Monday, February 25, 2008

Organic Tree Hugger Yogurt

The second job has introduced me to a lot of people, and situations that I find somewhat odd, but yesterday I met a real wacko, excuse me a customer with very specific needs. This woman, with a man (he might have been her son), comes up to me while I’m putting the sales tickets on the yogurt and asks me where the organic yogurt is? The organic yogurt? Isn’t all yogurt organic? I look at her, then look left and right among the rows and rows of yogurt, and then say “All the yogurt is here”, then she starts talking about stuff that I have no friggin idea about.

At this point I’m wondering if it says “Yogurt Consultant” on my name tag (yes I have a name tag in the grocery store job). Personally I couldn’t give a damn if a container of yogurt is organic or not. Anyway she starts complaining about how’s there’s not enough organic products in the store and starts going through the containers. I just wanted to say, “listen you old hippie, if you want organic food, then go to the natural food store, or better yet, go outside and chew on a twig. You think the grocery store pays me enough to put up with your bullshit?”, but of course I was polite and identified the store name organic brand which didn’t include yogurt.

What really annoys me about these health nuts is that they always look the same. Long messed up hair, and a face that looks like it was sandblasted. I guess they don’t make organic conditioner either. Sheesh. Here’s my theory about these people; they’re former crack addicts and are hoping that the organic food is going to repair the damage to their bodies that the crack addiction. We’ll it’s not going to work. I mean really, I lot of them look like Chong from Cheech and Chong. Oh but Chong can afford plastic surgery.

Then again, my opinion of her might have been based on the fact that a few hours earlier, I was listening to a audio book, a Tom Clancy book, where some eco-terrorists were creating a biological weapon to devastate the world’s population so that “Mother Earth” could heal herself. I might have been influenced by that…NAAAA GO EAT A TWIG you TREE HUGGER, I’m enjoy a STEAK!!.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Once again, I think 2008 is my year

About 2 hours after I wrote yesterday's post. I got a call from a head hunter about a job interview. Things are getting better. I'll post more about this in the future.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Stupid Front Door.

It’s the little things that can really get to you after awhile; little things that pile up to a bunch of little things, and then they become a giant blog of little things. I haven’t felt appreciated at work for some time, and to be honest, it’s starting to make me feel unwanted. It’s making me feel that it’s time to go.

Again, it’s the little things, things like I’m the only one in the front office who isn’t asked if I want something where someone goes across the street to Tim Hortons. It’s the fact that I’m the only one in the front office that’s on salary, and now I’m the only one who can’t enter the building at the front entrance.

I was just told that from now on, I’m no longer allowed to enter the building from the receiving door, which is right by the front office. I was told I have to walk the long way around to the employee entrance. Note, I’m the only one who works in the front office that has to do this. Once again I’m being singled out.

Maybe it’s because I’m the only IT person here, but …I’m really starting to feel like a second class citizen here. Every other IT person who works for the company is on salary, expect for me. Why is that?

I do my job, supporting this site, and yet I feel that I’m not appreciated. Why does it seem that my main duty is now buzzing people through the front door, into the office? The same front door, I’m not allowed to enter anymore (actually it’s the next door, but you get my meaning). I also know that I’m not the only one here that’s feeling like their being stepped on. I’ve talked to a few other staff, which I will call “the stars” and they’re feeling the same way. They feel unappreciated and they’re also tired of the bullshit.

Tomorrow, the company is having an “appreciation lunch”. The company is buying pizza for the staff, but I don’t have any interest in joining that function. Why the hell should I? I don’t want a slice of pizza. I want to be put on salary. I want to enter the building through the same door as the other front office staff (and they’re only 4 of us). I want to feel like I’m part of the team instead of being singled out as a pariah. I’m tired of being unappreciated.

The definition of insanity is someone doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. I think it’s the lack of appreciation which sent me into the black hole of despair that I found myself in. Well I need to do one of 3 things, put more effort into making Space Station Anime into the money maker that I know it can be, find a new job, or both.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I woke up

I’m getting crusty; extremely crusty, and I think I know why. Once again, my job is trying to drain my light. Actually I just made that realization just now. I’ve been feeling worn out lately, and I’m not sure why that is. I have no energy, and when I get to work, I feel tired and uninterested in completing tasks, but I do them because they MUST be done. The worst thing is that this feeling is being transplanted to other parts of my life. I’m too tired when I get home to work on the blog, or more importantly, the e-commerce site. There is some good news though; my sudden realization of what is happened has pissed me off. It has made me say “SCREW YOU!!! YOU WILL NOT WIN!

