Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Am I back? I don't know.

I haven't been here in 4 years. I'm not sure if I've been lazy, or just pre-occupied with Facebook, but now I've decided that Facebook is killing my creativity.

I think it's because I'm currently unemployed, I've decided to come back and write something here. I used to have a lot of fun blogging about stuff (or shit, depends on your point of view). Being submerged in IT world for so long, makes me think that perhaps, it was killing my creativity, but hey I had money, and was travelling, so everything was ok, but I don't think it was.

Sure I was posting little bits on Facebook. Posting awesome pictures of my travels, including getting to meet Vicky, and multiple trips to Comic Con, but here, I was creative. Here i was funny. Here I wrote about underpants.

It really wasn't until Jamie wanted a story about my sudden employment, that I realized that part of my brain has stopped working, and I need to jump-start that part of my brain. It could also be the fact that Broom County is back , but only on Facebook. PPPFFFTTTT

I missed writing stuff, stuff I found amusing, and then a day later finding a bunch of spelling mistakes. ARGHHH. Facebook stopped that from happening. I need to change that. I need the old me taking about weird, and random stuff. I remember spending a half hour typing this stuff, after searching the internet for over an hour. Those were the days. I kept talking about raging against the dying of my light. I think it died, but now I think there's a new flame.

I hope there's a new flame starting. Even if blogging isn't as cool as it used to be,

Screw You Facebook.


letti said...

w00t he's back! Oh, and feggedabout the spelling mistakes. We love random weird K!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, screw you, Facebook!
Glad to have you back.
I'm mostly blogging elsewhere now, but am always glad to see a name from the good old days.