Monday, August 31, 2015

Comic Book Nerd or Pervert.

So last week, i picked up a new 3TB hard drive for my PC. I’m not going to say where because I want free stuff before I do it, so screw them. Before the new drive my main storage drive was a 1.5TB. I’m trying to get through the technobabble as quickly as possible, here. I can already hear some of you going. I really don’t care about this shit, but the point is, I added a third hard drive which was twice as big as the old drive.

Now I decided I wanted to move the largest folder over to the new drive in order to free up space on the old drive. Now here’s the shocker. The biggest folder on that drive was NOT THE PORN FOLDER.  Yeah, I was surprised as well. I even kidded myself on the way home by saying,. 3 Terabytes, that’s a lot of porn, but smut did not dominate my hard drive. What did was comics.

I’ve been a comic book since I was a teenager. Sure I read a comic book here and there when i was a kid, but I didn’t really get into comics until I saw a really cool cover. Its was Star Wars issue 61 which featured a close up of the cockpit of a tie fighter with it being piloted by Luke Skywalker. The cover enticed me, and I bought the comic, and was hooked ever since.

Now I’m going to go babbling on about my love of comics (I can hear the eyes starting to roll to the back of your heads again), but the point is I had more comic books, than porn on that hard drive. This means I’m more of a comic book nerd than a pervert. I don’t know if I should proud or disappointed. I could analyse this deeper, but I’m scared of what I will find.

Now there days, they made parody porns (well that’s what I heard), where they do x rated parodies of superheroes, sci-fi movies, and even classic tv shows (again, I just heard this), so it looked like there’s now a place for comic book nerds, and perverts can now have common interests. Well not me, because I’m not a pervert.

However I am a HUGE LIAR.

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