Thursday, September 30, 2004

Remember when we knew who the bad guys were?

Now I remember this old cartoon from the 80's called G.I. Joe. It was for kids and the concept was simple. The Joe's (they were called that) would defend the world against the evil forces of Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization that wanted to rule the world.

Now one thing about G.I. Joe was that all the enemy wore a uniform that indicated that they were the bad guys instead of the good guys, so it was black and white, there was no gray area.

Now let's fast forward to today. Today we are threatened by terrorists who could be living among us and all we know is they they are all of a certain minority group. Its not black and white now is it? Most Muslims are very nice and kind people, but its this small minority that is making life difficult for them and the world in general in my opinion.

Now I prefer to look as people as individuals, after all we are all unique; with our beliefs and our values and our life experiences, we become an individual and not one of the masses. Now I do feel bad that people are being singled out because of their heritage or their beliefs but were dealing with the safety of the majority. There is a time when the rights of the individual has to be balanced against the safety of all but is this that time? Its a moral dilemma for me actually, I've always considered the rights of the individual to be all important above all else but if these people are out to cause harm to the majority, should we not do everything in our power to stop them before more lives are lost?

Now people are saying that the way Muslims and people from middle east origins are being discriminated against and they are correct in that, they are being treated like second class or even third class citizens but I wonder if these policies were in place back in 2000, would the twin towers still be standing tall?

I'm not going to defend the actions of the U.S. government because I don't think they are correct in their actions. WHEN THE HELL DID CAT STEVENS BECOME A SECURITY RISK? (I really hate that Peace Train song but come on) Does this mean, if the U.S. Government can keep Cat Stevens out, that we can keep Michael Moore out of Canada? However I can't condemn them for their actions. It wasn't the Amish who crashed those planes. Its wasn't the Japanese or the communists. We all know who they were and who they represented. We've been hurt and we don't want to get hurt again and trust is at a new low right now. Sort of like my feelings over (insert minority group here) because that taxi driver stole my cell phone.

Now I confess that I do not know all the facts about Iraq so I'm not qualified to make a judgment on that topic but this is my theory about why it was invaded. Osama is still at large and there was no visible target to fight. The terrorists were all in hiding. It wasn't like in the days of the cold war or even in the G.I. Joe cartoon where all the enemies wore that Cobra symbol. Iraq was an enemy that could be named, so it was off to Iraq. This was something that would never had happened a few years ago but rules have changed. The U.S. had been attack and they wanted vengeance and Iraq was a good enough example as any.

Now I honestly feel bad for the people who are caught in the middle of this. People who are looked at suspiciously because of where they were born or what religion they are but this is the end result of what happened three years ago. Personally I'm not surprised by this. You take stick and break open a bee's nest and they are going to come after you and keep coming until your gone and they will still be pissed and go after anything else that's around. This is the U.S. administrations mind set right now and I can't condemn them for it and the innocent suffer because of it.

Actually I got an idea. Maybe we can get the terrorists to start wearing those Cobra symbols from the cartoon and then we'll know who they are and the innocent can go on with their lives without fear of being persecuted.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I think my sim is gay

Alright I'm a little concerned about my sim, I think he gay, at leastI thought he was until I discovered the shocking truth.

I've talked about the fact that I'm hooked on The Sims and now TheSims 2. Anyway I had created a sim of myself and he was in love with a female sim and things were occurring (well some things were anyway). I found that I was having a difficult time in getting my sims to YAHWOO. It seems that whenever they are in bed together, they end up asleep, like an old married couple. This was not my intention.

Anyway I also discovered something else; whenever the two sims would have a make out session on the couch (and it was some serious making out here) the fun meter on my sim would go down. Now, I don't know about you, but when I'm on the couch with a beautiful woman and our hands are all over the place and were lip locked, I'm having a good time. This was when I thought, "Oh no He's gay" This sim has my name and I don't want him to be gay. I'm not gay and there is no way my sim is going to be gay either, not if he has my name. If it's someone else's name, fine but not my name.

Well last night I discovered the shocking truth and it wasn't pretty. I had downloaded the nude patch for Sims 2 and installed it so I wouldn't have to put up with the censoring affect when they are bathing or whatever. Anyway, when my sim came out of the shower, I saw that he had NO DEAL!!! Were talking Ken doll here. Now I know why my sim wasn't having any fun. He's not a true male. How can he go on like this? Dammit I'm going to e-mail EA about getting a 'deal' for my simso he can reproduce. A man just isn't a man without his deal

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Zombie Boobies

Over the weekend I sent to see the new Resident Evil movie and it was quite different from the first one. I'm not saying better or worse, just different.

While the first movie took place within a "Secret Underground Lair" this one took place in a city. Raccoon city as its named in the video game (who the hell comes up with these names?). So basically we have our characters running through Raccoon City, fighting zombies and trying to escape the city. Sounds like a good video game; wait, it is a video game.

I've been a fan of the Resident Evil games for some time now so I was looking forward to the movies, though there were things about this new one that annoyed me. In this movie, we have 2 tough women instead of one, we have the stereotypical black guy who's streetwise and acts dumber than he really is, and we also have the snoopy reporter and the innocent child that has to be protected. Now I’m not expecting Forest Gump here but can we at least make an attempt to be original. I think Michelle Rodriguez is glad that her character was killed in the first movie now.

