Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Well it’s Wednesday night. I’m at work and it’s friggin cold out. I mean real cold. Its –27 right now and its suppose to go down to –31. This is insane. They closed all the schools today because it was too cold to travel. The roads are slippery as hell and I want a FLAME THROWER.

I want a flame thrower, just so I can keep warm when I’m outside. I’m not outside much but for the amount of time I AM out, its too cold. My skin starts to get frost bitten after 5 seconds of exposure. 5 SECONDS !!!

Its so cold out that the water main a block from my place broke because the water froze. The water in the pipe deep in the ground. I was one of the lucky ones but some places are on "emergency water" which means a trailer with a water tank is parked outside their building. The Shell gas station is also without water which sucks for people who want Slurpies but then again, who wants a slurpie at –40 C (with the wind chill). You’d be surprised.

Anyway its cold out and I’m nervous that I won’t be able to have children because "my boys" are frozen solid. Its that cold people. I’ve been teasing people about how they are wimps with dealing with cold weather but now, this is real cold. The type of cold that makes you feel alive. Just before you FREEZE TO DEATH.

Well If I make it home in one piece, I intend to park my ass and make some Hot Chocolate and not cry over the fact that I have to go out in this shit again tomorrow. Well my "boys" are frozen solid so there isn’t much else they can do is there?

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