawa, (except when they're looking for money and they knock on Alberta's door).

The last thing I dislike is the CRTC, (Canadian Radio Television Council). These are the bastards who feel they have a right to tell me what I can and cannot watch. They decide what foreign. TV services they will allow into the country. They pulled some crap with Al Jazeera. CRTC said that TV distributors can carry it but they have to censor anti semantic statement. NOW they want to censor news in case something "racist" is said, AND ITS NOT EVEN IN ENGLISH OR FRENCH. I'm still waiting for their decision in regards to Satellite radio. They're dragging their asses again, but I'm buy a Sirius Satellite radio system in December wither its Sirius Canada or not. I WILL NOT BE DEPRIVED OF HOWARD STERN!!!

2. If you had to cook for a girl in a first date scenario, what would you cook?

Cook on a first date? What kind of person do you think I am? Actually I would prepare a pasta dish with a Caesar salad on the side (with help of a cooking website and a couple calls to MOMMY). I choose this because I don't know the person's eating habits. They might be a vegetarian and I don't want to prepare a steak just to give this "I AM MAN, I EAT MEAT GRRR" and dance around the fire in a lion cloth routine.

3. Speaking of girls, If you ever responded to a lonely hearts type ad - what would it have to say to catch your interest in the first place?

I would never answer one of those ads. I would feel creepy about it. Honestly nothing would catch my interest because a lonely hearts ad to me because I'm not comfortable with the whole 'blind date' thing. I have enough hurdles to jump when it comes to women I know but if it's a stranger, then it gets worse. ARGHHH Someone shoot me now.

4. Being a bit of a technogeek, Explain what device, in your opinion, every home should have as standard?

A standard device? Were now starting to come to an era where the word "convergence" is being thrown around a lot. Combining 2 or 3 devices together into one thing. With the birth of HDTV, a lot of new options are becoming available. It allows for interactive television, not to mention a computer screen like quality picture. Now this system is also upgradeable. So what I see happening in the near future is an HDTV becoming a videophone as well as an internet terminal, with the use of new WI MAX technology (long range WI FI, with a range of 50 miles/80km). So slap on a webcam and a keyboard and this will be the one "media" device in your home and should be standard.

5. Like most girls, I'm not really that into the whole PS2/ Gamecube thing. Explain the fascination to me.

Videogames have come a long way from the Pong era. Today, a lot of games have become interactive movies, with plots and characters. They even have screenwriters now. I play because I want to see the story unfold. Seeing if/then Officer TenPenny gets his in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, or finding out if Solid Snake will be able to save Olga's baby in the next Metal Gear Solid game. Not all games are like that though but a fair bit are. Women who play games tend to play Role Playing Games because of the story.

Though there are some simple games that I love. Katamari Damacy is one of those games. You simply roll a ball around picking up stuff, making the ball bigger so you can pick up more stuff. Sounds simple? It is and addictive. It's a great girlfriend/boyfriend game that will resort in couples fighting over the controller. Good thing that the sequel has co-op play so you can play as a team.

Well I hope that I did well on this Vics. If not, then you will surely tell me. Oh and if any of my readers, would like to be interviewed by me. Let me know and I will write up some questions. I blame Johnnie Walker for this.

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I like Star Trek, OK!!!

Yesterday, I took a playful jab at Star Trek and someone send me a “frownie”, so for the record I want to say that I'm also a Star Trek fan but some people tend to take things too far.

Has anyone seen Trekkies 1 or 2 (Yes they made a second one)? These are “fans” that take things too far. While I will sit back on my couch and watch Star Trek: TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager and even Enterprise, I'm not going to “Fabric land” looking for that right shade of red to make my uniform.

One thing did bother me though. Why would anyone willingly wear the red shirt? If you end up in the red shirt, you're gonna get it. There's a reason why they don't sew name tags on the red shirts people. If you wear the red shirt, your going to DIE !!! There's even a Star Trek parody called Stone Trek which has a body count of red shirts per episode.

Speaking of Stone Trek, I recommend everyone check it out, it's really funny. Combining Star Trek and The Flintstones was a work of genius but it's still not as funny as Darth Vader on a roller coaster.

While I am a fan, I would not wear a Star Trek uniform to jury duty. I would not name my cat Bones and dress him up like McCoy. I would not answer my phone by saying “You called at the worst possible time, go away” and hang up. I would not start a Star Trek cover band (Though the heavy metal Klingon band was cool). I have no intentions of taking a course on learning to speak Klingon. There are a lot of things on the 2 documentaries that I would not do. If you're writing gay sex stories about Kirk and Spock, you have a problem. If you write dominatrix stories with Captain Janeway spanking everyone on Voyager, you have a problem. You're taking things too far.

Now there are things that I do need to do, like buy the Special Collectors Edition of Star Trek: Insurrection, which came out today. I need to buy all the episodes on DVD. I do want to attend a convention (in normal clothes) just to see how cool it would be and get some decent stuff. I need to buy new batteries for my phaser and tricorder.

