Friday, October 23, 2015

Damn Hair

There's something wrong with me. Ok there's something new that's wrong with me. Twice this week, I've seen people on the train will big hair, and twice I had to fight the urge to tackle them, and shave their heads with hair clippers.

I will concede the fact that I didn't have hair clippers with me, but if I did, I would have ended up in front of a Judge saying. "Dammit, your honor, the hair was just too big a poofy, and it had to go", or the the second person, it would have been "Dammit, your honor, the 80's are over and the hair had to go."

Are these people looking at themselves in the mirror in the morning?  I swear the first guy could have been smuggling a family of 4 in that hair. I regret not taking a picture, but he got off the train before I could get a picture. I think he saw me sizing him up.

There's this other guy i keep seeing. He has some really long hair, but it's all tired up with multiple rubber bands. I keep thinking, that I could cut it all off with one quick snip.

Now I don't have a thing for hair, but dammit, if your hair is soo poofy, that it gets caught in the door. YOU have a problem.

NO MORE POOFY HAIR PEOPLE. The 80's are over.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

I figured out what the problem is

Ok I've figured out why, I no longer have the fire to blog as much as I used to. It's because I've mellowed out, and no longer easily triggered into rage. I want to say that I've "matured", but based on what I've heard from "responsible adults" from across the border, I don't want to be associated with people like that. I think I've become less likely to "snap to judge". Is there a valid reason why someone would say something like that, unless it came from Fox News, then I know to instantly file it under bullshit. I think this is the price of open mindedness.

That's the key, I try to be opened minded as opposed to the closed minded Right Wingers or the closed minded Left Wingers. Either it's Fox News with their crap of the lefties like the douchebag who writes a open letter to Jerry Seinfeld telling him how to do comedy because something Jerry said was found offensive by someone. I really find both types to be the same person. They feel they have the right to control people and how they think. The difference is what they specifically want us to think. Right Wing, or Left Wing. They're still the Thought Police.

Sure sometimes I get pissed off by both sides, but these days I just except to happen, and take a whatever kind of attitude. Not because I'm indifferent, but because I feel like a hypocrite in trying to push my morels values, while attacking them for trying to force their values on me.

Don't get me wrong. I will make an exception for an individual (and it really has to be bad), but I'm not going to attack a group for their beliefs (that's Fox News job), and I'm not going to condemn someone for voicing their opinion (that's the "Thought Police's job).

I think the main issue, I don't want to scream. The Right screams at the Left, and the Left screams at the right, and no one hears anything. I don't want to be part of the screaming. I'm sure that eventually I'll snap at one side for going too far. I have in the recent past, but I'm just tired of screaming for the sake of screaming.

I haven't even talked to anyone about who I intend to vote for, and I won't tell anyone. I have people in my Facebook feed promoting one side, or the other, and I plan to keep it that way. If I were to voice my intentions of who I would vote for in the upcoming Federal Election on October 19th (Canadian election), I'm sure I'll get some people telling me why I'm wrong to feel the way I feel, and to try and change my mind. The thing is, I've given this a lot of thought and I'm committed to my decision, and I don't want an outsider trying to influence it. At the same time, i don't want to force my views on others because of the hypocrite thing.

Maybe in the future, this will change, but for now, I'm just going to keep things on a low flame.

My 2 Bytes

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

TV does rot your brain. OK maybe a little bit.

I remember when i started blogging again. I was looking forward to once again blogging on a near daily basis, and sharing my wisdom with the internet. I was going to be able to have the world clamoring for my thoughts. In reality, I'm doing this on a weekly basis, not a daily basis, but I'm not giving up.

I look at the situation, and in the tradition of the entitled people of the western world (which, I'm not by western standards, but definitely standards in other parts of the world), I choose to blame others instead of myself. This week, I blame TELEVISION.

On Monday, I blame Gotham, and Miss Piggy along with the rest of those Muppets.

On Tuesday, I blame Agents of SHIELD, and The Flash

On Wednesday, I blame Arrow, South Park, and Moonbeam City (don't judge me)

On Thursday, I blame Heroes Reborn, Sleepy Hollow, and The Blacklist.

On Friday, I blame Continuum, and Mr Robot.

On Saturday, I have no one to blame by myself, but it is catch up for stuff I missed like Minority report because there are too many shows that I watch.

On Sundays, I blame The Walking Dead, and Comic Book Men.

Again, I blame these shows, and not myself.

This is why I don't blame myself. I enjoy good story telling. Just like people who like to read, I enjoy being sucked into another world filled with Superheors, Time Travelers, Conspiracies about Shadow Governments, and life in the zombie apocalypse. However, unlike others, I too lazy to pick up an actual book and read it.

Apparently I'm not the only person who enjoys many of these shows. As some of these are in seasons 3, to 6. Also, I've meet many fellow fans at conventions in Calgary as well as in San Diego (The Disney World of Comic Conventions), and there are a bunch of us who love these worlds on Television, the Movie Screen, and Comic Book, and yes actual books. Now you might be saying "how about going outside and see the real world"? To which I say "have you seen what's out there?"

