Friday, November 30, 2007

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm freezing my ass off

Winter has arrived in Calgary, like an anvil being dropped on Daffy Duck. How are these 2 events related? As Daffy himself would say “their despicable”. Now I know that normally a blog post about the weather is really lame, but when it’s cold enough to FREEZE MY BOYS, it’s something to complain about.

For the past 2 days, I had to wear my winter coat, in the front office because it’s that’s cold. Certain people have extra heaters at their desk, yes I’m talking to you HR Lady, because their really cold. I’m just glad that my non existent girlfriend (hey it could happen), didn’t work here either because she would also be wear my coat, and shirt and I would look like those bare-chested guys at football games. They’re not braving the cold like that to prove something; they’re like that because their girlfriends took all their clothes because it’s cold. I keep want to pour gas(petrol for people outside of North America) on the parking lot and set it one fire, just to see fire. Just to see warmth.

The really bad thing today was the roads, they’re really slippery and just driving out there is not safe. I was 45 minutes late for work, and now I have to stay an hour later, so I meet up with the buses at the right time. I was outside for 30 minutes, waiting for that damn bus and when it showed up, I had Roseanne as a bus driver; I don’t mean the early, really funny Roseanne, but the later, really bitchy, backstabber, not funny Rosanne. At one point I heard her complained that she was killed 25 times while driving that morning. Little did she know that it was actually 26, because I had to fight the urge to choke the life out of her.

Basically, it’s cold as hell and I don’t like it. I want to move to Florida.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Fancy Words

On Friday, I went on one my rants about a Catholic school board had banned a book. I wrote about how I thought that the actions were wrong and so forth,. Then I had this person leave a comment, arguing his point, which is against mine. No problem there until after I replied to his comment, then he decided to reply to my response using “fancy words”. Have I ever mentioned how people who use “fancy words” piss me off?

While I do use IT jargon at work, it’s only done with people who understand what the jargon means. With normal (and I mean non IT people), I use “normal” language to explain things, that way they understand what I’m trying to communicate. I personally feel that it’s more important to be understood by someone than to confuse them by using “fancy words”.

First of all, I had never heard of the word “rejoinder”. I’ve never heard of such a word and as soon as I realized that they were using “fancy words” in the first sentence, I came to the conclusion that I was arguing with someone who was in the love with the sound of their own voice. Now I’ve encountered these guys and I believe that they must be taken down a bit, every opportunity I get. Sometimes I get rude when I do it, but it required because they tend to lack real world socials skills, and must be taught that being an ass isn’t acceptable. I still remember taking on the “Linux Geeks” in an EB Games, and I ended that conversation with the classic “and while you’re at it, move out of your parent’s basement!!!” A person can express their argument or point of view without trying to come off as a intellectual snob. I honestly feel that they are better off doing so with the use of “fancy words”, because it adds to their creditability, as opposed coming off as pompous.

I know a blogger who’s able to do this with ease. She is able to express an idea, and tell a story without using “fancy words”. Actually she uses words like a paint brush to express herself in her blog. It is said that a picture is worth a 1000 words? Well she can paint a picture with less than 200. Oh, and I’ve never had to use a dictionary to understand any of her posts or comments.

I could go on and on and go “waaa waaa”, but I honestly, do not see the point. I refuse to give this person any further thought other than “I WON THE ARGUMENT !!!! NAAA NAA NAA NAA NAAA ***SPPPPPTTTTTT****”.

I never said I was mature.

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Clip of the Week (The Golden Compass Trailer)

I hope this movie becomes the Hit of Christmas.

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Book banning is bad

Notice: The Photo Friday has been delayed due the the presence of Stupid People

I know normally I would put a funny picture up, but dammit, this really pisses me off. There’s a Catholic School in Ontario (I’m actually surprised that this didn’t happen out here in Alberta, we’re Bible thumper territory) who has ordered the book The Golden Compass removed from its libraries. This after the school board received a single complaint. I thought this bullshit didn’t happen in Canada.

