Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Reflecting on the worst day in my lifetime

Once again, it’s that date and once again, I think about that day. I know it’s been years since that day and the world has change, not for the better in my opinion, but I always think about that day. The disbelief, the disgust I felt for people who just didn’t “get it”, and the shame of thinking that I could be doing something more instead of going about my daily life.

I specially remember the disdain I felt for the “boss” at work. All he thought about was “getting the job done”. This guy had always pissed me off, with his glass tower style of management, but on that particular day, I seriously wanted to smack this guy over the head with a large metal objects. Even to this day I feel this guy is nothing more than a networking butt smoocher.

There was this other guy, who happens to be a friend, who always had an anti-US attitude and he seemed to have no compassion over what happened. He felt that “they had it coming”. I felt that he was wrong to say that and I also had the urge to smack him over the head with a large metal object.

I also remember that the first thing Michael Moore did was put up a post on his sight about blaming everything on the Bush Government. It was soon removed when he realized that this was something beyond blue states and red states. I still want to smack this guy over the head with a shovel, not because of his beliefs, I can respect someone who has different beliefs than me, it’s because of his arrogance that he’s always right and never wrong, even when he molds facts.

Over the past 6 years since that day, I’ve seen the Religious Right gain more and more power in the U.S. This concerns me, because I know of another state where religious leaders are also in charge, Iran, I hear that things are not that good over there.

Once upon a time, I considered myself to be a conservative, until they moved the line wayyy to the right. Now I don’t trust any political party.

I just checked out a ground zero webcam and I’m bothered by the fact that after 6 years, there really isn’t anything to see above ground. I know that they’ve rebuilt the subways underground, but over ground, there really isn’t much to see. They have so many plans for the site, which includes a memorial to the people who needlessly lost their lives, but let’s see something go up. Sheesh.

I also remember that a few weeks ago, a flight was cancelled because some women heard some men speaking Arabic and she thought they were terrorists, and the went on about “her kids, blaa blaa” . More proof that the world has gotten worse.

I guess this has sort of turned into a Yadda, Yadda. I’m not sure what I need to say, I just know I need to say something.

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