Monday, February 14, 2005

My personal Valentine

Well, it’s that time of year again where single people like me want to jump off a bridge. Just kidding, I’m happy being hopelessly single. I think about how couples spend their time together, through the good and bad and I realized I have a relationship like that as well. She’s there in the morning for me as well as when I head to bed. If I’m feeling tired and beat, she’s there for me as well. I’m talking about my pillow.

My pillow seems to be the only one who truly loves me. My pillow is there for me when I need her. She comforts me every day and makes me feel better. In fact the only one who would ever make me feel even better is the toilet bowl after a night of drinking too much (but that’s another story, but notice how nice and cool the toilet bowl is on your forehead when you feel like crap?). Anyway my pillow in her green slipcover is there for me and I can always dress her up for different occasions. She can wear any color (even purple) and she will always be beautiful to me because she’s my pillow.

To be honest though, we do have some problems. She a little overprotective and she can smother me sometimes. Not to mention the arguments we have every morning. It usually goes like this.

“I need to get up, the alarm is going off”

“No stay with me, you know you want too, hit the snooze bar and spend a few more minutes with me”

This cycle goes on for about an hour until it gets too late and I have to rush to get ready for work and then it gets ugly.

“I have to go to work, I have to go”

“You know you love me more, now stay here”

Then five minutes later.

“ARGHHH I need to get up, I have to go, sorry”

“Stay here, you need me.”

“No I have to go” and I finally get out of bed.

It’s then my pillow stops talking to me and starts to sulk until I get home that evening. When I try to go asleep, she becomes less comfortable and we have another argument.

“I’m not comfortable” and I shift and fluff the pillow.

“All you think about is you, you’re selfish. What about my needs?”

Then we get into an argument and I fall asleep.

Anyway, despite our rough times, I still love my pillow so now I saw Happy Valentines Day Pillow.

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