So this book, a fantasy novel, was written by Phillip Pullman, who just happens to be an atheist, and while I have yet to read the book, (I guess I need to so I don’t look like I don’t know what I’m talking about), I understand that some groups feel that the book series is Anti-Christian. So of course this book must be banned, the author hunted down and killed. I hear that he lives down the street from Salman Rushdie, so we can go with the Muslim Fundaments and after we all can go on a picnic and celebrate our intolerance of new ideas. Oh, and after we can all get together with the Nazi’s and sing camp fire songs as we burn all the copies of the “offensive material”. You know, its shit like this which makes me embarrassed to be Catholic; then again, I’m not a very good Catholic because I have an open mind about things.

I remember back in High School when I found a copy of Karl Marx’s “The Communist Manifesto” in the school library. At first, I was surprised to see it, and to be honest I thought it didn’t belong in the library, but I was only in grade 10, and to be honest, I was a dumb kid, as well as gullible. I soon learned that the last thing I want is a bunch of closed minded dumb people deciding what I can, and cannot read, see, or hear. I now am thankful that the Catholic School board of Fort McMurray for understanding that in order for a student to grow, they should be exposed to new and different ideas, even if they might be unpopular to certain groups. Being Catholic doesn’t mean you have to be intolerant (I think someone needs to tell the Pope that).

What really bothers me is that these actions were done because of a single complaint. Doesn’t this busy body have better things to do? If this person is such a devout catholic, perhaps she should be helping the homeless instead of bitching about a book? I don’t know if this person is a man or a woman, but when I think about it, I get the image of Kyle’s mom from South Park, and I get to urge to quote Cartman and say “Kyle, why does your mom get some bug up her ass each month?”. I also bet this person is also a Stupid Bitch.

Again, I haven’t read the book in question, but I plan on do so, and I’m definitely going to see the movie. Oh, if I see someone protesting the movie at my local theare, they are going to get an ear full.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Work is pissing me off.

This is what happened. I’m away from my desk for 15 minutes to deal with an issue and when I get back, the DC Manger tells me that I should have a note on my desk when I’m away. LEAVE A NOTE SO PEOPLE CAN FIND ME? WHY DON’T I JUST WEAR A COLLAR WITH A LITTLE BELL SO PEOPLE CAN FIND ME THAT WAY? I MEAN REALLY.

Let’s get this straight. I carry a company cell phone as well as a cordless phone with my phone extension, but NOOOOO, now I have to waste my time making up stupid signs every time I have to leave my cubicle. What’s next? Having to ask permission to go to the bathroom? Maybe I should have a bed pan at my desk? Hell, let’s just chain me to my chair from 8:00am to 4:30pm? Get the feeling that I’m miffed?

I’m starting to feel a little “taken for granted” here (Ok I’m feeling A LOT “taken for granted”. It’s the same crap and now they keep assigning me to do stupid stuff like, cleaning the front office, and putting paper in the photocopier. I didn’t get my degree so I could spend my day filling a photocopier and buzz people into the front door, and have people ask me if were hiring in such a thick Punjabi accent that I can barely understand them.

Oh, and another thing, what REALLY pisses me off is when people come in and as soon as they see someone else who’s of their ethnic group, they suddenly ignore me. They talk to that person in their own language. Needless to say, when I hand their application over to HR, I mention the exchange, and how rude they are.

Basically that is what pisses me off at work right now.

One nice thing though, I was given a Toblerone and a Hot Chocolate today, so their not all bad.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Some Tech Tips crap

As an IT geek, I have no excuse as to why I didn’t backup my data on my USB key, but now that it’s gone. I’m REALLY pissed off. I had important stuff on that thing, including the latest version of my resume, and a spreadsheet of when new Anime DVD’s were being released. Most importantly, future Photo Friday pictures are lost.

So a note to everyone. Back up your data. There is nothing sadder than loosing all your porn.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I want to know

Today I had an issue where I needed to "adjust" myself, but the problem was I couldn't find someone private to do so, I had to wait 20 minutes before I could do the adjusting. So I was thinking, do men or women need to "adjust" themselves more. To find this out I've created a poll.