I just realized that I haven’t picked up that book I was reading for weeks now. This isn’t good. I haven’t added new product to the website for almost 3 weeks. THIS IS NOT GOOD. Sure I’ve started to Yahoo Ads, but I never got around to doing the Google Ads, I never got around to refining the Yahoo ads, I’m starting to get some traffic on the site, but not customers. I need to do more.

I hate the idea of my life controlling me; it should be the other way around. I WILL NOT LET THEM CONTROL ME!!!

Now I just need to actually do something.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

I have a question

I was wondering why the Village People never sang songs about women?

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm feeling drained, so it's Yadda, Yadda

I’m staring at the screen again. I think it’s time for another Random Post. I’m feeling emotionally drained right now.

A lot of stuff is happening at work right now. Some good, some bad, some stupid, and I find myself not being able to concentrate on other things, even at home, all I want to do is sleep. I’m really feeling drained.

I’ve noticed this trend in Facebook lately. Get an invite for a quiz or something like that. It’s usually a “Find out what kind of …are you” dealm but when you try to get the answer, it tells you that you “must” invite 20 people to try the quiz. Well I’m not going to do that because I like my friends on Facebook, so I’m not going to spam them just to find out what kind of cartoon character I would be.

I’ve just learned that the law banning the sale of sex toys in Texas has been overturned. Whew, that’s great, so if I’m ever in Texas and feeling a little…I can relax know thing I can take care of that, safely by buying a “Little Inflatable Annie” or “Ifeelher Airparts” doll. Though to be honest, I’ve never thought it was the governments business if someone bought that special attachment for their Ipod.

I’ve heard that Atheists are flocking to the town of Huddlesfield in the UK. Apparently someone discovered an image of the “Big Bang” on a slick of toast. Really, how could such a thing happen? It couldn’t have been divine intervention after all but how did it happen?

I’ve already heard that the Police in Thailand are cracking down on the awful crime of sex on Valentines day. They’re doing this by leaving the light on everywhere as well as playing Tiny Tim through loudspeakers (ok I made that part up,) but at least you’ll be able to buy sex toys...or will you.

Again, I feel like I’m reaching, so I’ll call it a day.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I don't want to be a responsable adult anymore

Ok I'm back. I know I went away for a little bit, but I have a good excuse...ok I sent the weekend playing City of Heroes because it was Double XP weekend. It's not like it happens often...ok I play City of Heroes every weekend but it was DOUBLE XP WEEKEND. STOP JUDGING ME!!! *SOB*

Well work has kept me busy, work and the site. I've started an ad campaign with Yahoo Marketplace. I'm not starting to get real traffic on the site, around 20 hits a day, so it's a start. I'll also be starting the Google Adword campaign this coming weekend (and there's no City of Heroes DOUBLE XP weekend so I won't get distracted).

Overall, it's been a long week so far, and it's only Tuesday. I've been trying to make time to write a blog post (and something else), but work has been getting in the way. It's even been getting in the way of sleep. I had to be up at 4:00am, in order to be at work for 6:00, oh and I'm NOT a morning person. I keep thinking to the day when I can slept in until 8 or 9 am, instead of getting up at 6 or even 4am. At least I can say that I'm doing SOMETHING. I know a lot of people who are all talk and no action, not the mention the few who think the lottery is their retirement plan.

Personally I'm really tired of loosing 2 hours of my day travelling to and from work. It really pisses me off that I loose all that time. At least with my second job, I only have a 15 minute walk on Sunday morning because the C-Train isn't running at that time. Going home and Saturday's is a 2 minute trip.

About a year ago I bought a book online called No Opportunity Wasted. It's by that Phil guy from The Amazing Race show (which I love), and it's basically a book about ceasing the day, and living your life to the fullest. Right now I'm not doing that. Right now I can't even get out of the city. There are so many things that I want to do, but I keep making excuse because of blaaa blaaa blaaa. I'm so bad that it took me over a year to start reading the damn thing, but I'm doing it now, a little bit before I go to sleep. I'm suppose to make a list of "goals" of things to acomplish so here goes.

Visit Ground Zero in New York.

Visit everyone on my Blogroll

Get my Pilot's license

Buy a house in Florida

Learn to Sky dive.

Learn to Scuba dive.

These are items that I've toyed with but I will do them.

