Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Ultimate IPod Accessory?

Here I go again. I’ve tried a few times today to write something on the blog and I’m either get interrupted, called away, or look my train of thought. Vics sent me this link last week, in what I believe is a dare. I believe she misses the post where I would talk about such things without fear or shame. I guess I’ve needed a little inspiration, and this is it.

Now I know how popular Ipods are, though I don’t own one myself, and I know that the Ipod accessory market is very big right now, but I’d like to meet the guy who thought this up. He’s either very creative or extremely perverted, or both. Oh course I’m talking about the vibrator attachment for your Ipod. Yes, the listener plugs an attachment into the Ipod so she can both hear and “feel” the music.

What I wonder is, what type of would give the user the best “experience”. Something with a lot of base, like Heavy metal music? How about a full Symphony Orchestra? What about an opera. Would the shrill from the “fat lady” put someone “over the top”?

Here’s an idea. I’m going to commission a stuffy. I’m going to find out what type of music is more likely to bring someone “over the top”. I’ll apply for a grant, then purchase several of these devices, along with an Ipod, and then recruit some test subjects, then give different playlists to use while they “use the product” and then they can record the results, including what song made them “Praise the Lord”. I’m pretty sure that this data could be very helpful to all of mankind, or maybe not, but dammit it’s an interesting, now I just need a grant.

Now that I think of it, the women who use the thing might be perfect for me. They’re tech savy and horny. IT’S PERFECT. I’ve always hated dumb people, and women who owns, and load their own songs, and playlists on their Ipods are not dumb. Oh and if they buy the “special attachment”, all I got to say is “YES!!!”.

I an left to wonder though, does Steve Jobs know about this thing?

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