Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I want my hour of sleep back

(WARNING: I get a little preachy and political, I promise to tone it down till sometime in 2008)

I can’t wait to change my friggin clock back an hour. Mr. Bushy ripped of off of an hour’s sleep this week, when he moved the change the clock time back. I know this happened in the U.S. but Canada did it too, so that we’d be able to watch our shows at the same time, otherwise it would be a mess. Even in Canada, Mr. Bushy’s incompetence screws up my life. Now I know I’m Canadian were suppose to be polite but I can’t take this guy anymore. I’m sorry but anyone who would veto health care for children is a sick individual.

Now that last thing I want to do is start bashing the duly elected leader of my neighbor to the sound, but I keep hearing about bad things about this guy. I hear he has a 24% approval rating. He has his staff do illegally things, tries to hide it, and when he goes caught, he has a patsy take the rap and after he’s found guilty, he commutes the sentence. I mean really. I’m sorry, but this guy isn’t smart at all, and he seems to surround himself with even dumber people, so he can brag that he’s the smartest person in the room.

Lately I’ve been watching Countdown with Keith Olbermann , and I just love how he catches the “right” media in their faulty reporting, (AKA Lies). The thing I like most about this guy is that I’m pretty such he could kick Bill O’Reilly’s ass.

I keep monitoring this right wing media and I keep wondering, what is wrong with these people. My recent favorite is some Fox News morning show trying to blame the California Wildfires on terrorists. I know that they’re hoping to convince the trailer park set but come on. These guys have ZERO creditability now. What a bunch of LIARS. Oh and I’m not even going to start on the fake FEMA news conference.

I really shouldn’t bash my neighbors so the south. It’s rude of me, but I do want to challenge them on this. There are many Americans who say that their country is the best in the world. Now there’s nothing wrong with national pride, I have pride in Canada, but I don’t go saying that Canada is the greatest country on earth. If the U.S.A. is the greatest country on earth I say PROVE IT, and invading another country or two doesn’t prove that at all. It proves that you’re a big bully.

If the U.S. is the greatest country in the world, why is it rated 37 for Health Care? Why is France number 1? Maybe that’s why the French are snooty to Americans, because they have the best health care system.

Oh I did find something that the U.S. is number 1 at. Currently the U.S. is the most indebted country in the world. Sure, Canada is number 13, but were not going around saying that were number 1, or invading other nations.

I know that it’s not right to blame the actions of a countries leader on it’s people, and I do not blame the people who live across the 49th parallel. I’m just saying, you have to get this maniac out of there and get some REAL leadership in place.

Oh for the record, I refuse to cross the border until January 2009.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Cat's dont need to hate Mondays

Everyone knows that Monday’s suck. It’s just a factor of life. Monday is just a day that blows because it’s so far away from Friday and the weekend, but I’ve been wondering about one thing? Why does Garfield the cat hate Monday’s? I mean really, who gives a crap that a lazy fat cat hates Mondays?

Let’s look at this whole cat hating Monday’s thing. This stupid cat doesn’t have a job. All this stupid cat does is sleep, eat, and watch TV. Someone sign me up to be a cat people. This sounds like a pretty good gig. So why would a cat hate Mondays? Is Monday TV that bad? Nope, that’s when Heroes is on. I look forward to Monday night. Does the Lasagna taste bad on Monday? Somehow I doubt it, so why should a stupid cat care about it being Monday? Tell you what Mr. Garfield, GET A JOB OTHER THAN LAYING AROUND ON YOUR ASS ALL DAY EATTING AND WATCHING TV ALL DAY AND THEN WE CAN TALK ABOUT HATING MONDAYS.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Clip of the Week (The real Chloe)

The start of a video blog by Allison Mack who plays Chloe Sullivan on Smallville. One of the few TV shows that I actually like (and yes I still like Superheroes, ENOUGH ALREADY). It's a little long (9 minutes), but I thought it was cool.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

A stupid clown gave me Hepatitis A

Every fall, McDonalds in Canada runs Monopoly contest, you collect the playing pieces on the wrappers of some of the food and the drinks, you collect them and you may win lots of money or you can instantly win food or cash prizes. Well I may have won something this year, but it wasn’t on the list of prizes. I may have won Hepatitis A. Apparently the McDonalds that was located across the street from where I work had a food server who had Hepatitis A. Now I have to go get a shot. Lovely.