Actually they did try to shock us by having more swearing and having topless stripper zombies in once scene but let’s face it, if your running from zombies, YOU DO NOT RUN INTO A GRAVEYARD TO HIDE!!!! Now I guess I can pick this movie apart but I am a fan so I can say that I enjoyed

What I really liked was the fact the Raccoon City looked a lot like Toronto, with the exception of the CN tower and even then, the tower had a habit of showing up once or twice. Its nice to see the U.S. City of Raccoon City is the home of so many Canadian banks. I guess I now know how the people of Sydney feel when watching the Matrix movies. At least Eeks vs. Sever told us we were in Canada so it’s wasn’t a surprise to see Vancouver landmarks everywhere.

Oh well. I’ll try to be more interesting next time but until then, see you at the movies? Yeah the topless zombie strippers were creepy.

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Monday, September 27, 2004

Yes I am Canadian

Lately I've been in contact with people from the around the world, from places as close as the U.S. (The border is only a few hours drive) to New Zealand (That's as far away from here as you can get), either through Instant Messenger or leaving comments on each other's blogs but I have been communicating with people around the world.

Now I've been thinking what would it like to live in these places and what would it be like to be a citizen of another country like the ones that the people who read this blog are from and then it occurred to me that they may wonder the same thing about being Canadian so I'm going to tell you.

Being Canadian can be many things, a Canadian who is from Newfoundland (or a newfie) is different from a Canadian from Ontario or Alberta or the Yukon. Canada is so big that we have many different cultures within our borders. The country is so that there are 6 different time zones. One of them being Newfoundland and that one is a half hour difference the Atlantic Time zone (I find it weird too but it’s a newfie thing).

Though there are some things that all Canadians share like the love of Hockey, a Tim Horton's donut and the CBC. While the official sport of Canada is suppose to be lacrosse (who came up with this idea?) Hockey is the sport that Canadians gather around the television to watch on Saturday Night with Hockey Night in Canada.

Hockey Night in Canada has been part of Canadian Culture for so long that people use to listen to the game on CBC radio before CBC Television even existed. However even to this day, it seems that CBC English always has the Leafs, and CBC French has the Canadiens (or Habs, I can't explain that one either).

That's another thing; we have 2 official languages here, English and French, and let me tell you that it has caused problems over the years. Quebec is a province that primary speaks French and they feel they have the right to protect their culture so much that they have a sign law that states all store signs have be in French. Now that sounds anti English to me. In fact once I meet I woman in Orlando who told me of an experience where she was in Quebec City and she was lost and no one would help her because she wasn't speaking French. Its stuff like this that makes me embarrassed to be a Canadian. This attitude from Quebec has been so bad that they have had referendums on separating from Canada. Well if all they can contribute to Canada is being rude to U.S. tourists, then don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Quebec is the spoiled brat of Canada.

Canada also means being a peace keeper. Canadian forces have participated in every U.N. peace keeping operation since the concept was created (by a Canadian). I take pride of the fact that we are known for this a well.

Being Canadian means many things, were polite and we try to look out for each others and we don't tolerate racism. In fact, promoting racism is considered a hate crime and is illegal. Now I've had the "free speech" argument before about this, and we do have the freedom of expression but we also have to be responsible for what we say. We can't just should fire in a crowded room and not answer for it if it’s not true and causes a panic. We have to take responsible for the people hurt by the stampede if it’s not true.

Being Canadian is more complicated than others may believe and its proving to be more difficult to put into words that I thought, so I'll continue this another time. Perhaps I'll talk about what being an Albertan or a Calgarian is about the next time.

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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Its about time I said something about the Hockey Strike

Alright if your not Canadian or from one of the hockey hotbed in the U.S., then your not going to care all that much but this has to be said and I'm going to say it now.

THE PLAYERS ASSOCIATION IS RUINING THE NHL. Now it would be obviously to a monkey on a rock that things need to change in the NHL when over half the teams are running in the red. Gary Bettman and the rest of the NHL has made several efforts to try to solve the problems and the NHLPA has just sat on their asses and figured that they would bully the NHL into another agreement that would hurt the league even further.

Now there are people who are blaming Bettman for these problems, by claiming that they expanded into too many markets but I then why are established teams like Buffalo and Montreal having such difficulties.

I mean Montreal is the to the NHL what the Yankee's are to Major League Baseball. The Canadiens history are filled with legendary players like the Maurice (The Rocket) Richard. Ken Dryden and of course Guy Lafleur. To others who are not hockey fans, theses names may not mean anything but they are the hockey equivalent to Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Mickey Mantle. These are baseball legends and they all played for the Yankee's and If suddenly George Steinbrenner said that the team was broke. People who be asking questions as well. Well I'm asking what is happening at the hockey rink that legends were born.

The players are asking too much and their agents are telling them its ok. I mean Gretzky didn't make the kind of money they want and he's "THE GREAT ONE".

People are wondering how long this strike will last and i think that its going to last a long time or until the players association gets it through their thick skulls that the owners aren't caving in.

Now there are some people who will say that the teams are loosing money now, but now they're loosing less than before the lockout.

I do want a hockey season. I really do, but I want the league to survive as well and in order to do so, some changes have to come. I just hope that they come quick.

