Monday, October 25, 2004

My Fast Facts (Insert Dramatic News Bumber Music Here)

Everyone else has done this at one point or another so I thought I would do it as well (It beats doing the cookie monster song, I dread the day I have to do the Cookie Monster Song)

1. I'm not wearing any pants.

2. I have a nasty headache.

3. Its been 10 years since my dog died and I still miss him.

4. I don't understand women.

5. I'm sick of my job.

6. I'm 1/4 Objibway Indian (My grandfather on my Dad's side).

7. I went to DeVry.

8. Once upon a time I wanted to get into broadcast journalism.

9. My Dad played cards with Paul Newman.

10. Richard Simmons got within 10ft of me once, I still have nightmares.

11. I don't understand women.

12. I was born to be a smart ass.

13. My parents didn't apperciate my skills as a smart ass until I moved out.

14. I lie about my age (and I dread my birthday).

15. I'm a geek (but I don't look like one)

16. Women remain a mystery to me.

17. One day Weird Al Yankovic will be recognized for the being the musical genius that he is.

18. I hate fishing shows.

19. My dad watches "The Young and the Restless"

20. My mom records "The Shopping Channel"

21. I have over 150 channels on my Satellite Dish and a lot of time, all I find is crap.

22. One day Gilbert Godfrew will be recognized for his comical genius.

23. I'm convinced that Trek Parker and Matt Stone (South Park) probe my mind every night to get their ideas.

24. Orginally I was going to by the DVD "The Day After Tomorrow", the day after tomorrow but I ended up buying it yesterday.

25. One day I want to be a character on "The Simpsons"


SJ said...

You'll never understand women. It's just not gonna happen. HOW OLD ARE YOU? I am guessing you are over 18--and I don't know why I'm guessing that. I don't want to guess too low because you'd be insulted, but since you are dreading your birthday, I'm guessing it's something like 20 or 23 or something. Shit. I have no idea. (don't be insulted. I am confused by Hugh's 18-yr-old comment to introduce me to your blog.) It's driving me insane. And if you don't understand why, well, all I can say is....I'm a woman.

K. Restoule said...
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K. Restoule said...

I graduated from DeVry a year ago. Does that give any clue.

I just started to notice my mortality and it scares me. I remember when I thought I was immortal and now I have this image of one day being a Dad, driving a station wagon and having responsibilities.

I dread the day when I'm referred to as SIR.

My 2 bytes
(I misspelled something in the orginal reply)

Vics said...

Lmao - so does the fact that I'm 28 and completely unconcerned about my next birthday make me a freak? As it is, age is irrelevant I have friends of 16 and over 40 alike, its mindset and opinion that count not winters passed. Keep 'em guessing K *wink* and I TOTALLY agree with 17. Shame we don't get the show over here, i'd like to give it a squizz.

Kati said...

Well, I don't understand guys either.......
They are really stupid. No offense. I am sure you are not stupid. Also, the fact that you are not in high school gives you lots of points in my book. High school boys are idiots.

Anyways. That's my two bytes, to steal your phrase.