Tuesday, September 29, 2015

TV does rot your brain. OK maybe a little bit.

I remember when i started blogging again. I was looking forward to once again blogging on a near daily basis, and sharing my wisdom with the internet. I was going to be able to have the world clamoring for my thoughts. In reality, I'm doing this on a weekly basis, not a daily basis, but I'm not giving up.

I look at the situation, and in the tradition of the entitled people of the western world (which, I'm not by western standards, but definitely standards in other parts of the world), I choose to blame others instead of myself. This week, I blame TELEVISION.

On Monday, I blame Gotham, and Miss Piggy along with the rest of those Muppets.

On Tuesday, I blame Agents of SHIELD, and The Flash

On Wednesday, I blame Arrow, South Park, and Moonbeam City (don't judge me)

On Thursday, I blame Heroes Reborn, Sleepy Hollow, and The Blacklist.

On Friday, I blame Continuum, and Mr Robot.

On Saturday, I have no one to blame by myself, but it is catch up for stuff I missed like Minority report because there are too many shows that I watch.

On Sundays, I blame The Walking Dead, and Comic Book Men.

Again, I blame these shows, and not myself.

This is why I don't blame myself. I enjoy good story telling. Just like people who like to read, I enjoy being sucked into another world filled with Superheors, Time Travelers, Conspiracies about Shadow Governments, and life in the zombie apocalypse. However, unlike others, I too lazy to pick up an actual book and read it.

Apparently I'm not the only person who enjoys many of these shows. As some of these are in seasons 3, to 6. Also, I've meet many fellow fans at conventions in Calgary as well as in San Diego (The Disney World of Comic Conventions), and there are a bunch of us who love these worlds on Television, the Movie Screen, and Comic Book, and yes actual books. Now you might be saying "how about going outside and see the real world"? To which I say "have you seen what's out there?"

Real life can be really boring. I said it. Sure, people take time to do some cool stuff, but the whole job thing really is boring. While, it's been awhile since I hated my job so much, that I was praying for death, I'm still bored. My life of going to work, working, going home, sleep, repeat is boring as hell. I want some drama in my life, some excitement, and I get that with my TV.

While, my time watching TV is taking blogging time away, I watch these shows, because I like them. I enjoy sitting on my couch watching hour after hour my shows. I enjoy these world better than my own. It's not boring.

While I may not get invested in all shows, like Orphan Black for example (I hate the main character). I can see people getting into the shows and seeing what will happen next. I see this at one point or another for all tv show...except Coronation Street. Ugggghhh.

So this is why I'm not here as much, but I'm trying. I'm trying.

My 2 Bytes

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I can't find the words

I'm trying to write about how the American religion right doesn't seem to like the pope, but I can't seem to find the right words. When I write about issues like this, I like to do some research, and be able to site my sources so it doesn't look like I'm not just pulling stuff out of my ass, but this time I'm finding it hard to argue about this logically.

Before Pope Francis, I was embarrassed to admit that I was catholic because of the action of others. I didn't want to be associated with them, because I did not agree with what they were saying. These were the type to quote scripture from the Bible to justify their stance, but I don't know need some obscure quote in the good book to know when something is wrong.

I think this is why my first attempt at this post failed. Just as these people use obscure quotes to justify their point, I was looking for news articles to prove my point. I didn't need to do this, because sometimes, WRONG IS JUST WRONG because what my heart tells me.

I've been reading recently about some religions people, including Mike Huckabee  talking about how the Pope is wrong, and blasting judgement on him, and i just feel shame for these people. I don't remember Jesus doing these things.

Pope Francis tends to speak of tolerance, and has even spoken for Same Sex Marriage, as well voiced concerned about Climate Change. Now if the leader of the Catholic church preaches about acceptance, and voices concerned about Climate Change, you would think that the American catholic would listen and agree with him? Well some do, others do not.

Pope Francis has spoken on Climate Change before, and I the reaction from many (insert Fox News stinger here), feel that the Pope should be minding their own business. So if the Pope says something they agree with, they praise him. If he says something they don't agree with, they tell him to mind their own business?

These people have gone so far as to state that the Pope is a not a real Christian. I believe its these people who are not the real Christians, and I say this as a Catholic. I went to Catholic school until grade 12, when my family moved to Ontario, and not once, were we ever taught intolerance. So it's these people who are in fact the Fake Christians. I say this because when I hear them speak, all I hear is hate, and this was not what Jesus taught us.

So to all the Fake Christians out there including Kim Davis, and Mike Huckabee, I say this.


Hey I already admitted that I was a terrible Catholic.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

He's Muslim,. He must be a terrorist.

There's this 14 year old  boy who's name is Ahmed Mohamed. He apparently likes to tinker with electronics, and built a home made clock. So he takes it to his school to show his teacher. now maybe I'm crazy, but I believe that a teacher is support to encourage their students to pursue their quest for knowledge. Encourage them to better themselves. Well this isn't the case in Texas. Instead he's questioned about the device, and take into custody for making a suspected bomb.

I forgot to mention that the boy is Muslim, there it must have been a bomb. THIS IS RACISM AT IT'S WORST. Before, you say I'm not being fair about what happened. I ask, would this happen to a white person? I say not. It's the same thing with #BlackLivesMatter. While some people are saying all lives matter, and I do agree with that. It's not white people being shot by the police.