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Saturday, September 25, 2004

The Sims have taken over my life again

Well I picked up The Sims 2 the day it came out but I haven't had the opportunity to play it. At least not till today. Actually I messed with the game a bit last Saturday but today I really got into it.

Needless to say I lost track of time and lost then entire day. Dammit, Dammit Dammit. I was not impressed but at least I had a chance to relax for once and I'm glad that I did.

Anyway I recreated myself and before you know it. My sim was having a better life than I was. Not so much as the career side, though my sim had some cash and some nice stuff but in the romance department. My sim of me is in a relationship and he's very happy along with Nina(the other sim). So my sim was having better luck with women than I was.

So I thought about it and I though that perhaps I should take some notes and trying some of the things he was saying but it was all in that sim tongue, which no one understands.

Anyway, my sim is happily in love and I'm writing this blog. (I'm dying here). Actually I choose to spend more time on my career and I have no regrets,(maybe some, I'll check with Dr. Cheryl). I still have time to find that someone, but for now, I'm enjoying the fact that I only have to worry about my owns concerns for now.

Anyway I got to get back to my sim. Maybe, I'll make him a dad.

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Friday, September 24, 2004

My blog hit the fan today

I don't know what the hell happened this morning when I was working on my blog but all of a sudden I was getting HTML errors like there was no tomorrow and I didn't know why. It all has something to do with the style sheet and It's Blogger's sheet not mine. So for a good part of the day my blog might have been unreadable as all the fonts got really tiny and the worse part was I had to go to work and I didn't have time to fix it until far later into the day.

So when I finally got the fonts fixed, i didn't have time to proof read the damn thing and there were spelling and grammatical errors on my top post. Arghh. But now, things are fine. At least I hope they are and I hope that this never happens again.

Oh on a totally none related topic. I got some of my DVD's in today. I got "The Cat in the Hat". The Mike Myers version, I've never seen it, and I got "The Best of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog " Its even got the scene where Triumph goes to Quebec city and pisses of the French. We Western Canadian loved it.

Anyway I hope to have something more interesting to chat about soon. I don't want to have to resort to the cookie monster song.

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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Who was the better Mr. Conductor?

Who doesn't remember Thomas the Tank engine? Well if your one of those people then I'm sorry to hear that you missed out on a pretty good show when you were a child. I still have pleasant memories of watching the adventurers of Thomas.

I also remember the show called "Shining Time Station". Now this was where we would meet Mr. Conductor, some kids and other people who would tell us about Thomas. Now there were two people who played Mr. Conductor during the run of the show. The first one was Ringo Starr and the second was George Carlin.

Now I was wondering who was the better one and I came up with some interesting thoughts. First off Ringo was a Beattle so the parents know him and think good things about him so parents would think he was safe. Parents would also know George Carlin and might be a little cautious about leaving their kids in from of the TV with this guy.

Then I was thinking, who would parents let babysit their children?Again Ringo seems like a good guy but I always thought there was something slightly off about him. Just look at any Beatles poster. Everyone else has a look on their face like they know the answers to all the world's problems but Ringo looks like he's trying to remember if he left the iron plugged in at home.

Now George is something even more interesting. First thing I would be concerned about is if he would decide to bring out some snacks like a glass of milk and some 'special' home made brownies. Then before you know it, the kids are screaming about 'The Man' and who knows what else is going on.

In all truth, I respect them both for their accomplishments. Ringo has done quite a lot as George is a very intelligent person who has also done a lot. I commend them for taking part of entertaining children and teach them some good life lessons (Like don't eat the brownies at George's place)

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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Netflicks,, Screen Select. The trend catches on

For quite some time now, I've heard people on TechTV talk about NetFlicks. You pay a monthly fee and you rent an unlimited about of DVD's but your only allows to have a certain amount out at one time. I alway found the concept interested but it was only a passing interest because it was available to Canadians. Then these banners started showing up at all the Canadian sites that I went to. a Canadian version and I said "I've been Saved" and I signed up. Now apparently its catching on all over the world. I was at Vics Blog and she was talking about something called Screen Select. From what I understood it was the same as my blessed, so it appears that this is catching on all over the world.

I know that VHQ in Canada is also starting up this service but I wonder if Blockbuster will soon?(Actually they are, in the U.S. I just checked) I mean how can people not love this. You go online, pick what movies you want and they come to your home and you keep them as long as you want. I have a friend who's always paying late fee's I told him about this just to help with that problem.

Now as I was writing this entry, I checked out the services in the U.S. and the U.K. I really like the picture of the couple in the NetFlix page but who the hell drinks wine and eats popcorn when watching a movie? That's like beer and caviar. Not a good mix.

Now the picture on the zip is someone wearing a zip shirt. She looks like she works at Blockerbuster. The female at Screen Select seems happy but I don't know why? Perhaps she's happy because she can rent smut with Screen Select. Netflicks and Zip don't have an adult selection. Well I always knew that people North America were uptight when it came to sex and here some more proof.

Anyway if you rent DVD's from a brick and mortar place, its time to upgrade to something better. You'll be glad that you did. I'm tired of getting looks whenever I rent a Disney animated feature. Hey I love those movies, too bad Disney's not making them any longer, but that's another post.

