Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Yadda Again

So yesterday I had my first sale. I’m started the long road to recovering from my investment. This purchase was from a friend, so the “official” promoting hasn’t taken off yet, but then again, I’m not expecting it too for a couple of weeks. Nonetheless, I’ve made my first sale. WOOT.

Now because of this sale, I actually had the opportunity to go through all the steps of processing a real order. WOW!!!. The only bad part was that I was so tired last night when I got home; I didn’t do the actually processing until this morning, 5:00am this morning to be specific. I woke up early, did all the processing, forwarded the order to my supplier and boom, everything is taken care of. Now I’m just waiting for the confirmation e-mail that the order was sent, so I can let my customer know. I’m just glad that this customer is a friend so he won’t mind me waddling through this process.

I still have to do the promotion thing with the site. I’m still a few weeks away from when I submitted the site to Google so I’m hoping that I start seeing real customers soon.

So I’m looking for a new topic to blog about and all I find is stuff about the new IPod and how people got SCREWED by the $200 price drop in the IPhone. SUCKERS !!!., but I don’t want to blog about that.

Where is my creativity? I know it comes and goes but right now it’s bothering me. I need to write and say something to the world, but now that the world is listening, all I can do is scratch my ass.

Speaking of which, why is it that my ass only itches when I’m surrounded by people, so I have to excuse myself to the washroom. I really hate that.

Ok it’s not happening. Perhaps I’ll have better luck tomorrow.


I mean My 2 Bytes.

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