Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Some people are just so messed up in the head

Last night, just before I went to bed, I took a quick look at my blog to see if there were any new comments from other users (come one we all do it) and I noticed something in my Twitter feed about Digg and Kathy Sierra. Kathy is programmer, a game developer and an author, and she has her own blog as well. Well apparently she has been receiving some disturbing e-mail, so disturbing that she canceled an appearance at a conference and will not leave her home for fear of her life. Someone added her post about this horrible situation to Digg about this and some of the comments are absolutely insane. There are some people that are saying that these comments are free speech. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Ok you “Free Speech morons” listen to me. A DEATH THREAT IS NOT CONSIDERED FREE SPEECH. Saying in an e-mail that you “i hope someone slits your throat and cums down your gob” is not free speech. It’s a threat on someone’s life. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

I could not believe the bullshit I read in the comments. I was so ticked that I wrote two comments of my own in the dig story (scroll down, they’re there). There was this dumb jerk who was quoting some court decision and how the judge ruled that it was free speech. I don’t know the details of the case, but I do know the difference between right and wrong. I wonder if the threats that were being made, were made to these people’s loved ones, would they react the same way.

It’s shit like this, which makes me glad that I’m Canadian and that we live in a country where we are held accountable for our actions, including what we say when we cross a line. So called organizations like the KKK cannot exist up here because it’s members would be promoting hate. The person who made threats against Kathy would also be held accountable for what he said. We have free speech; we just have to be accountable for “yelling fire in a crowded theatre”.

The good news is that the majority of the people who left comments are just as disgusted as I am and the people who are making negative comments have been “dugg down” and their comments are hidden.

As for Kathy herself, I feel she has the right to not live in fear. Does any of these free speeches think of that? I think that a lot of these morons tend to look at people as statistics. They look are the numbers of people who have been different victims and they simply see them as numbers. These people need a dose of reality. They need to experience first hand the results of their inaction. They need to be dragged from their rooms and see the world as it truly is. It can be a dangerous place. Even in Canada, a country that has been rated in the top 5 places to live for some time, has its dangerous side. The difference is (in theory), we do something about it, but the system is far from perfect.

One last thing, to my free speechers down across the border, I’m pretty sure when free speech was added to you constitution, it was so that cowards can e-mail death threats to women.

(And all I wanted to do was write something funny. Instead lately, I seem to be standing on a soapbox and calling for social justice.)

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