Tuesday, October 26, 2004

My Fast Facts II (Insert Different Dramatic News Bumber Music Here)

Yep here we go again.

26. I love to watch cartoons.

27. The fact that I think some female cartoon characters are hot might be proof that I need a girlfriend (Dabbling in watercolors)

28. I’ve never met a lingerie model

29. On November 22nd I’ll be voting in my 3rd election in the past 6 months (We’ve had a federal, municipal and now a provincial election has been called)

30. Next summer, I have to go back east to Ontario for my sister’s wedding and I’m wearing a cowboy hat at the reception. (And I was invited to the dinner)

31. I want to be on “The Apprentice” just so I can say that I was fired by Donald Trump.

32. I know a guy who had never seen “Star Wars”. I’m convinced that one day; the police will surround his house and be forced to fire tear gas through his living room window and bring him out in handcuffs.

33. My favorite Canadian TV show is The Trailer Park Boys

34. I’m getting sick of Reality TV

35. I’m still not wearing pants.

36. I think Lara Croft is a babe (I really need a girlfriend)

37. In January of 2006, it will be my turn to marry J.Lo

38. I can’t wait for the new season of The Osbournes to start.

39. Alice Cooper is an avid golfer.

40. I want to be Alice Cooper’s caddy.

41. I’ve never driven a Zamboni.

42. I like boobies.

43. I like John Kerry because I believe that he will be a more Canadian friendly President (and he plays Hockey)

44. My spell checker thinks Zamboni is a typo

45. I buy crap off of Ebay

46. Yesterday to received “Looney Tunes: Back in Action” from Zip.ca my online DVD rental site.

47. I haven’t downloaded smut of the Internet in the past 48 hours.

48 Opps, Scratch Fact 47.

49. I want Eminem to release a CD of children’s songs.

50. I find Teletubbies hypnotic, I could watch them for hours.

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Vics said...

Grrrr... at the lingerie model bit.