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When the heck did The Amazing Race go through my city ?

As I mentioned before. I'm a huge fan of "The Amazing Race" I always found it entertaining and interesting as the teams competed as they went from country to country in the quest to become the winners and get that 1 million dollar prize. Again people going to faraway places, but tonight things were different.

I'm watching the 2 hours finale and low and behold. The last 3 teams end up on my city. WHEN THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN AND MORE IMPORTANTLY WHY DIDN'T I KNOW? Now I know that they shoot a lot of commercials, television programs and even movies in or around the city. The outdoor scenes at the end of X-2, the bridge scenes from Exit Wounds, The racetrack sequence in Rat Race just to name a few but to find out that last winter (there was snow on the ground so it had to be last winter) they were shooting here and that I missed it really annoys me. Knowing that I stood in the same place as Chip and Kim, Brandon and Nicole or Colin and Christie.

Actually now that I think about it, I have stood in the same places. I've been up to Sunshine (They end up at Sunshine Village, ski resort), as well as C.O.P. (Canada Olympic Park) and not to mention the airport. Hell I even recognized the cab companies. Red Hat, Associated, Checked (I hope that none of the driver's stole their cell phones).

I remember seeing a scene where some of them are taking and I see the Harvey's in the airport behind them and I'm thinking, I ate there.

Well anyway its over and the fans of the show got to see some of my city as well, so I guess I'm feeling a bit of pride right now. YEAH CALGARY RULES, THE FLAMES RULE and now The Amazing Race came through our city.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

I bought it for the Donald Trump interview. I swear

I think it was a couple of weeks ago when I started talking about something I read on CNN's website. Specially it was about Playboy's plans to have some pictorial featuring female video game characters. Click here to read that post. Anyway they were also taking about it on MSNBC's website and a few other so I sounded like it was a big deal. Well the issue came out and all I got to say is, what a load of crap. I mean the whole things was only 4 pages and it mostly talked about video games coming out and most of the pictures were tiny. Sure there were one or two that were normal size (actually one was a centerfold of someone who's going to be in the new Leisure Suit Larry game) but geeze. I'm not saying that they all had to be nude or semi nude. Hell, they could have been in normal clothes but at least make the pictures more than 1 1/2 inches high.

Of course this was done in order to give them a reason the promote their new Playboy Mansion game coming out this fall. (Oh boy, I can't wait to play another Sim, The Sims 2 is enough for me)

If I had bought the magazine for that, I would be be really upset, but I bought it for the Donald Trump interview so I'm ok. Really I did. Stop shaking your head like that.

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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Those Damn (insert minority group here)

I'm not having a good day. A cab driver stole my cell phone and he's being a creep about it. What bothers me as well is that after I spoke with the people at the cab company, this happens quite a bit and they fire them when it happens.

Now I like to judge people as individuals as opposed to being part of a group but sometimes these (insert minority group here) just add to the stereotype. Now I know that its just a minority of that group but its this minority that makes it difficult for the others in their group. Don't they understand that? I don't think they do. Instead by their own actions, they justify the stereotype and start screaming racism when they get accused.

Its really a shame because I have friends who are (insert minority group here) and they are nice people, kind and very pleasant. Its really not fair that they have to have this trait attached to them simple because of some bad individuals. Even now, I'm going to be a little more suspicious because one of those (insert minority group here) STOLE MY CELLPHONE. I know its wrong but tell the to the (insert minority group here) who has my cellphone.

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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Bits and Pieces. Just some jigger jabber.

I can't think of too much to say in order to make it good post so I'm just going to talk about a bunch of things.

Ok, Brenda (I mentioned her before) has her own blog now YAAAA, Go check it out and give her some encouragement. Here's the link I'll also add her to my links section.

OK, I've officially switched over to Firefox now, no more IE. I've fallen in love with Tab browsing. It rules. There are also so many extensions like a adblocker, a spellcheck and many many others. I recommend that everyone should check it out. It was a painless transition. It even imported all my fav's from Internet Explorer.

I keep forgetting to TIVO the apprentice but soon I'll get it programmed. I'm watching the second episode soon. Its on again tonight.

Anyway sorry about the lack of intellectual humour or cries of aggravation but my apartment is on the verge of becoming a pigsty and I need to clean up. I promise that I will have something more interesting next time, so for now, give Brenda some words of encouragement ok?

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Friday, September 17, 2004

Even with Computer Generated Women I can't win

There is this game out for the Playstation 2 called Lifeline. Its an unique game where you use a headset to tell the main character, (her name is Rio) what to do. Now apparently there have been some reports of problems with the voice recognition software and the game becomes hard to play.

Now I've watched people play this game and I gave it some thought and then it hit it. There is nothing wrong with the software, its her its Rio that giving everyone grief . She's doing it deliberately because she doesn't like being told what to do and she's give you attitude in return. Think about it, everyone guy who plays this things ends up frustrated and annoyed, just like an argument with your girlfriend. I swear, the virtual girl is pissed and she's only claiming to not understand. If it something you don't think is important, then she understands, if its important, she starts running in circles. YES SHE HAS ONE GOAL, TO MAKE GUYS NUTS !!! Just like a real woman. She even has a manual and I still don't understand her !!! I now believe that I'm destined to walk the earth, never to understand women. I need some divine intervention here.

