Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I was Tagged.

I’ve been tagged from Singapore. That’s even farther than Vics. Heck I think it’s tomorrow in Singapore, so I should ask her what yesterdays lotto numbers are so I can play them. But that never works. Grrrr

6 weird things I’ve done or still doing:
(1) Thank the toilet bowl for being nice and cold against my forehead.
(2) Tell a Telemarketer that I wasn’t wearing pants.
(3) Try to make the water in the toilet spin the other way when it was flushed.
(4) E-mail my brother and the only word in the e-mail was Poop.
(5) Ask a Nun to pull my finger.
(6) Talk like Jacques Cousteau when I was in a swimming pool seeking the hot babe in a bikini fish.

6 people i'm tagging (whether you have been tagged or not!)
(1) Vics
(2) Erin
(3) April
(4) Stef (I wonder if he can narrow it down to 6 things)
(5) Jay
(6) Jess

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