Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I'm annoyed again. I'll watch whatever I want, thank you.

I’m flipping through yesterday’s newspaper and I end up reading something about a ‘so-called’ Christian Family organization and how they are condemning Shriek 2 for blaa blaa blaa. Personally I don’t care what these closed minded jackasses have to say. All I know is that I don’t want to hear them anymore because we seem to hear to much from them already and its all about their so called morals and how they are right and everyone else is wrong. BULLTSHIT.

I think it was the Simpsons episode that triggered this all over again, but then again, these people have been getting too much attention since the ‘boob’ incident at the Superbowl, last year. Now listen here, right wing wackos, “I’M SICK AND TIRED ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO DECIDED WHAT THE HECK I CAN WATCH. CONTROL THE TV IN YOUR HOME NOT MINE!!!”. As for the Simposns, I thought it was really funny when Marge confronted Rev. Lovejoy about where exactly did it said in the Bible that it was wrong for homosexuals to marry. How the rev. started ringing his bell and claiming that he didn’t hear Marge’s questions. To be fair, the episode did make fun of both sides so it wasn’t actually a pro or con stance. Oh and Selma being gay? Not a big stretch.

Anyway this reminds me of things that have cropped up over the tears like the Tinky Winky incident and the Bert and Ernie issue (Teletubbies seem to be asexual and Bert and Ernie were in separate beds). It even goes back to the nutjobs listening to rock records backwards listening for secret messages from the devil.

Like it or not, things change and that includes morality. Don’t believe me then, what about how there use to be slavery in the U.S. and even after that there was (and is) still racism going on down there and all over the world still. (A few days ago I had some cab driver start talking about “the Jews”, I just shut up right there because I thought he was an ass). Another example … the rule of thumb. Want to know it what that really is? It from old common law stating that you were not allowed to beat your wife with a branch thicker than your thumb (meaning that you could beat your wife but not too much). Last time I checked, that wasn’t acceptable today.

Personally if they were to think about the whole gay marriage issue, they should be encouraging it. After all, everyone knows that the sex stops soon after people get married so no more immoral gay sex.

Oh and one more thing about the “right wing wackoes” I use to consider myself right wing about many issues but today. I swear someone has moved the line and suddenly, I’m a moderate now, so don’t start calling me some left wing tree hugging hippie because I can’t stand them either. Basically I’m an individual, who develops his own opinions by learning about all sides of an issue and not basing my opinion on what someone said or didn’t say.

My 2 bytes.

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