Saturday, August 15, 2015


So here's the problem, with my 4 year hiatus from blogging. I missed some thing. I missed a lot of relevant things, but I also missed a lot of bullshit. Well didn't so much as miss, but never commented on it here. For example. HOW THE HELL DID THE KARDASHIANS HAPPEN?

(Warning, I've been saving this up for years.)

Is the current trend in television today is follow the stupidest people on the planet and make a TV show about them? I don't get. For the record, I've never watched the show. I hear about them online. I see their faces in the bullshit magazines in line at the supermarket, and I think to myself, if you can make a shitload of money doing stupid stuff in front of the camera, then SHOW ME THE MONEY.

Now I'd like to say that I have too much dignity to do such things in front of a camera, but I can be bought (except for the sex tape thing, my self esteem couldn't take the entire Internet going EWWWWW). I can do funny stuff on TV, like drive around town wearing a toilet seat around my neck. I can walk about with a Donald Trump wig (heck, I'm gonna do that for free).  I can get a spray on tan and dress like a douchbag.

Did you know that this person has acting credits. WHAT THE HELL!!!!

I was listening to a podcast, and they were talking about an episode where the sisters were having a competition over who's HOOCH smelled the best, and Khloe was the judge. Really, having to decide which sister has the best smelling....whatever.

This is all Ryan Seacrest's fault. It's his company that put this crap out there, for 10 damn seasons. How can something this dumb be on for this long, and how did these people get so famous for being stupid, or are they stupid?

I keep thinking of the piles of money they all have, and...well I have is a pile of dirty laundry. Makes me think, who's the dumb one now?

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