Friday, May 08, 2009

Trying to return to the fold

I’ve been trying to blog for about a month, but I never finish what I’ve started writing. Then I get called away, and then I loose my train of thought, and next thing you know. I haven’t posted for a month. Right now, I all I can think about is blogging about how I haven’t blogged. Actually that’s not 100 per cent true. I also could blog about the new HTC Magic phone that I want. THE PHONE OS IS MADE BY GOOGLE, but enough about the phone.

This is what I think the main problem is. I’m not frustrated with life, as much as I used to be. Before, my dreams were being crushed, and all I could do is shake my fist in the air and go DAMN YOU!!!. That’s not the case anymore. I can do stuff. I even bought a laptop recently hoping that I could blog anywhere. Guess what. That didn’t work. I’m hoping to do some blogging from Chicago when I’m there in a few months. I figure that I could put some thoughts of Chicago onto the blog and then go to bed. We’ll see how well that goes. It will be a trail for next year, for when I go to the UK.

A year ago, I never dreamt that I could actually pull off a trip to the UK, and meet Vics in person. A year ago, I was wondering how the hell I was going to pay my rent. How events can change a person. I’ve even changed the way I’ve dressed.

I’m also planning on a trip back East for Christmas, and I’m hoping to sneak in a trip to Ottawa as well. Honestly, the idea of going home for Christmas doesn’t thrill me, but it’s because of the town, not the people.

I’ve also been looking into cruises to Antarctica for 2011. There are actual cruises to Antarctica, and the smaller boats let you go ashore. I really like the idea of getting the opportunity to walk on that continent. Seriously, how many people have walked on Antarctica? I’ve asked around, and guess what. No one here has been to Antarctica, and they don’t know anyone who has. I can be that person who goes. I’m going to see penguins.

See it happened again. I got called away. ARGHHH

Once again, I’ve totally lost my train of thought.

I guess I’ll end this post here and try again soon.

My 2 Bytes.