Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The new thingy on my blog.

Guess, what? I put a new thingy on my blog. See it on the right? There’s been talk about Net Neutrality in the U.S. for awhile now, but there hasn’t been much talk about it up here. I think that’s because were too polite for our own good sometimes. We just shut up and accept things for as they are.

I remember awhile back when I had my Vonage phone, the service would really suck because Shaw was throttling my bandwidth, but Shaw was nice enough to offer me the option of pay an extra $10 a month so that my Vonage phone would work properly.

I know that this is a hot topic in the U.S. and it’s recently reared it’s ugly head in the UK, over the BBC’s new video service, though we don’t hear about stuff like this in Japan, Korea and Finland. Why is that? Simple, really, cause they have BIGGER TUBES than we do.

What really bothers me is that companies in Canada (and the U.S.) are too damn cheap, in expanding their network. They CLAIM, that they have fast networks but when you actually try and get the speed they promise, it never happens, and dammit, sometimes you need to download porn at a really fast rate.

It’s not at the point where’s it’s interfering with my City of Heroes game and that REALLY pisses me off. I know what I paid for, now give it to me or give me a refund.

Oh, and if seems confusing, the here's a video done by a Ninja to explain it all.

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