Have I mentioned that I'm a geek? I admit to seriously loving the show. I could watch episode after episode over and over again. I'm saddened by the end of Enterprise. I loved the last season, especially the 2 parter that took place in the evil mirror universe. The guys were scumbags and the women were sluts and it was backstab after backstab.

So do I like Star Trek? Yes. Will I dress up like a Klingon? NO !!! So excuse me while I head off to buy Star Trek: Insurrection on DVD.

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Monday, June 06, 2005

Muwhatsa ?????

Its early Monday morning and I think I finally have gotten my PC back to how I want it (but it looks like I need to replace a fan grrrr). As you might have guessed, I was having some PC problems. The truth is that my machine has been running a little “chuggy” lately and I decided to do something about it, since the weather people said it was going to rain all weekend anyway (and they were right). Anyway, I'm up and running again, (still having some minor problems and I still need to install “The Sims 2”, but I am back. Tired but back.

I keep seeing this commercial on G4TechTV for something called Muzuda (or something like that). I thinks they sell pasta or some other food products but its so hard to tell, because the commercials are so damn vague. I think someone is importing this stuff from Italy (I think). I see this commercial where some woman comes to the lobby of her apartment building, seeing a line of workmen, moving boxes up the stairs by passing them from one guy to another. Then we see some sign on the elevator door, (I think it's an elevator, in Canada, elevators are enclosed) that says something, it's not in English and she then has this “pout” look on her face. Then she hands her bag (a brown paper bag) of groceries to one of the guys and they start handing it to each other, carrying it upstairs. Then she starts to run up, with her hair flowing and in a manor that suggest she's carefree. The kind of run that you usually see in a different type of commercial. Let me put it this way, I expected to hear the word “wings” or “absorbent”, then go to a demo involving a vial of blue liquid. (You know what I'm talking about).

At the end, she gets her groceries back, she's in her home with her husband and baby. They mentioned Muzuda and then wee see a close-up of the woman eating a cracker and saying “Gratsi” or something like that. WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED ???? So these people make crackers? Can we be any more vague people.

Someone needs to tell these people that there a big difference between the European TV audience and the North American audience. In North America, you have to show the people using the product you're trying to sell, because we need it spelled out for us. If it's a tire commercial, we need to see someone talking about tires. If it's a McDonalds commercial, we need to see Ronald, and the “Golden Arches”. If it's one of those “Women's” commercials, we need to see them riding a bike, playing tennis or riding a horse, add the blue water demo and we get the idea (Actually I didn't understand till grade 6, when I had to take that special Health class). Bottom line, the commercial needs to make sense. Ok the women's commercial might not make sense but I'm a guy. Women are a mystery to me in general so I'm guessing women understand it.

Another question, why are they advertising on a Tech channel? I don't understand their thinking. Then again, I don't understand why they have flower shops advertising on their either (Geeks don't have girlfriends). Its like the “Fabric Land” commercials I see when watching any Star Trek episode. The only possible reason I can think of for them to advertise is the possibility that the “fan boys” need fabrics to make their Star Trek Uniforms, but they can't sew.

Ok bottom line, make sure the commercials make sense. I hate the guy from the Canadian Tire commercials but he makes sense. I see Ronald McDonald, I know it's a commercial for McDonalds. I see a woman running up some stairs with that “free” stride and then see her eating a cracker, I don't get it.

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Up on the soapbox again.

I heard you missed me, I'M BACK!!!. The truth of the matter is that I've been burning the candle at both ends and I've been very tired. To tired to even post, until now but I'm back, so here goes.

First thing that has pissed me off. Mr. Bush, you are the president of the United States, not North America so quit trying to push us around you piece of shit. I read this yesterday and I thought WTF!! Apparently, our fine neighbors to the south feel they have a right to demand passenger lists on DOMESTIC Canadian flights. What happens on some flights is that the plane will cross over into U.S. Airspace over the Great Lakes in order to save fuel. This has been happening for years and considered "the norm", but now Bushy feels that he has the right to these lists. The plane doesn't land in the U.S., it just flies over the water. Now because of this, my plane tickets could cost more because Canadian airlines would have to alter their flight path in order to avoid U.S. airspace. I'm really starting to hate this guy. Between that and having to get a passport to cross the border to the U.S., I'm sick if it. Right now I pledge to never cross the border until at least 2008. I don't feel safe down there anymore. Oh and one more thing, the terrorists didn't come from Canada.

This other topic I dedicate to my mom. A woman who got fed up with a repair man for repeatedly failing to fix her TV, pulled out a gun and demanded a replacement. The woman got a replacement but she was also arrested. Did this woman like her soaps that much? I can picture her screaming "I miss Y&R today and you DIE !!!!", though if it was my mom, it would be. "I need the SHOPPING CHANNEL NOW!!!"

Actually I think I've discovered the fundamental difference between Canada and the U.S. Our neighbors to the south no longer respect people's privacy. I keep reading on how the current administration wants to strength the Patriot Act by granting federal agents more power to invade our privacy (actually not mine per say since I'm a Canadian living in Canada). The U.S. government even allows organizations like the RIAA and MPAA to disregard people's right to privacy and for ISP's to reveal people's identities. In Canada, it seems that people's privacy is more important.

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