Don't be shy. I'm really curious about this.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I went through the wrong door and it went downhill from there

This past weekend, I attended to a career fair. My goal is to find other opportunities… and for the record, I mean a new job. I state this now for reasons that will become quite clear later on. So I took the time to print up a bunch of resumes for this event, and I double checked to address for the event before I left on Saturday.

So I get to the place, which is at the Round Up center, which is on the grounds of the Calgary Stampede. This is a huge facility that is capable of hosting multiple events. Again, this will be important later on. So I get off the C-Train and follow the group of people who I assume is also going to the Career Show, and there’s a sign that says Career Fair with a big arrow.

So I get to what I believe is the entrance. There’s a sign with the word Career Fair with an arrow pointing towards the door, (or so I thought). So I get in line, and for some reason I’m carded, I think it’s strange but I don’t worry about it too much. I go buy my ticket which turns out to be $15 instead of the adverted $5. I’m no impressed but I go in anyway, then it strikes me that something isn’t right.

The first thing I see is a large display for Lifestyle condoms, and a woman comes up and tells me that they’re giving free samples. I think that’s kinda odd, (yes I know), but then I take a good look around and realize I’m in the wrong place. The big clue was the display of dildo’s on one take and the image on a TV of a woman bouncing up and down and moaning really loud. I was in the Taboo Sex Fair NEXT DOOR.

Now I don’t know who failed to put proper signage on the doors from the way everyone was entering the building. I saw the huge sign when I got out, but it was FACING THE WRONG WAY. All I know is, someone’s an asshole and owes me $15 bucks.

So I’m a single male with a bag full of resumes in a Sex Fair. I must have looked like the most perverted person in the place, looking for a job at a Sex Fair. (NOT THAT KIND OF JOB).

Now I admit that I am a closet pervert with a boob fetish (then again all men love boobs), but the last place I want to be (by myself, If I was with a couple of hotties then it would be different) is at a Sex Fair. At that point I felt one step removed from one of those creeps who exposes themselves in public going LOOK AT ME.

Oh for the record, I did make it to the Career Fair and did talk to some people, and did make some progress in the job search.

NOW STOP LAUGHING. I’m kidding; I can laugh about it too now.

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

You lied to me.

So around 2:30pm a situation develops. For some reason some of the orders from yesterday were not processed. Management is making a big deal about this and after helping a supervisor look at the problem the HR director says to me. "Can you go and pack boxes with me on the line". SO I go take a loot and things are ok, (there was nothing to pack). I got back to my cubicle and I noticed that all the managers on site are gone, I figure that they're in the warehouse looking at the situation. WRONG!!!! About 20 minutes they come into the front office with their Tim Horton's coffee. I was pissed.

So later I go back into the warehouse and actually start packing orders. I do so for about 40 minutes and leave since it was 10 minutes from quitting time. I make my way back, swipe my ID out and head for my desk to grab my stuff and leave. I enter the front office and I get this "here you are" treatment, as both managers get up from their desks. I get this bullshit praise and one of them asks where I'm going. I say I'm leaving. What I don't say is that "I'M LEAVING YOU TWO FACED LIAR. I'M FUCKING I.T., NOT SOME SHLEP WHO WORKS ON THE WAREHOUSE FLOOR. WANT TO REALLY PRAISE ME? GIVE ME A FUCKING BONUS NOW!!!"

Needless to say. I was diplomatic, and polite and even said goodbye before I left.


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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Leave me alone. I'M EATING DAMMIT

Why is it that people don’t bother me for hours at a time, but as soon as I go on lunch or I’m about to head home, everyone come up to me and starts WHINING about their problems? I swear they time it just to piss me off, and it’s WORKING,


I wear at one point, someone was standing over me while I was eating. PISS OFF. LET ME EAT MY MACRONI AND CHEESE IN PEACE!!! I’m just waiting for someone to follow me into the bathroom.

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Sunday, November 04, 2007