Wednesday, September 12, 2007

So what I need to do is.... NO COOKIES !!!!

I’m annoyed with myself right now. I’m going to go into details (because it’s all Geek blaa blaa), but needless to say that I should have known better, trusted my instincts and knowledge instead of listening to some jackass who claimed to be the be all and know all of getting my site up on Google.

The truth is that it’s going to take MONTHS to get Space Station Anime to get a decent page ranking (it’s a Google thing) and to be get a good spot on Google. I’m now at the point where I’m going to have to spend some money on Google Adwords. Needless to say I’ll be spending my weekend on which (geek blaaa blaaa blaaa). Once again, things are proving to be more difficult than I thought. Oh well, big surprise.

Oh, my first customer did get his DVD in the mail without any issues, so I know I can do this, I need to put up a big sign somewhere that says “BUY MY CRAP”!!! Oh and I’m talking to you!!! No, not the regular people who visit this blog, BUT THE PEOPLE WHO SHOW UP LOOKING FOR JESSICA KARR. I mean, I blogged about her over 2 years ago, GET A LIFE GUYS. There are no pictures of the “big ole dead titties” girl here. SHEESH.

Sorry about that. I just get visitors looking for Jessica Karr.

This reminds me of my recent problem I’ve been having in blogging lately. I start to blog about something and I either loose my train of thought something else happens and before you know it. I SAID NO COOKIES !!!!!

I think I’m suffering from Blogging ADD. Even know I’m moving from writing this post to leafing though a PDF about Google Adwords. MMmm So it the Google Adwords doesn’t work out then I’ll have to push my visits, and quitting even FURTHER. (well maybe not quitting).

Ok, so here’s a plan. Once upon a time, I blogged at night, when I got home. This was back when I worked afternoons, and didn’t get home before 10:00pm. This is also before I started playing City of Heroes, but I usually play between 7:00 and 9:00pm, so it should be ok.

So let’s review. Google Adwords, Blogging at night and NO COOKIES before dinner.

Oh and I want to talk to the guy who makes the Safeway brand Grape Juice crystals, It’s having an unusual effect on me. I thought that only happened to babbies.

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