This news story has been all over town, and the Calgary Health Region has opened a clinic in the area so I can have someone stick two needles into my arm. (I really hate needles). I’ve talk to my boss about it, since he went for his shot yesterday, and he had to get 2 shots. Uggg I really hate needles, and I don’t care how cute the nurse is, who’s giving me the shot, if she causes me real pain, she’s going to end up on her ass, with me standing over her all green and going ARGHHH, a la The Incredible Hulk. There’s a 30% chance that I will cry like a baby.

At this point I’m fairly certain that I probably caught “something”. I usually go to this place 2 or 3 times a week in the morning to pick up breakfast, an Egg McMuffin meal (which includes a hash brown (who the hell named that thing a HASH brown, I feel like I’m ordering drugs instead of breakfast)) and a large Iced Tea. I never order Hepatitis A. Oh and I consider this virus to be a value added bonus.

I’ve been reading about Hepatitis A for obvious reasons. I’ve also looked that the symptoms, wondering if I might be effected.

So far I’ve been experiencing Fatigue but nothing else, in fact I feel tired right now. I’ve been having bouts of fatigue for a little while now. Then again, the reason that I’ve tired is because I just want to take a nap.

Needless to say that I’m pissed at McDonalds and will NEVER eat there again, because their employees obviously do not was their hands after going to the bathroom, because that’s HOW HEPATITIS SPREADS !!!!

Now comes the ugly part, when you get the shot, they shoot it into the shoulder and you end up feeling sore, and I’m pretty sure that I’m going to need two shots because of the amount of times that I’ve eaten there. So I guess I’m getting a free shot from McDonalds as well.

So Mr Ronald McDonald, if you’re reading this, take note, if we ever meet, I’m going to shove a Big Mac up your ass. I will get my revenge. I swear it.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bart's Teacher is actually HOT

I have a confession to make. I think Bart’s teacher Edna Krabappel is hot. There’s something about her that makes me think, “I’d like for her to make me stay after school and clean the chalkboard” My theory is that she’s frustrated and needs my help to take care of things for her. If only she’s quit smoking.

I can picture everyone rolling their eyes over the idea, but if you think about it, Edna K is divorced, living alone, and needs someone other than Principal Skinner in her life. She needs a companion who isn’t a dork. She needs someone like me. If only she didn’t smoke.

I see Edna K as an adventurous woman, playing the naughty teacher, or playing out some other naughty fantasy. People don’t see Edna K, the wild woman, but I see her. I see her several times a day on TV. I see it in her eyes. She wants adventure, the wants excitement, and she wants to be swept off her feel. If only she didn’t smoke.

Let me get something straight, I’m not having naughty dreams or fantasies about Bart’s teacher (often), but she’s on my Simpsons desk calendar today and I thought, “oh yeah”. If only she would stop smoking.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cheap Bastard, Not Horny Bastard

I have a problem. There are not enough sexy horny women in my bedroom. Actually there aren’t any sexy horny women in my bedroom and that’s a BIG PROBLEM. Oh the other hand, that might be fantasy and not a problem. Well the truth of the matter is that I’m a greedy bastard, not a horny bastard.

I’ve known a lot of people who like to “enjoy” themselves. Booze, women, recreational pharmaceuticals, whatever it takes, and till this day I’ve always wondered what the hell they were thinking? I know so many people who will spend over a hundred dollars a night at a bar and then on Monday, brag about the fact that they did this. As far as I’m concern, this is just plain crazy. My feeling is that I want to be happy, by having a nice home, having lots of stuff and not having to deal with people constantly going “Wooo!!!”

Now don’t think that I don’t like going out and spending money, because I do enjoy being able to spend money on my friends. Now the key words are “being able”. I’m not one of those guys who go and buys everyone round after round of drinks, only needing to borrow money from their friends to pay their rent. I’m always thinking, “can I afford to do this?” I’ve missed out on several nights out because I couldn’t afford to go out, but at least I was able to pay my bills at the end of the month. Oh and also, I was the jerk who wouldn’t lend out money because I didn’t expect to get the money back. I learn that lesson the hard way.

I keep looking forward to the day where I can enjoy life myself, and I don’t mean, lots of drinking, lots of sex (actually I wouldn’t mind the sex), and the drug thing. My idea of enjoying life is being able to sleep in till 9:00am, traveling around and seeing cool things around the world and being able to treat my friends and knowing that I can afford to do so.

One day I plan to treat all my friends. I’d rather take them out somewhere nice and enjoy their company without having the deal with the guy who’s constantly going “woo” (though I can handle the occasional round of “CHUG CHUG CHUG”, but I don’t want to turn it into a lifestyle. I just want to see my friends happy and having a good time. I just hope that day comes sooner than later.

