Friday, August 14, 2015

Money to burn.

So here's the deal. I was laid off from my job on Tuesday. By Thursday, I managed to secure a new job, starting next Monday, so I'm once again financially secure. Now I have 4 weeks of severance and 2 weeks of holidays to be paid out by the end of the month, but what to do with the money.

Now I've kidded about spending the money on Blackjack, and Hookers, but to be honest, I'm not the casino type. I can think of far better ways of burning money. As for the Hookers, nope. nope, nope. I'd like to think I have more class than. HEY I CAN DREAM CAN I.

My mother thinks I should act in a responsible manor and pay off my debts. PPPPFFFFTTTTTT.

I am on a quest however. I will wonder through the shops in the for a Trump wig. That is a no brainier. I must have the Trump wig. I need the Trump wig. I will become Trump.

The lastest idea I've come up with is a trip to Butte, Montanna, just to say I've been to Butte. I like many immature people like to call it butt. I'm sure that rural Montana is nothing like rural Alberta, and it will be a unique experience like going to Vulcan, Alberta, or Hanna, Alberta.  Sure I can walk around in Vulcan with Vulcan ears, and a phaser and no one would bother me. I might not even be the only one there doing that, since the town is named Vulcan. I could drive up and down the main street of Hanna, blaring Nickleback, and seeing how many people I piss off. To be honest, i have nothing against Nickleback, and I'm happy for a bunch of local boys from rural Alberta to obtain the amount of success that they did.

A trip does sound like a good idea, since I didn't go anywhere this year. Damn you Comic Con, but sense of responsabilty keeps going back to paying down my debt. PPPFFFTTTT. Why do I have to be responsible instead of irresponsible?  Maybe I can put the money to my debt while wearing the Trump wig, but Trump wouldn't do that. he would  just declare bankruptcy....again. Who know that something like this could be such a challenge, a while while I keep hearing this in the backgroup

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