Saturday, September 05, 2015

I'm awake....I'm awake

I haven't left again. Not yet anyway. I'm just not quite sure what to write about.

I think the problem is that for the longest time, I had trained myself to write on a near daily basis, but then the batteries went PPPFFFTTT. Actually, it has to do with my state of mind.

When I started blogging I was working a job that I despised, for a company I had no respect for, because I felt that I was underpaid, and unappreciated. I wouldn't mention the company name for fear of being sanctioned in some way. It was only after I has given my 2 week notice that I decided to test my theory, and it proved correct, as I was terminated even after I had given my notice. The nice thing was that I was paid an extra 2 weeks wages and got the rest of my last week off. I ended up buying a PS3 with that extra money. Thank you Kohl and Frisch for the PlayStation 3, but you're still assholes. (You can't fire me again PPPPFFFTTTT).

During those times, I was raging against the dying of my light, but after that I was feeling that things were going in the right direction, so I felt less rage. I think it was during that time, I felt less and less of a need to blog, until the point that I stopped all together.

Now looking back, I see that I was confirming. As long as I received a decent paycheck, I didn't feel a need to be creative.  I was content with how things were. I was starting to do the things, I always wanted to do. I traveled, and started to see the world. I went to Chicago, I went to San Diego for Comic Con multiple times. I went to London, England, and got to meet a blogger friend face to face. My light wasn't dying then, so why did I need to blog.

It's after I was downsized from my current job, that I felt a need to blog again. It wasn't because I felt down, as I ended up getting a new job 2 days later, thanks to a friend (Networking works people). It wasn't what I did before, but it was a new opportunity, with new options for my career.  It was a step back, in many ways. I was doing first call resolution again. It was a small company as opposed to working for a large oil and gas company, but I was something else. Growth. This company is growing. I'm on the ground floor of something that is going to be something big one day. I truly believe that.

So I don't feel a need to blog because my light is dying, but I feel a need to blog in order to be creative. I loved some of the old stuff I wrote, and I know I can write some awesome new stuff. So I'm going to continue to write. I'm going to be creative so my mind doesn't dull. I love to think about stuff. So I'm hing to make my best effort to keep at this.

Oh, and the other reason I stopped blogging. Fucking Facebook.

My 2 Bytes,

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