Friday, April 03, 2009

A bad picture

I broke my crappy camera last week. I had the camera back when I was working for the cheap ass bastards at the old job, so it wasn’t anything fancy, but I was still annoyed. So when I ordered my new laptop (another post for another time), I also purchased a new camera. I’m a lot happier with this one, than my last one. It’s a 10MP camera as opposed to my old 5MP camera, and it has a 15X optical zoom as opposed to the 3X optial zoom and a digital zoom. For the record, digital zooms SUCK big time. Avoid using them at all cost. Anyway I got my new camera and I tested it out by take a picture of…my junk.

Now this isn’t a good picture, and I won’t be posting it here, so don’t worry. I’m actually disappointed with the picture. I was saying to my junk “come on, look alive”, but my junk just sat there and did nothing. I closed my eyes and did some imagining, then opened my eyes and …nothing. My junk just sat there saying, “leave me alone”.

Now you’re all wonder why I decided to take a picture of my junk. All, I can say is that…it seemed a good idea at the time, and yes I know that phrase has gotten many people including myself into a lot of trouble. It’s not like I was going to email a the picture to anyone, especially if my junk wasn’t cooperating.

Perhaps, my junk is camera shy. Perhaps, my psyche wasn’t into it. Either way, my junk wasn’t behaving, and I’m somewhat disappointed at that. Maybe, my junk and I need to have some counseling. I ‘d sit in one chair, my junk in another chair, and the therapist in the third chair. The only problem would be if the therapist was a hot babe, and then my junk decided to stand at attention. Then I’d be really pissed. I’d be yelling, “I WANT TO TAKE A PICTURE OF YOU, AND NOTHING, BUT YOU GET ONE LOOK AT THE THERAPIST AND YOU’RE AT ATTENTION. WHAT THE HELL!!.”

To be fair to my junk, I’d rather look at a hot babe, than my camera as well. Bottom line, I didn’t get a good picture of my junk.

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