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Clip of the Week (New Daily Show Clips)

The Only thing that's annoying is the damn commercial.
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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thanks a lot asshole

This is an open letter to the asshole who stood in front of me in line at checkout at Safeway.

Thank you for yakking on the phone and not moving forward while I held my heavy basket of food, so I so couldn't put it on the counter.

Oh and thank you for farting when you finally got around to hanging up on your call.

One last thing. CHANGE YOUR FUCKING DIET !!!! Did something crawl up there and die?

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fat Cats, Alley Cats...whatever

(Warning. I’m not sure if I make any sense in the post)

Yesterday Richard Branson, was in town pimping the Virgin Music Festival, which is cool I guess having a non oil mega rich guy in town. On Saturday, Donald Trump was in town doing to spiel about Real Estate for the Learning Annex. So it appears that Calgary is a city that attracts Billionaires. If only I could hang around with these guys get some “funding” for my projects. Then again, I’m sure there are a lot of people in far greater need than me who could use some “funding”.

Calgary is quickly becoming a city of haves and have not’s; city where the rich enjoy life and others just scrape by. Personally I’m getting tired of this cycle, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one. Everyday I see people coming and going to and from the downtown core. At the same time I see people wandering around like they have no place to go. How this so called city of countless jobs have failed them.

I believed I’ve blogged about how dangerous this city is getting in the past. How there are places that normal people should not go. Either it’s aggressive homeless people, Asian street gangs or just people with no respect for others. Either way, they are fighting to get what they want and they don’t care who gets hurt in the process. My feeling is on that, this is Canada and it’s not supposed to be that ugly here, isn’t it?

Earlier this week I was chatting with HRLady and she was telling me about some 50 something guy who was going on and on about how he couldn’t imagine anyone living on less than $70,000 and how she was fighting the urge the beat this guy within an inch of his life with her laptop so she would get the satisfaction of shutting the guy up, but also breaking her laptop so she would need to have a new one ordered (and possibility get a pink one). (Ok I might have exaggerated a bit on her anger but she was not happy).(Oh and this isn’t a commentary on how cheap the forever unnamed (at least until I quit) company that I work for). It’s the reality of this city, cost of living goes through the roof, wages not following with rate of inflation, and you have more people on the streets while you have the “elite” enjoying wine and cheese from they big ass homes.

Calgary has become a city of Fat Cats and people are paying the price for it. Paying for it with their dignity, their pride, and in some cases their lives. Our police force is undermanned and overworked, and something needs to be done. Maybe the Fat Cat can do something about it. A few years ago there was a fundraising drive (including a lottery) to help purchase a second Police helicopter for the city, so why can’t they something to help the city out (other than paying for security in their gated communities).

Now I’d be a liar if I didn’t say that I want to be a fat cat, but at least I have enough sense to remember where I came from and that you need to give back, but not like a friend on mine who’s part of the Calgary Chapter of the Guardian Angels, but perhaps support them financially. Let’s face it, the days of leaving your door unlocked are over. If they ever actually existed.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Just a thought

Today I saw a man wearing a pink Turban. I'm sure it doesn't mean anything but now I'm wondering how you say "Fabulous" in Pinjabi.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The site

Why is it despite my efforts to work on a way to become self sufficient that part of me tries to sabotage myself? Is it because I’m too lazy or is it something else? For example, when I first moved into my new place, I thought to myself ”cool, now I can swim in the pool and use the work out room to help get myself in shape”. Well guess what, I’ve been in the building for 6 months now and I’ve yet to go into the workout room. I tried to go into the pool once, but it was closed. So is faith conspiring against me?

The thing lately is the website. I’ve had weeks where I’ve worked on it, and other weeks that I’ve left it alone. I know that I need to be doing stuff like a, b, and c, but for some reason when it’s something new that I haven’t done before, I need to push myself to do it. I’m not going to bore you all with the specific details, because I hate having people’s eyes glaze over when I talk or write about something, but its stuff I need to do. Stuff to get traffic to my site to get people to buy stuff.

The thing that is really pissing me off is that Google usually takes a year to fully include a website into their search, and I only submitted the site to Google in August. Now I’ve been doing other things to promote the site and some people have been nice to link it to their own blogs, and I’ve very thankful for that, but I want it NOW.

I’ve try not to blog about Space Station Anime on purpose because I figure that my regulars would get sick of it. They’d be going, “aww shit, he’s going on about the damn e-store again”, but dammit I’m overdue.I've recently purchased a second domain, animedvdcentral.com and that's going to be a e-commerce site, but I don't really want start on this one until Space Station is getting traffic, and when that happens, I'll be twice as not busy.