Awhile back I made a similar list and I did accomplish some of those things, including attending a taping of the Late Show with David Letterman, but lately adult life has been getting in the way of everything. So I've decided that I'm tired of being an adult. I want to enjoy life again, and honestly, most adults don't really enjoy life. Well I'm going to do something else.

To quote what's his name from Trainspotting. I'm choosing not to choose live, I'm choosing something else.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

I go off about stupid people...again

I admit, that I’m not…typical. I’m the type of person who tries to change things up and try new things, but I always keep my sanity. I know that some things are out of line, like…stealing a woman’s purse and cell phone and then sucking her toes.., or to put a seat belt on a 24 case of beer and leave a 16 month old baby unsecured in the back seat. I’m crazy but not stupid.

First thing I want to know is why would a theft want to stop and suck his victims toes? Now I’m not na├»ve, and I know that there are people with really strange fetishes out there (and I’m not talking about my Superhero fetish… I mean WHAT FETISH). If you’re into sucking women’s toes, fine. I’m sure that there are women who wouldn’t mind having their toes sucked on, but not when the other party is stealing your purse and cell phone,. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS GUY?

The same can be said for the women who somehow managed to mix up her baby and a case of beer. Secure the beer, and let the baby fly? Oh and YES, she was on drugs. BEHOLD the Britney Spears of the next generation.

I keep wondering what the hell is wrong with these people. Why are people getting dumber and dumber? Is it because of someone peeing in the gene pool? Is it because natural selection has been eliminated from daily life? I think we should stop enforcing helmet and seatbelt laws and see what happens.

Let’s remove the Danger signs from areas that are obviously dangerous and see if we can get rid of the dumb people. The problem with that is the lawyers who are the WORST. They know about law, but not much else. They don’t understand the real world; they just understand a bunch of rules that were written by a bunch of old rich guys. I think lawyers should be forced to wear electronic collars that zap them, every time they say something STUPID. Things like, “ripping your CD’s to move them to your MP3 player is stealing”. I guess I’m one of those modes where I believe that Idiocracy is a warning. Wait, I think that all the time.

Honestly, it amazes me how people can be stupid. Either is people like those two, lawyers, or people who turn religion in an excuse to hate. I admit that I’m not the most devout person when it comes to religion, but I’m pretty sure that God Doesn’t Hate anybody, except perhaps people who use his name to instill hate onto others. Again, I know that I not qualified to know how God thinks, but if someone were to use my name to instill hatred and harm others for their beliefs or lifestyles, I’d be pretty pissed. People shouldn’t use God’s name to be stupid.

It seems to be that people have many reasons to be stupid, but why isn’t there doesn’t appear to be reasons to be smart, other than not appearing on the Best Person or Worst Person segments on Countdown with Keith Olbermann (I think that guy rock). Just for the record, I assure you there are benefits to not being stupid, like being arresting for sucking a woman’s toes.

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The other job

I really haven’t sent much about the second job, then again I don’t really talk about the first job, but I feel a need to share a few things that I’ve discovered working at a grocery store.

The guy on the top of Quaker Oats products in an asshole. He just stands there, with that look on his face, calling me “boy”. If I’m ever in the same room with that guy; I’m going to beat the crap out of that guy, and then I’m going to crap in his hat. Watch out Quaker Oats guy, you’re going to be my bitch one day.

I’ve meet some really cranky old people, and their mostly male. Here’s my theory about cranky old people. They’re cranky because their too old for sex, and they’re really pissed off about it.

Also I’ve discovered that 99% of women, who are under the age of 30 in Calgary have at least one pair of “Hooker boots”. Don’t ask me how I know. I just know.

I now know where the Yorkshire Sauce is (I think it’s Yorkshire) located. A few days ago I didn’t even know what the stuff was.

There’s this woman who does some of the commercials on the store Muzac system. She has this “mom” voice, but the problem is that she’s talking to me specifically and she’s telling me that she’s been a bad girl and needs a good spanking. Now she’s really making me feel uncomfortable, so such so, if she doesn’t stop it, I’m going to complain about sexual harassment.

Despite that these guys are underpaid, they’re a great bunch, and I really don’t mind spending part of my weekend with them. My only concern right now is that one day, I'm going to come home from work, and the "spank me" lady is going to be waiting for me in my bedroom, wearing some outfit, that would include lots of leather and a large paddle

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Clip of the Week (I know crap when I see it)

It's like a horrible accident, but I can't turn away from it. On the other hand, who knew a vending machine could dance like that.

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Friday, February 01, 2008