Now, being Canadian, I see one fundamental difference between myself, and our neighbors to the south. I do not live in fear. When I watch US news, the top stories are usually about how someone has been killed in one form or another. In Canada, the top story isn't about fear and death.

It seems to me, that certain people, groups, or even political parties thrive on fear. Personally, I see it as a way to hold them back. If you're scared all the time, how are you going to go outside, meet your neighbors, and form a community. That's not going to happen if you're hiding in your home because of the threat from (insert religious group/ethnic group here). Personally, I would be nervous around white Americans. Whenever there's a mass shooting in the US, it's most likely done by a white person. 

I remember hearing about a gun shop owner having a gun sale during 9/11 this year, where if you said Muslim, you would get a discount. This is a perfect example of how people are trying to profit from your fear. Now there have been reports of extremists living in Calgary going off to join ISIS. In fact, some of them were living in my building . I'm not kidding, the picture of the building in the link is my apartment building. I may have very well, shared an elevator with a ISIS terrorist.Does this mean that I'm now scared of anyone in my building who follows Islam? Not a chance.

I have worked with, and befriended many people of the Muslim faith. I've even met a family who has to free Iraq during the first Gulf War, and they were the kindest people I've ever met.

Sure there are some bad seeds out there, but these days, i see equal opportunity hate out there. Honestly, I'm more nervous around White Americans than follows of Islam. They're not the ones who want to walk about my city armed.

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Friday, September 11, 2015

My comic world just went pppfffttt


I just read this from multiple sources that in the fourth issue of the new Invincible Iron Man comic, a new character is to be added. Mary Jane Watson. Yes the MJ who's married/was married to Peter Parker.

My reaction to this news was a loud NOOOO. Bad idea, bad idea, but then I thought maybe I should wait and see what will happen.

Perhaps I need to give some details about the background around this. For a long time, Peter Parker was married to Mary Jane Watson. They had their rocky spots, but I always considered them the first couple of the Marvel Universe. (I've never been a fan of the Fantastic Four, so Reed and Sue Richards don't count). It proved that a superhero can live happily ever after with their beloved. That was until the Civil War story line. (The same story line as the new Captain America movie will be based on when it's released next year). In this story line, Peter, and Mary Jane are made to forget that they were ever married. Needless to say, I hated this.

Now forward to this year. Marvel is in the middle of the Secret Wars story where the whole Marvel Multiverse has been destroy, and all that exists in the Battleworld. In the Battleworld, there are a bunch of separate domains where people people from different domains are not suppose to interact, Think of it as a "What If", and each domain is a different story.

In one of the domains, the comic series Spider-Man Renew Your Vows takes place. In this domain Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson are still married and they have a daughter named Annie. I really loved this series for the story, and the idea of Peter, and MJ are still married and have a daughter. Again, I don't see why heroes can't live happily ever after.

One more important thing, is after the Secret Wars storyline is completed, the whole Marvel Universe is getting a reboot (Marvel says it's not a reboot. I call bullshit on that). So will this new version of Mary Jane ever have a relationship with Peter? Does she and Tony Stark become an item? I hope not. I really want MJ back with Peter, and I don't trust Tony anywhere near her.

I'm still a Marvel fanboy, but this idea of MJ and Tony Stark together gives me the creeps.

My 2 Bytes

Saturday, September 05, 2015

I'm awake....I'm awake

I haven't left again. Not yet anyway. I'm just not quite sure what to write about.

I think the problem is that for the longest time, I had trained myself to write on a near daily basis, but then the batteries went PPPFFFTTT. Actually, it has to do with my state of mind.

When I started blogging I was working a job that I despised, for a company I had no respect for, because I felt that I was underpaid, and unappreciated. I wouldn't mention the company name for fear of being sanctioned in some way. It was only after I has given my 2 week notice that I decided to test my theory, and it proved correct, as I was terminated even after I had given my notice. The nice thing was that I was paid an extra 2 weeks wages and got the rest of my last week off. I ended up buying a PS3 with that extra money. Thank you Kohl and Frisch for the PlayStation 3, but you're still assholes. (You can't fire me again PPPPFFFTTTT).

During those times, I was raging against the dying of my light, but after that I was feeling that things were going in the right direction, so I felt less rage. I think it was during that time, I felt less and less of a need to blog, until the point that I stopped all together.

Now looking back, I see that I was confirming. As long as I received a decent paycheck, I didn't feel a need to be creative.  I was content with how things were. I was starting to do the things, I always wanted to do. I traveled, and started to see the world. I went to Chicago, I went to San Diego for Comic Con multiple times. I went to London, England, and got to meet a blogger friend face to face. My light wasn't dying then, so why did I need to blog.

It's after I was downsized from my current job, that I felt a need to blog again. It wasn't because I felt down, as I ended up getting a new job 2 days later, thanks to a friend (Networking works people). It wasn't what I did before, but it was a new opportunity, with new options for my career.  It was a step back, in many ways. I was doing first call resolution again. It was a small company as opposed to working for a large oil and gas company, but I was something else. Growth. This company is growing. I'm on the ground floor of something that is going to be something big one day. I truly believe that.

So I don't feel a need to blog because my light is dying, but I feel a need to blog in order to be creative. I loved some of the old stuff I wrote, and I know I can write some awesome new stuff. So I'm going to continue to write. I'm going to be creative so my mind doesn't dull. I love to think about stuff. So I'm hing to make my best effort to keep at this.

Oh, and the other reason I stopped blogging. Fucking Facebook.

My 2 Bytes,