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Thursday, September 16, 2004

One day Jessica Karr will a household name

Yes one day, Jessica Karr will be accepting an Oscar for best actress and then she will look at her humble beginnings.

Now everyone is wondering who the heck is this person, I've never heard of her. Well I'll tell you, from what I saw in Bad Boys II, she has potential, actually she might not but she has something.

Like I said, she's an actress who was in Bad Boys II(2003), staring Martin Lawrence and Will Smith. She only had a small role, and she was only in one scene but she definitely made an impression on a lot of people out there. OK now everyone is wondering what role did she play? Well if you haven't seen the movie then this won't make too much sense but if you did, then you'll love this.

Remember the scene when Will and Martin are searching the Morgue and Will pulls back a sheet to reveal a corpse of a young woman with the"big titties". Well she was the corpse. If was her they were looking at when Martin told will to "show respect and cover the big titties".

Now I don't know how things work in Hollywood but you have to wonder how her agent got her this job. Did he read about it or did some call him asking if he had a young girl with large breasts available to play a corpse?

I also wonder how the director gave directions to young Jessica. "OK, here's your motivation, your a corpse, you lay on the table there and do nothing and Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will stare at your breasts and talk about them."

OK I know that it can be difficult to get real a real acting job but you have to wonder if Jessica called all her family and friends to see her "act" in a movie only to see her play a dead woman with exposed breasts.

Anyway despite the sarcasm I've displayed today, I do wish Jessica success in her career and I hope that one day, she will get to play a live person.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I like Barry Manilow. Now stop laughing

Yes its confession time here once again. I like Barry Manilow; as well as Eminem, Linkin Park and Evanescence. Now some of you might be wondering how the hell can I like all these different types of music? Well its simple, I don't bother to dislike something because its may not be "en vogue" ,"hip", or even trendy. When it comes to music I hate Britney, Christina and all those damn boy bands, because their music wasn't written, it was manufactured.

Why is it that once someone in the entertainment industry comes up with a new and innovative idea that everyone has to copy to death until the golden goose is dead. There are so many crime drama shows for example and a lot of them have the same damn name. Law and Order, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Law and Order, Parking Attendant. How about CSI, CSI Miami, CSI New York and how about CSI Duluth. I mean I remember when TV shows all had different names?

I guess one reason I like Barry so much is that his songs are a part of him. They were written by him and not a Marketing firm.

Actually I do like Barry, sometimes I'm not interested in rock or whatever and I want to hear something different and Barry always come through for me, from Mandy to American Bandstand to Could it be Magic, I like Barry Manilow. So until they start using Barry tunes for commercial jingles, I'll keep on listening.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Blobs Blogs Blogs. My thoughts travel through cyberspace.

Ok, I’ve had this blog up for a little while and I’m happy with my work here. I’ve managed to come up with something semi interesting to write about every day. I’ve even have future topics planed for days I can’t think of anything, thought everyone should dread the day I’m forced to do the Cookie Monster song.

I recently put a counter on the site to see if people were actually visiting my site and to my surprise I am getting hits.

Then there are the few people who were kind enough to leave comments on my entries. There were friends who I told about my site but also people who I’d never met. To them I say thank you. Thank you Vicky from the U.K(She called me sweets ,BLUSH). Thank you Musophrenia, also from the UK. Thank you Doug from Vancouver (Hey a fellow Canadian). Thank you Diwakar though I don’t know where you’re from. Thank you Brenda, I do miss you, and thank you LdyPayne, though sometimes I’m convinced that you’re not happy unless I’m annoyed ;). Oh and thank you to everyone else who just managed to drop by. Oh and to everyone (except Brenda) I enjoyed your blogs as well. (Brenda doesn’t have a blog, though I hope that she creates one someday).

Now most of our blogs have that interesting little button on the upper right above the title bar called NEXT BLOG. I believe that many of you found my blog through that little button and I personally think that button is the greatest extra with Blogger, not only do I get to share my thoughts with the world. I also get the opportunity to see what other peoples lives are like all around the world.

Just as I share my thoughts with others, they are sharing their thoughts with me and I feel privileged to have the opportunity. I get to peek at the lives of people living in Mexico, Australia, the U.K, Singapore, and other places. I’ve seen blogs written in different languages and even different alphabets. I have seen blogs in Arabic script and Chinese characters. We are from so many different places and have different views but we all have at least one thing in common. We want to share our thoughts with others through the internet.

To everyone who reads these words, I say thank you and I hope that one day I will have the opportunity to read your scribed thoughts as well.

Oh and Vicky, Thanks for putting my blog in your favs list. I promise to keep this blog going at this level for quite awhile. I tend to think too much anyway. I also enjoyed reading your blog

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Monday, September 13, 2004

I want to be "The Apprentice"

Ok its time for the second season of The Apprentice. I know there are so many reality shows out there that it gets to the point that they become redundant like who wants to marry a millionaire, who wants to be a model or have some Amish kids liking with some spoiled brats in Los Angeles but I have to admit, I love The Apprentice.

For surfers from overseas or have never heard of the show I’ll explain You get 18 people competing in what is being called a 15 week job interview to run one of Donald Trump’s companies. Now these people are all qualified and are competing with each other so at some point it becomes cutthroat.

