Wednesday, August 25, 2004

If you Squint your eyes, they almost look like real women.

I swear that I’m not making this up. I just read this at Here’s the link. Anyway in the October’s issue of Playboy, they are featuring virtual women, videogame characters. Come on people, have we gotten to the point where we prefer CGI women to real thing now? This is leading to someplace dangerous. I can picture it. In the future, guys will be dating their computers and as a result, only the really dumb people will be reproducing. Actually this fits into my “Someone has been peeing in the gene pool” theory.

Then again, at least these women would come with an instruction manual and “fine” would actually mean fine as opposed to the word women use to end an argument when they feel they are right and you need to shut up. MMM maybe I’m looking at this the wrong way.

My 2 bits.

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