Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I'm indifferent, and I'm ashamed of it

So I was planning on write something about Coronation Street. How can this show be on for more than 50 years, when as soon as I hear that theme, I fall asleep, so maybe the show gets such good rating, while the TV is on, the viewers were asleep. That was before I heard about ANOTHER shooting, this time live on television. Reporter Alison Parker and Videographer Adam Ward were killed during a live report. You think that perhaps, it was in some dangerous neighbourhood, but nope, it took place in at an outdoor shopping mall for tourists. The killer was a former co-worker, who was fired earlier this year.

What bothers me isn’t so much that this occurred. What bothers me is that this occurs so often that I’ve become desensitized by it. I’m honestly ashamed of myself over feeling this way, but it happens so often, and no real actions are taken to stop these acts from occurring, I’m not at the point of saying “Whatever”

I know that some have tried to do something to prevent these acts from occurring in the future, but others will stand in their way for one reason. They were paid to do so. Let’s not bullshit ourselves here. The NRA in the United States works to block any gun legislation so the gun makers can continue to sell their products, and make money on the deaths of the innocent.

I remember awhile back where a group set up a fake gun shop, which featured guns that were used to kill people, even from Sandy Hook.. I remember the NRA tried every trick in the book to have these people prosecuted. However all their arguments, “and lies” were called out as an officer from the NYPD was there for the who event to make sure no laws were broken.

I admit, that the idea of firing an assault rifle does sound pretty cool, and there are gun ranges in my city which will allow me to do this, but in a controlled environment, under supervisor of a gunsmith.

That’s the key thing. Responsibility. People who fight against gun legislation need to be made responsible for their actions. No more hiding in the shadows. They need to be put into the spotlight. A PSA of the person, with a picture of the gun that was used in killing someone.

however I doubt that would happen, because like myself, they’ve becomes numb to it. I just wonder if they feel as ashamed as I do, because I’m not proud of being numb to this

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