Anyway I messed the first episode last week (NO!!!!) but they reaired it on Saturday when I did catch it and let me say. I’m looking forward to see how this pans out.

You know it’s too bad that a Canadian can’t be on the show (all contestants have to be U.S. residents) because I know I could kick ass there. I would be leading my teammates to victory over and over again until we got to the point when Mr. Trump says to me, “Your Hired”. Yeah and then I woke up. Well I do know that I wouldn’t be the first person fired. That would really suck.

Actually if I could be on a reality show other than The Apprentice, it would be The Amazing Race. A race around the world sounds great. I’m also hooked into that show as well, but that’s really it. I don’t watch Big Brother or Survivor or any other one. (Ok I watch Amish in the City, there’s something interesting about culture shock to me). Well for now, I guess there’s no reality show called, “Guy Working on His Blog”. Well I guess we can hope.

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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Tell me that you has these kind of people in your family as well PLEASE !!!

Yesterday my cousin got married. I never meet the girl who he married and the truth of the matter is that it wouldn’t matter if I did or not, though I do wish them luck in their lives together. Good luck to both of you.

Anyway, like I said, they got married yesterday ,and I’m not even going to comment on the fact that they got married on September 11th. That is just doesn’t feel right, especially on the 3rd anniversary of that horrible tragedy. Whoops I just did.

I got an invite to the wedding actually. It was a lovely invitation; red envelope with Chinese characters (could be Japanese, like I said. I never meet the new member of the family) I’m invited to the wedding and the dance; it was really nice of them to think of me. However there seems to be something strange here. I’m not invited to the dinner. MMM, I get to go the wedding and the dance but not the dinner. My parents are invited to the dinner but my brother and sister aren’t. This also happened last year as well when my other cousin got married.

Ok, I need to explain a few things here. I live in Calgary Alberta (its states that in my bio) but my family is originally from northern Ontario. The wedding is in a place called North Bay, roughly 4 hours drive north of Toronto, Ontario. To travel back east to this wedding I would have to go over 2574Km (or 1599 Miles for the Americans reading this). So I would have to fly half way across the country to go to this wedding. NOW I’M EXPECTED TO TAKE TIME OF WORK, SHELL OUT SOME CASH FOR THE FLIGHT AND THEY CAN’T EVEN GIVE ME A FRIGGIN MEAL!!!! What’s the deal?

Now I know that this isn’t my cousins doing, well not directly anyway. It’s all because of my aunt, THE GRAVE ROBBER. Now why would I give my aunt this horrid title you may ask? Well it goes back a few years (actually I knew something strange was going on even years before that when one of my cousins told me that they had already laid claim on my grandmother’s car when she died) when my grandfather died. She took it upon herself to go to my grandparents place and decided to take things that she wanted; not even thinking that perhaps my grandmother would want these things. Well this pissed my other cousin to no end. My grandparents had 3 sons, my dad, the father of the pissed off cousin and the one who married the grave robber. Anyway I was pissed as well and my dad had to go lay down the law. (My dad is the eldest son and doesn't take shit from no one, I know, I tried many times growing up). Now I don’t know to what level this grave robbing instinct flows through that part of the family but I do know a few days after the funeral, my sister was with the daughter of the grave robber and she asked my grandmother if she could have her wedding dress when she died. My grandfather funeral was 48 hours before and my cousin is laying claim on stuff when my grandmother dies? WHAT THE HELL!!!! Anyway this part of the family decided that they would invite me to the wedding and the dance but not the dinner. SCREW THEM!!!

Actually I’m glad I didn’t go because if I left my coat anywhere during the dance, my aunt would probably be going through the pockets looking for change.

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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Three Years Later

Three years ago today the world changed. I still remember that day, but then again, don’t we all? It’s our generation’s version of “Where were you when you found out about Kennedy’s assassination” but in my opinion, this was so much more. Though since I wasn’t born during that time, I might not truly understand the feeling people had that day. I just know how I felt three years ago today.

Well its three days later and its time for a confession. I’m ashamed of my actions that day. I remember being in the computer lab at school when someone first mentioned it and I thought they were talking about a movie or something. Anyway I was working on an assignment and at the same time I was trying to go to but I was having limited success so I though that was a problem with the server at the school. Then the webpage came up of the World Trade Centre. I remember my initial reaction. “My god, someone hacked CNN." My mind could not grasp the concept that what I was on the webpage was real.

Then I ended up down in the student lounge and they had a TV on and everyone was watching and then I realized that this was real. The planes had crashed into the towers. I saw a friend and he told be about the towers coming down and I didn’t believe that part. It wasn’t until I saw the towers actually crashing to earth on TV then I started to believe. Until that point, it seemed like an action movie and not reality.

Well soon after my classes ended I headed for work and I listened to people on the bus talk and it seemed to me that they just didn’t get it. I felt so empty inside and these people were talking like this was an ordinary event. I remember a woman talking about “When things got back to normal”; I just wanted to scream that things were never going to be back to normal. I wanted to say that the world has just change forever.

The worst was these two stupid white trash pieces of shit talking about it like it was action film and I wanted to scream but like before, I did nothing.

