Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I can't find the words

I'm trying to write about how the American religion right doesn't seem to like the pope, but I can't seem to find the right words. When I write about issues like this, I like to do some research, and be able to site my sources so it doesn't look like I'm not just pulling stuff out of my ass, but this time I'm finding it hard to argue about this logically.

Before Pope Francis, I was embarrassed to admit that I was catholic because of the action of others. I didn't want to be associated with them, because I did not agree with what they were saying. These were the type to quote scripture from the Bible to justify their stance, but I don't know need some obscure quote in the good book to know when something is wrong.

I think this is why my first attempt at this post failed. Just as these people use obscure quotes to justify their point, I was looking for news articles to prove my point. I didn't need to do this, because sometimes, WRONG IS JUST WRONG because what my heart tells me.

I've been reading recently about some religions people, including Mike Huckabee  talking about how the Pope is wrong, and blasting judgement on him, and i just feel shame for these people. I don't remember Jesus doing these things.

Pope Francis tends to speak of tolerance, and has even spoken for Same Sex Marriage, as well voiced concerned about Climate Change. Now if the leader of the Catholic church preaches about acceptance, and voices concerned about Climate Change, you would think that the American catholic would listen and agree with him? Well some do, others do not.

Pope Francis has spoken on Climate Change before, and I the reaction from many (insert Fox News stinger here), feel that the Pope should be minding their own business. So if the Pope says something they agree with, they praise him. If he says something they don't agree with, they tell him to mind their own business?

These people have gone so far as to state that the Pope is a not a real Christian. I believe its these people who are not the real Christians, and I say this as a Catholic. I went to Catholic school until grade 12, when my family moved to Ontario, and not once, were we ever taught intolerance. So it's these people who are in fact the Fake Christians. I say this because when I hear them speak, all I hear is hate, and this was not what Jesus taught us.

So to all the Fake Christians out there including Kim Davis, and Mike Huckabee, I say this.


Hey I already admitted that I was a terrible Catholic.

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