I've also found another way to promote the site, but I only do it when someone pisses me off. Sometimes when I'm playing City of Heroes, I will receive a tell, which is a message, from a stranger telling me to go to their site so i can buy ... Now this really pisses me off and it has come to the point that the makers of the game have made it really easy to report these guys because they're not suppose to be doing this. Anyway what I do when I get their tell spam, is send the following reply “Love Anime?, Then come to www.spacestationanime for all your Anime DVD needs”. Yes I spam the spammer and everyone in my SG (or Super Group, or Clan for players of other games) thinks its priceless, until I spam the team, but they all know it's in good fun.

Now your wondering why I'm playing an online game when I should be working on “the store”, my answer. I need to relax sometimes.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I don't want to date a nun.

I got this spam today asking me if I was single and Catholic. We’ll I am, but I’m pretty sure that I don’t want to get involved with a Catholic singles dating site. The last thing that will influence me on if I want to go out with a woman is her religion. Personally if the first thing does is start talking about her religion, this is a sign to GET OUT (and I’m not just saying this because she probably wouldn’t put out either).

Long ago I talked about how I was a really bad Catholic because I basically believed in respecting the rights of an individual as opposed listening to a bunch of grumpy old virgins misquoting passages from a book that has been translated and retranslated tens, if not hundreds, of time. I don’t have any problems if you’re gay (but I still want to punch Chris “Leave Britney Alone” Crocker in the head). I’m all for gay marriage, after all, what better way to put an end to gay sex, than to have gay marriage. Basically it’s a website for closed minded individuals to get together. I want no part of it.

Oh perhaps I’m looking at this the wrong way. Don’t Catholic girls have a reputation of being naughty? Well according to this Baptist site, Catholic girls want to lure innocent Baptist boys into dark alleys and do sinful acts. If that’s the case then sign me up to being a Baptist boy, Oh and if these people are so damn holy, then why are they have a manor ad for the “Official Jesus Thong” . Oh for the record, I’m pretty sure the site is a parody site, but I bet there are people out there who really think like that. I remember that Jesus camp documentary.

The more I think about it, the more I think that dating sites based on religion are really creepy. Imagine a Islamic dating site, all the women faces would be covered because of their burka’s, and I can just imagine what the profiles would look like. Osama’s hobbies would be, “water sports, long walks on the beach, and Jihad”. Oh there would be other profiles with “Already Martyred” stamped on their pictures. People can get together and praise each other for their closed minded ideas without needing a dating site.

I have a friend who met someone through Lavalife awhile back and they’re actually getting married soon, and I’m pretty sure that their matching process didn’t focus on religion.

My friend has actually recommended Lavalife, and maybe one day I’ll break down, but right now I’m looking at the Naughty Catholic Girls, since I’m a bad Catholic anyway.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Yadda (too short for Yadda Yadda)

The first thing I was to say is to the Saskatchewan Roughriders who I saw with the watermelon on his head. “YOU’RE AN IDIOT”. Now that I have that to say, I now have to try and figure out what I should blog about…

When I read about this old lady, I thought DAMN. I’m proud of her. So picture this, a 75 year old woman has been trying to get cable, phone and Internet service from Comcast, but Comcast has failed to show up for the appointments (a common practice according to some friends of mine in the U.S.) so to show her displeasure, she goes down to the cable office with a HAMMER, and once she’s down there, she starts smashing phones, and keyboards. She’s arrested, and while the cable company is all “were sorry, were sorry”, she’s switched back to her old provider. Yaaaa for old ladies.

Ok that’s all I have. Oh well.

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Crappy movies

Well it’s hump day, for lack of a better word. I figured that I’d use the word just because it’s fun to say. Hump hump hump hump hump. Something about that word just makes me smile.I just can’t put my finger on what it is.

I have a question to everyone out there. Say you get on a train/bus and there are some seats with one person and quite a few that are empty, do you sit in an empty seat that you will not have to share, or do you sit on one of the few seats that have someone else on and make the person seated move their bag? Well that asshole made me move my bag and trapped me in the seat; the asshole. My only revenge was that I made him get up during his phone call. SCREW YOU asshole.

Now that I have that off my chest I’m now going to main topic which is…this stick. Yeah this is a cool stick, woo hoo; or not.