That what my day was basically, doing nothing but my usual routine. I felt like I should have been doing something else. Something important but I didn’t know what. So I acted like a lemming and did my job and listened to my boss talk about the customers being inconvenienced because the courier’s planes weren’t allowed to fly.

I don’t know if there really was something I could do but I’m still ashamed that I did nothing.

Perhaps I felt different from everyone else around me because I had been to New York and it was a real place to me. Not somewhere where people hear about but never go to. I had walked the streets of Manhattan. The two towers were real to me because I saw them. They were real, and New York was something I had experienced. So perhaps I felt a bond and a connection with the people of New York that day.

Actually New York has always interested me. It always appeared to be such an exciting place to be but that day I shared their sorrow. But I did nothing.

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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Someone must think I'm really stupid

I got this e-mail last night. This is a good one

Dear Sir/Madam,I am Samuel M. Kgosi, with the Bank of Botswana.This is an urgent andvery confidential business proposition.

On June 6, 2000,a Foreign Oil consultant/contractor with the BotswanaInstitute of Mining and Metallurgy, Mr.Anthony Stones made a numberedtime(Fixed) Deposit for twelve calendar months, valued atUS$26,500,000.00,(Twenty-six Million, five hundred thousand Dollars) in my branch.

Upon maturity,I sent a routine notification to his forwarding addressbut got no reply. After a month,we sent a reminder and finally we discovered from his contract employers, the National PetroleumCorporation that Mr.Anthony Stones died from an automobile accident.

On further investigation,I found out that he died without making aWILL,and all attempts to trace his next of kin was fruitless.

I therefore made further investigation and discovered that Mr.AnthonyStones did not declare any kin or relations in all his officialdocuments,including his Bank Deposit paperwork in my Bank. This sum ofUS$26,500,000.00 has carefully been fixed in my bank for safekeeping.

No one will ever come forward to claim it.According to Botswana Law, at the expiration of 5 (five) years, the money will revert to the ownership of the Government if nobody applies to claim the fund.

Consequently, my proposal is that I will like you as a Foreigner tostand in as the owner of the money which was fixed deposited in my bank.I am writing you because I as a public servant,i cannot operate a foreign account.

I want to present you as the owner of the funds so you can be able toclaim them with the help of my attorney. This is simple.I will like youto provide immediately your full names and address so that the Attorneywill prepare the necessary documents which will put you in place as thebeneficiary of the funds.The money will be moved out for us to share in the ratio of 80% for meand 20% for you. The paperwork for this transaction will be done by theAttorney

If you are interested, please reply immediately via my email address andUpon your response,I shall then provide you with more details that willhelp you understand the transaction.

Be rest assured that this transaction would be most profitable for bothof us because I shall require your assistance to invest my share in realestate within your country.

Awaiting your urgent reply via my email Above.

Thanks and my regards.

Samuel. M. Kgosi.Bank of Botswana.

What I want to know is do these people really think I would fall for this piece of crap? I mean come on here? I saw this scam on a news magazine about 8 months ago and now they want to try it on me?

I really have a couple of words for these people but I’m not going to say them here. I don't want to swear on my blog.

What really bothers me if the fact that when I notified my ISP, their only response was to tell me since it wasn’t from one of their customers, I should track the e-mail and contract their ISP. They gave me instructions on how to do that and it was very helpful but what bothered me was the fact that they never said a thing about contacting the RCMP. Sure, they are trying to commit a crime but just tell the people who give them internet access and don’t bother the police. HELLO??????

Anyway I'm e-mailing it to the RCMP myself. I’ll let everyone know what happens next.

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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Its soo yucky outside

Ok why is it that the first week of September is always so grew and dull? This is a trend that I’ve noticed for a long time. I remember the first day of school and the sky was gray. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that it was God’s way of saying. "The fun in the sun is over, now conform and get back to your dreary lives."

I find that my mind seems to be shutting down. Before I had many ideas and topics about this blog. At one point, I was had 4 topics in advance ready but now, I’ve resorted to talking about the weather. It’s like 2 old men on the porch discussing the rain. The weather is draining my will to live. (Or perhaps it’s my job but that another thing). Either way I’m reduced to talking about the weather. Perhaps some of my DVD’s will come in and I can give a review of that.

Anyway I’m bored and lifeless tonight so that’s it.

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Monday, September 06, 2004

Harvey's new Salmon Burger YUCK !!!!

Ok, now who is the genius who came up with this idea? Because it wasn’t me. Over the years, I’ve seen different types of burgers out there. The traditional beef, the chicken (grilled and breaded), fish, buffalo and the infamous veggieburger but a salmon burger? I want to meet the guy who thought this was a good idea.

This salmon burger thing is right up there with McDonalds selling pizza. Why do this? The whole idea of biting into salmon in a bun with some fries on the side sounds disgusting to me. Yuck.

Someone is going to loose a lot of money on this and I’m just going to laugh. However some bad ideas do end up being successful. How else can you explain Hogan’s Heroes? I can still picture these people trying to see the idea to the network. “We have American P.O.W’s in a Nazi death camp and it’s a comedy.” (That bit belongs to Gilbert Godfrey).

I want a job where I tell people if their idea is good or bad. Perhaps if I could do this we could have averted tragedies like Blueberry Pepsi. Now that was just disgusting.

Well anyway I hope that the people who bring us this crap will wisen up and stop trying to sell us this crap.