Real life can be really boring. I said it. Sure, people take time to do some cool stuff, but the whole job thing really is boring. While, it's been awhile since I hated my job so much, that I was praying for death, I'm still bored. My life of going to work, working, going home, sleep, repeat is boring as hell. I want some drama in my life, some excitement, and I get that with my TV.

While, my time watching TV is taking blogging time away, I watch these shows, because I like them. I enjoy sitting on my couch watching hour after hour my shows. I enjoy these world better than my own. It's not boring.

While I may not get invested in all shows, like Orphan Black for example (I hate the main character). I can see people getting into the shows and seeing what will happen next. I see this at one point or another for all tv show...except Coronation Street. Ugggghhh.

So this is why I'm not here as much, but I'm trying. I'm trying.

My 2 Bytes

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I can't find the words

I'm trying to write about how the American religion right doesn't seem to like the pope, but I can't seem to find the right words. When I write about issues like this, I like to do some research, and be able to site my sources so it doesn't look like I'm not just pulling stuff out of my ass, but this time I'm finding it hard to argue about this logically.

Before Pope Francis, I was embarrassed to admit that I was catholic because of the action of others. I didn't want to be associated with them, because I did not agree with what they were saying. These were the type to quote scripture from the Bible to justify their stance, but I don't know need some obscure quote in the good book to know when something is wrong.

I think this is why my first attempt at this post failed. Just as these people use obscure quotes to justify their point, I was looking for news articles to prove my point. I didn't need to do this, because sometimes, WRONG IS JUST WRONG because what my heart tells me.

I've been reading recently about some religions people, including Mike Huckabee  talking about how the Pope is wrong, and blasting judgement on him, and i just feel shame for these people. I don't remember Jesus doing these things.

Pope Francis tends to speak of tolerance, and has even spoken for Same Sex Marriage, as well voiced concerned about Climate Change. Now if the leader of the Catholic church preaches about acceptance, and voices concerned about Climate Change, you would think that the American catholic would listen and agree with him? Well some do, others do not.

Pope Francis has spoken on Climate Change before, and I the reaction from many (insert Fox News stinger here), feel that the Pope should be minding their own business. So if the Pope says something they agree with, they praise him. If he says something they don't agree with, they tell him to mind their own business?

These people have gone so far as to state that the Pope is a not a real Christian. I believe its these people who are not the real Christians, and I say this as a Catholic. I went to Catholic school until grade 12, when my family moved to Ontario, and not once, were we ever taught intolerance. So it's these people who are in fact the Fake Christians. I say this because when I hear them speak, all I hear is hate, and this was not what Jesus taught us.

So to all the Fake Christians out there including Kim Davis, and Mike Huckabee, I say this.


Hey I already admitted that I was a terrible Catholic.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

He's Muslim,. He must be a terrorist.

There's this 14 year old  boy who's name is Ahmed Mohamed. He apparently likes to tinker with electronics, and built a home made clock. So he takes it to his school to show his teacher. now maybe I'm crazy, but I believe that a teacher is support to encourage their students to pursue their quest for knowledge. Encourage them to better themselves. Well this isn't the case in Texas. Instead he's questioned about the device, and take into custody for making a suspected bomb.

I forgot to mention that the boy is Muslim, there it must have been a bomb. THIS IS RACISM AT IT'S WORST. Before, you say I'm not being fair about what happened. I ask, would this happen to a white person? I say not. It's the same thing with #BlackLivesMatter. While some people are saying all lives matter, and I do agree with that. It's not white people being shot by the police.

Now, being Canadian, I see one fundamental difference between myself, and our neighbors to the south. I do not live in fear. When I watch US news, the top stories are usually about how someone has been killed in one form or another. In Canada, the top story isn't about fear and death.

It seems to me, that certain people, groups, or even political parties thrive on fear. Personally, I see it as a way to hold them back. If you're scared all the time, how are you going to go outside, meet your neighbors, and form a community. That's not going to happen if you're hiding in your home because of the threat from (insert religious group/ethnic group here). Personally, I would be nervous around white Americans. Whenever there's a mass shooting in the US, it's most likely done by a white person. 

I remember hearing about a gun shop owner having a gun sale during 9/11 this year, where if you said Muslim, you would get a discount. This is a perfect example of how people are trying to profit from your fear. Now there have been reports of extremists living in Calgary going off to join ISIS. In fact, some of them were living in my building . I'm not kidding, the picture of the building in the link is my apartment building. I may have very well, shared an elevator with a ISIS terrorist.Does this mean that I'm now scared of anyone in my building who follows Islam? Not a chance.

I have worked with, and befriended many people of the Muslim faith. I've even met a family who has to free Iraq during the first Gulf War, and they were the kindest people I've ever met.

Sure there are some bad seeds out there, but these days, i see equal opportunity hate out there. Honestly, I'm more nervous around White Americans than follows of Islam. They're not the ones who want to walk about my city armed.

My 2 Bytes