Why is it that whenever I think of Canadian movies, either think of low brow stuff like Porky’s and The Trailer Park Boys Movie or really artsy stuff like Atanarjuat (The Fast Runner) and A Passage to Ottawa. Why is it that we either have artsy bullshit or low brow comedies? Americans make decent movies up here all the time, they even make hockey movies up here like Mystery, Alaska. (they shot it just outside of Calgary).

I guess I’m not an independent film type of person. The type of film that will make one think, but on the other hand I can only take so much cursing for the sake of cursing, flashing of T & A., which explains why Real Canadian movies make me go yuck.

What I find interesting is how well the fake Canadian movies do, Face Canadian movies like X-Men II, The 6th Day, The Day after Tomorrow, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Assassination of Jesse James (coming out this fall), R.V., Never Ending Story, Rambo: First Blood, and ..you get my point. A lot of successful movies are shot in Canada, so why do Canadian movies tend to be preachy or guttery.

What really bothers me is that some of my favorite tv shows are fake Canadian shows like Eureka and Smallville. Why can’t they admit to being Canadian?

Grrr that’s it for me.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I don't....know.

There’s a friend of mine that is going through hell right now, and I really mean HELL. Just thinking about it makes me feel ashamed; ashamed that I’m not able to do something about it.

The main reason I feel like this is because I made a promise to myself. I promised myself to I will do everything in power to help out friends who are going through a tough time. I’ve even let a friend crash on my couch for a month, but I can’t really help this person because this person is far away.

Right now I also feel an rage inside of me, more of a righteous fury, now that I think about it. I want to help this person, but I’m unable to. I feel so ashamed that I don’t even know how to reply to this person’s latest e-mail. I want to be supportive but I don’t know how. Not in this case.

I look around at the world around me and I think of people to blame for my inability to help this person. I can think of a few people, but does blaming someone really help the person in need? I know it doesn’t anyone. I learned long ago to focus on the solution, not the problem, but I still can’t help wanting to smack someone around.

Even though I’m lost for words and I’m feeling a mixture of range and sadness over what my friend is going through, I mostly feel shame for not doing more.

I do hope one thing though. I hope that after this person comes through all this, that they will write a book about this experience and then the book will do so well that they will be on Oprah, but I need to do more. I need to help, but I’m not sure how to do it.

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Monday, October 01, 2007

My path, I think

It’s Monday and I’m once again feeling less than grand. You ever wake up and think that the week is going to suck? Well I felt like that today after I got into work. I arrived 15 minutes early and thought to myself. This is going to be a long week. Again I suffer from a lack of focus, a lack of topic so I’m just going to yadda yadda it.

Today I went to the Bank of Canada’s website to check out their currency converter and I have discovered that the Canadian dollar is now work (drum roll) $1.01 US. Now this is both good and bad. This is good because I’m looking forward making a trip across the border with my more powerful dollar. This is also a bad thing because my e-commerce site spacestationanime.com accepts prices in US dollars soooo I’m now being paid in dollars that are worth $99 cents. So it looks like I’ll be working a little longer than I though, Either way I’ve decided to keep the job until I’m debt free, That will take as long as it takes I decided., though I’m still going to do some traveling next year.

I’ve decided that I’ve been dreaming a little bit about the site. I knew that it wasn’t going tom be as easy and I originally thought, but now I’ve decided that it’s going to be harder than that. I keep looking at little things that I need to do and they are pilling up and are turning into BIG things. I know that I can do it; it’s just going to take some time.

Last week I received a notice that the building I live in has been sold. I’ve received these notices in the past and the last 2 times I received such a document, it was soon followed by a notice to vacate due to “major renovations”, and that they were going “condo”. Today is the first of the month so I’m hoping that no such notice will be awaiting me when I get home tonight. I spoke to some people in managers office and they told me that (at the time) that no changes were being made. I saw some people moving out yesterday, which is common, I just hope that the people who will be moving in this week aren’t about to get as screwed as me.

Again, if I have to move out, I’m probably going to leave Calgary and head for Saskatchewan. I’m getting fed up with the cost of living and crime in this city, not to mention the skyrocketing crime. This morning I read about a 17 year old who was killed by being hit in the head with a pickaxe. What’s really bothering me is that these acts of violence are becoming too common. I’m no longer fazed by these events and that disturbs me. I’m starting to feel like a prisoner in this city and I’m starting to get pissed off by this feeling. I have a friend who’s a member of the local Guardian Angels and he tells me that there are some bad things going on in this city; things that I want no part of. Right now I’m avoiding the parts of town where the homeless hang out, like the plague.

Basically I’m not living the life I dreamed of but who does? At least I’m trying to do something about it.

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