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P.S. I refuse to create a link to this freak burger so you'll have to google it yourself.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Dr. Cheryl and my love life

Let’s my say a word or two about my love life; I have none. There it’s said and done. Now enter Dr. Cheryl. Dr. Cheryl (as I call her when she gets into these moods) keeps bugging me about finding someone special and having a relationship. I swear, she is worse than my mother. My mom doesn’t bother me about these things. She knows what happens, happens. (I guess anyway).

Now don’t get me wrong. I see the advantages of finding that special someone. That person would be there to share your life with and enjoy the little things but things get complicated at times. First of all, women make no sense to me. With women, everything has a double meaning and when it comes to the female mind, I’m a complete dolt. I’m the guy who would actually believe a woman when she said everything is fine. From a male’s point of view, fine means fine right? Well if you think that, you’re WRONG!!!

Next weekend I have a cousin getting married and I can think of one thing to say to him as advice. RUN!!!! GET TO THE CHOPPER!!! RUN!!! (Ok I just watched Predator recently)

I’m not going to go into the details of my life but I will say this. I need to make one last change before I start pursuing a female companion. (Let’s get one thing straight. I said female. I’m a guy and I’m after a girl.) However I feel the need to do so much more with my life. I want to go to Tokyo. I want to go to Calgary Flames games. I wonder if I will be able to do this with a girlfriend.

On thing really bothers me about women. How come you have to explain what ‘off side’ means in a hockey game over and over again but she will remember exactly what you said 12 years ago when you locked your keys in the car. I really want someone to explain this one to me.

I think this comes back to the Computer Generated Women I was talking about awhile ago. Here’s the
link to that post. At least these females have manuals.

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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Now Sonia is gone

Another kind person has left the confines of work and has decided to go to a better place. This time, it’s back to school and I wish her well.

I will miss Sonia’s smile when I see her, her charm and the way she says “You Stink”. It’s her way of saying ‘take a shower dammit’. No he’s kidding (God I hope she was kidding) and once again I will miss her.

I did take a picture of her with my digital camera but I’ve decided against putting it up. Take care and I hope to hear from you soon.

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Friday, September 03, 2004

Definition Terrorist: See Coward

Today is a very sad day in a small town in Russia. It’s also a day that has brought out moral outrage throughout the world.

First thing that has to be said is that anyone who hides behind children is a coward. These people are not solders or patriots or even freedom fighters. They are simply cowards who deserve whatever they have coming to them. The armed cowards that lived through the battle deserve no mercy; they have proven that they are not capable of it so why should it be granted to them

As of late, the world terrorist has been heard in the news lately as a result of actions in Spain, Russia and of course in New York and Washington. As a result, many people now live in fear of what could be around the corner. The need for vigilance has risen significantly and people on both sides are hurting because of it.

We are use to hearing about such acts in places like Israel and Africa but this plague seems to be spreading and it has infected North America several times. Many people feel that the people of Israel are too extreme in their view but we don’t live in a place where its common for someone to put on a vest of explosives and walk down to the store where you buy your groceries and blow themselves up; killing many others as well as themselves. In my opinion, we don’t have the right to judge them.

What really gets my goat are people who protest the treatment of this sub human slime. They start blabbing this left wing educated crap and they feel that they have all the answers. I wonder what they would do if their fantasy world where everyone gets along and respects each other would meet with the reality of a terrorist with a gun to their head.

These intellectual jackasses preach about tolerance and rights of others and meanwhile there are hundreds of dead in Russia right now and at least one child crying over the memory of a coward with a gun.

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But Mom, Everyone is doing it.

It’s all my fault apparently. As soon as I got home and went online and started chatting with my friend, the first thing she said it was all my fault. What was my fault? Well my friend decided to check on my blog, she hasn’t done so and she found my words interesting. She was going to comment on one of my entries and she ended up registering with and before you know it. Bang, she has her own blog and she can’t remember what the hell she was going to comment about.

Anyway I encourage everyone to check her blog out as well. The link is
here. Now perhaps you’re wondering, who is this person, well I’m not going to tell you. Just check out her blog. I’m also going to add her to my links on the lower right of this page.

I read her first post and I’ve noticed how some things are similar and some things are different. I personally like the fact she credits me for the creation of the blog. Ok she blames me but it’s the same thing right? Anyway, please check her blog out and if any one else want me to plug your blog, WELL SCREW YOU. This is a blog, not a billboard.

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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Starbucks is trying to take over the world

I now believe that Starbucks is a plot from some organization to take over the world. They seem to be everywhere and its starting to creep me out. There are 2 of them in the mall (its calls Chinook Centre) that I live right besides. Does a mall really need 2 Starbucks? Perhaps it’s for people in different parts of the mall but what if you’re right between the 2 of them. Which way do I go? I need a coffee to decide where I want to go for a coffee now.

Oh and why the hell can’t I get coffee-flavored coffee at Starbucks? Instead I have to get a "latte" or an "espresso" what the hell do those words mean. I think latte means ‘give me your money bitch’ and espresso means ‘bend over and squeal like a pig’.

One other thought, noticed how in one of those Austin Powers movie, it was Dr. Evil who owns Starbucks? I think Mike Myers was trying to warn us.

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