Monday, October 11, 2004

Listen to the Director dammit

I love DVD’s. I love the fact that they have so many features and tracks and different options, it’s far more superior than video cassettes. Anyway one thing I really enjoy is the director’s commentary and some of them are really good.

Now when people think about a directory’s commentary, they think about some dry, boring 2 hour lecture as the director talks about the symbolism of the film and that's wrong, I wouldn't sit and listen to someone talk about lighting and other crap like that for 2 hours and no one should have to unless it was on some exam they had to write.

I was watching Brother Bear with the commentary and I laughed my ass off (anyone who says they’re too old to watch Disney animated features should have the cucumber removed from their ass). What they did was get Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis to do it as their Tuke and Rutt characters (and they’re based on the classic McKenzie brothers). I love how they comment on how all the human characters are named after SUV’s and how the appearance of a squirrel is a sign of impending danger; though I don’t believe that they are correct when they said there was a squirrel in Top Gun. Claiming it was in the back seat of the plane just before Goose died. As well I don’t believe Rutt when he says that he was totally edited out of Blade Runner and I don't believe those totems the human characters wore came from a gift shop at the Vancouver and Calgary aiports(I loved the Calgary Reference, Its home, look at my profile). Either way, I recommend watching this movie for the commentary alone.

Resident Evil is a lot like this as well, but they stay more focused on the movie and the behinds the scenes, though it’s really nice of Michelle Rodriguez to tell us when there’s going to see Milla Jovovich nude or semi nude and it was nice to hear about Michelle’s leather bra.

Now I also find the more serious commentaries good as well. My favorite once will always be ‘The Sum of All Fears’ when they have Tom Clancy and the first thing he says is that “I wrote the book they totally ignored” and he spends the rest of the movie telling them where they screwed up. I loved that.

I have a large collection of DVD’s but I’ve yet to watch the commentary on them all, not that they all have a commentary but I enjoy them nonetheless. I still need to watch the commentary for my new Star Wars DVD’s (then again I haven’t watched them yet).

So whoever owns DVD’s (and that should be just about everyone, I recommend watching it with the director’s comments, sometimes they are really funny and some of them are interesting (unless they feature the set designer and the costume designer, stay away from them).

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