Monday, January 26, 2009

Dance Zombies Dance

I want to get one thing straight. I am not, or ever been a Michael Jackson fan, but the idea of a Thriller musical sounds really cool. A musical with Zombies? Where do I get my tickets?

Everyone loves the Thriller music video, and if you say you’re not, I DON’T BELIEVE YOU. It’s such a cool music video for it’s time, and it holds up still today. Even the song is a lot better than the Christina/Britney/Justin crap that is being released today. Sure it’s from an era when MTV actually aired music videos, there were no such things as reality TV, and Michael was still black, but dammit, everyone loved Thriller.

Let’s look back. We’ve had musicals about cats, people can't pay their rent, and a Monty Python movie, why not Thriller? I’m not big on musicals in general. I’ve never watch The Sound of Music. I hated Grease. It will be a cold day in hell before I see Mama Mia, but dammit, I’ll go see Thriller the musical. I’m all for dancing zombies. Well except for the Indian version of Thriller, then again, I still have nightmares of the Indian Superman as well, but I digress. I’m all for a musical with zombies, and a werewolf. I just hope we don’t have to put up with a lot of screaming from the female victim, like in the music video,

My 2 Bytes.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's sad when Larry Flint become the voice of sanity.

We've all heard about how banks, the big automakers, and even myself have been asking for a bailout. Now this request is a little far. The porn industry, lead by Larry Flint is looking for a 5 billion dollar bailout.

It's sad that the porn industry is suffering hard economic time. Companies like Hustler are now facing stiff competition from amateur porn websites, and illegal downloading. It's so bad that the performers are loosing their shirts, never mind being able to afford a new boob jobs.

If people haven't figured it out yet. Larry Flint is joking, and trying to make a statement about all these bailouts. I'm pretty sure that he's against all of the bailout. How he's against the idea of free money is given to the banks, who end up spending it on bonuses for executives, and not using it to give out loans like THEIR SUPPOSE TO. Honestly, I'm getting tired of blogging about this topic, but it seems that every time I try to blog about something, it end up talking about the damn bailout.

What really pisses me off is that the people who "broke the rules" didn't get in trouble. In fact, they're still getting their bonuses. Grrrr

I just think it's sad when Larry Flint has the more high ground in this case.

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Friday, January 02, 2009

Yes I changed things again.

Yes I changed things yet again, but I decided that I wasn't happy when issues with the template emerged when I put up the Prop 8: The Musical video. Anyway that's all fixed now, and the pictures on the blog represent how friggin cold it is out there. It's so cold, that if I were to take a pee outside, yellow icicles would hit the ground.

I did consider changing the scene into a tropical paradise, and renaming the blog "Escape from the Great White North", but I decided against it. The big issue would be the palm trees would keep calling me and distract me from my work (and if I were to win the lottery, I'd be there in a second.

January is usually a very cold month here, and this year is no exception. It's sp cold that my "boys" are snuggled again my heart. You see, when the "boys" are cold, they hug a man's body, and when it's warm, they tend to be "more free". Yes I just blogged about testicles.

So it's a new year and I'm hoping to...yeah yeah, we've heard it all before. I just need to prove it, but blogging about something more interesting than my testicles.

Well time is short, so here's to 2009, and hoping that I can breath some life back into my blog.

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