Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Which Simpson character is gay (other than Smithers)

Simpsons, meet the Simpsons. Well this weekend is going to another of those “ground breaking” episodes. Apparently Homer is ordained as a Minister and end up marrying same sex couples. I’m sure it’s going to be classic “Simpsons". However someone is suppose to come out of the closet in this episode a shocking twist or just an excuse to get rating? Then again it is the Simpsons and that show has been on forever anyway, and odds are it will continue to air until the end of time so the ratings thing doesn’t fly with me; either way, it doesn’t matter.

So I was thinking who is going to ‘come out of the closet’ this Sunday? Originally I was thinking Carl or Lenny but then it hit me. It’s Barney. He’s GAY!!!. Now when he’s drunk he looks pretty bad but when he’s sober what’s the deal with his hair. Oh and what’s the deal with that movie he made. Its screams GAY !!! So I think Barney is gay but I will have to wait and see on Sunday. My theory anyway. Any other ideas?

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