Monday, October 18, 2004

Tales from the Great White North

As my regular readers have noticed, I've changed the name of my blog. As for those of you that are here for the first time. WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN ???

So now my blog is called "Tales of The Great White North". It took me a lot of brainstorming to come up with this title. Ok I had a beer and came up with nothing. Actually the revelation that came with this new name came this morning when I looked out the window and I thought to myself. "Shit, its snowing. Why can't it wait till November before it starts snowing at least"

Anyway I went through my daily rituals of getting ready for work and hoping that there would be a big pile of money at my doorstep so I wouldn't have to go to work anymore but once again I was disappointed so I had to go.

I've been toying with different names because my old name seemed too amateurish. I wanted my title to mean something. I wanted a great title like the blogs that I've read, like "DaParson's Fishing Adventures" (I fine blog about old guys fishing) or "Pussy Talk" (I'll give you a hint, this blog has nothing to do with cats).

Well I've thrown the Canuck fact into everyone's face enough times so I figure "The Great White North" from the old SCTV skit with Bob and Doug McKenzie (How's it going eh) but I thought it needed something else. So first I cam up with words, then scriptures and so on. To be honest, I'm not totally pleased with Tales since I'm not telling tales of say, a trip to buy a snow shovel (I hate snow) or anything but unless someone can come up with a better idea than that, I'm sticking with it. So welcome to the "Tales of The Great White North".

(Oh yeah, in G4TechTV's virtual hockey season, Calgary is 4th in the Western Conference with 2 Wins and 1 OT loss)

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Kati said...

The new title is pretty cool. Very original, I like it.