Monday, February 21, 2005

There has to be a reason why that warning is there.

Today has been a real pain in the ass day, simply because I have to work and here in Alberta, it’s Family day (I don’t know how his holiday got started but it is a holiday here). Anyway I’m sitting at my desk, feeling bored as hell, wishing that I could be at home, doing something more productive like writing a post about music (it’s the next one Vics, promise), or perhaps scooping my eyeballs out of my head with a spoon. Then I pick up a bottle of liquid paper and start reading the back. OK, it says not in inhale the fumes and it’s flammable. Ok fine and then I read the next line, “Do not smoke”, and I think what the heck?

Now is this a serious problem? Are drug addicts walking into office supply stores for their fix of “liquid paper bliss”. To people like you and me, it might seem nuts but then I remembered hearing about people sniffing glue and then I remembered other things. A few years ago I saw a news report about some native youths sniffing gas in a remote reserve in Northern Quebec. It made news because the elders asked the government to take the youths away for treatment because they didn’t have the facilities there to treat everyone (it was one of those small reserves in the middle of nowhere where you could only get there by small plane).

So after that thought went through my head I thought, maybe putting that warning isn’t a bad thing. So maybe we should think why a warning label is on a product, and not just because some stupid woman spilled coffee on herself and sued because there was no warning about the coffee being hot.

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