Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Is it me or has Blog Explosion become overrated?

What the hell is happening to Blog Explosion? I use to enjoy looking at the blogs, even the "bad" ones (like I have a right to judge a bad blog Mr. Pepsi logo) but at least they had something interesting to say. Now some of these blogs are turning in boring lectures or infomercials.

First of all, who cares about the difference between Multi Level Marketing vs Network Marketing? I read that and I think, "What the hell are you trying to sell me". I also saw this blog that was selling "Buzz Lightyear" bed covers. At first I thought the blogger was talking about how they decorated their child's room but then I saw the "add to basket" button. Then I thought. WHAT THE F…. . What happened to all the smutty blogs I used to find? Where is Pussy Talk?

Is it just me or has Blog Explosion become "last year"? Well since I only joined last year, maybe it is. I just want something interesting to read and I keep finding crap though I'm still finding gems like the lesbian (that word always brings a smile to my face) writer talking about Fox editing an episode of the Family guy for fear of being fined by the FCC. Now this is something interesting to read about and whatever happened to "Everybody Poops"?

Maybe it's because I've bookmarked most of the good ones already. It seems that most of everything that I find lately is boring. Click; that's crap. Click; that's interesting. Click, a fucking Web Hosting Ad. Those are the worse in my opinion. I'm looking for a blog to read and then BAM! ! I'm stuck for 30 seconds (or so they think) as this web ad is staring me in the face about blog designs and hosting. (I'm talking to you, Web Diva's) Well guess what. I just click on the number on top anyway. SCREW THE CREDITS. Oh and if I see that Entrepreneur's smug face one more time. I'm going to barf. OH AND STOP BEGGING FOR CHANGE ONLINE. That is so 4 years ago.

Oh one other thing. If I read another blog where some guy is writing how you can improve your blog, I'll ring their friggin neck. If this person is such an expert, then why the hell does their blog look like manufactured dog poop? A blog represents a person and if I want to slap a clock showing the time in Calgary and add a weather button for my home city as well, then I'm going to do it JACKASS! ! ! While the Philippine gay guy's blog posts give me the creeps sometimes, it comes from the heart and I applaud him for it. Its all about him, pictures of hand bags and all.

Now I should come clean on one thing or two. I do indeed have some "Amazon stuff" for sale and I do have a little banner for Zip. ca (I swear by them) however, you have to scroll down to see them and to be honest, I don't care if you click on them or not. It would be nice if you did but I'm not going to ask you to do so. The ads actually tell you a bit about myself. I'm playing Jak III (Actually I finished it and I'm on GTA San Andres) and The Sims 2. Other than that, who cares?

So I signed up with BlogClick and I'll see how that goes.

My 2 bytes.

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