Tuesday, September 29, 2015

TV does rot your brain. OK maybe a little bit.

I remember when i started blogging again. I was looking forward to once again blogging on a near daily basis, and sharing my wisdom with the internet. I was going to be able to have the world clamoring for my thoughts. In reality, I'm doing this on a weekly basis, not a daily basis, but I'm not giving up.

I look at the situation, and in the tradition of the entitled people of the western world (which, I'm not by western standards, but definitely standards in other parts of the world), I choose to blame others instead of myself. This week, I blame TELEVISION.

On Monday, I blame Gotham, and Miss Piggy along with the rest of those Muppets.

On Tuesday, I blame Agents of SHIELD, and The Flash

On Wednesday, I blame Arrow, South Park, and Moonbeam City (don't judge me)

On Thursday, I blame Heroes Reborn, Sleepy Hollow, and The Blacklist.

On Friday, I blame Continuum, and Mr Robot.

On Saturday, I have no one to blame by myself, but it is catch up for stuff I missed like Minority report because there are too many shows that I watch.

On Sundays, I blame The Walking Dead, and Comic Book Men.

Again, I blame these shows, and not myself.

This is why I don't blame myself. I enjoy good story telling. Just like people who like to read, I enjoy being sucked into another world filled with Superheors, Time Travelers, Conspiracies about Shadow Governments, and life in the zombie apocalypse. However, unlike others, I too lazy to pick up an actual book and read it.

Apparently I'm not the only person who enjoys many of these shows. As some of these are in seasons 3, to 6. Also, I've meet many fellow fans at conventions in Calgary as well as in San Diego (The Disney World of Comic Conventions), and there are a bunch of us who love these worlds on Television, the Movie Screen, and Comic Book, and yes actual books. Now you might be saying "how about going outside and see the real world"? To which I say "have you seen what's out there?"

Real life can be really boring. I said it. Sure, people take time to do some cool stuff, but the whole job thing really is boring. While, it's been awhile since I hated my job so much, that I was praying for death, I'm still bored. My life of going to work, working, going home, sleep, repeat is boring as hell. I want some drama in my life, some excitement, and I get that with my TV.

While, my time watching TV is taking blogging time away, I watch these shows, because I like them. I enjoy sitting on my couch watching hour after hour my shows. I enjoy these world better than my own. It's not boring.

While I may not get invested in all shows, like Orphan Black for example (I hate the main character). I can see people getting into the shows and seeing what will happen next. I see this at one point or another for all tv show...except Coronation Street. Ugggghhh.

So this is why I'm not here as much, but I'm trying. I'm trying.

My 2 Bytes

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Anonymous said...

I don't watch any television but still can't find the inspiration to post on my old blog. Now I have the new one, and that keeps me busy, but it's not the same.