Wednesday, February 02, 2005

What did I do to deserve this?

Last weekend I found a new blog and I added a comment and ask something about what the blogger thought of Canada. Usually people are quite polite when they find out that I’m a Canuck. Many Americans as well as a few Brits and people from all over the world are very nice and gracious to me. Well that changed yesterday. I went back to this person’s blog and she seemed to be snarling over the mention of “my home and native land”.

I have this image of horns growing from her head(I know it’s a her), as she snarls and fire comes from her mouth. I have images of her writing distasteful comment on our flag and carving up stuffed beavers (Our national animal people). I also see her burning Brian Adams, Nickleback and Rush CD. Destroying “Due South” DVD and anything Canadiana. Oh and singing “Blame Canada” while she does this.

What the heck caused this reaction? I don’t know maybe there was a “maple syrup” incident as a child or she doesn’t like hockey or Roots clothing? I don’t know but right now I’m scared. Canadians are supposed to be the peacekeepers. Were not use to having people mad at us. It normally doesn’t happen. I’m at a loss. I’m use to being the understanding good guy, not the target of rage.

Well for now, my long-term plan to visit the UK is on hold. What if this person finds me? Will she pour gasoline (or is it Petro over there?) and set me on fire? What fate will become of me? Is this because I complained that I wanted the Queen off the new Canadian $20. (Sorry but she shouldn’t be there anymore).

Either way, I feel safer in the Great White North and until I start feeling braver again, I’ll just stay by the lake at sunset and listen to the cry of the loon.

My 2 bytes.

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