Wednesday, October 27, 2004

My Fast Facts III (Insert First Post Dramatic News Bumber Music Here)

Here we go again, yet more Fast Fasts (I intend to do this till Thursday, 100 is enough)

51. The radio station I'm listening to won't stop playing Van Hallen because they are in town and played the Saddledome earlier tonight.

52. I never got ticket to see Van Hallen.

53. My favourite Canadian mini-series is called "The Arrow" It features one of Canada's finest achievements and bureaucratic idioticy.

54. There's a security guard at my job who looks just like the former Iraqi Information Minister ("There are no Americans in Baghdad", as U.S. Tanks roll up the street a few blocks behind the guy.)

55. Courtney Love has not been sober since 1986 (Ok, 1984)

56. I despise the religious right and are usually neither.

57. I hate "Friends" with a passion.

58. Avril Lavigne was voted #40 in a list of 100 Greatest Canadian. I think you should be old enough to drink in the U.S. Before your even considered to be a great Canadian.

59. I blame Ontario for the Avril thing.

60. I blame Ontario for everything wrong with this country (with Quebec a close second)

61. I haven't forgotten about Amy Fisher.

62. I thought it would be cool if Moist and Bush toured together. We could call it the Moist Bush Tour.

63. Late at night, O.J, likes to call Judge Ito and whisper the words "I did it" and hang up.

64. When I'm really pissed off, I like to listen to "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns and Roses.

65. The Guns and Roses reference in Terminator 2 is cool. When Arnold is walking through the mall with the box of roses but inside is a gun as well.

66. There isn't a man, woman or child who does not enjoy a lovely beverage.

67. I bought Mulan on DVD today (I love cartoons)

68. I forgot Donny Osmond sang in Mulan (Where's did I put the receipt)

69. Americans say that I don't have a Canadian accent.

70. I didn't know where as such a thing as a Canadian accent (except for the French, the Maritimers and the Newfies.

71. During the G8 conference in Kananaskis back in 2002, there were no riots in the city and only 2 arrests. I'm proud of the Calgary Police's ability to respect the rights of the protester and maintain order within out city.

72. Some protesters tried to trash a MacDonalds during the G8 but city police officers managed to create an impromptu barrier by linking a bunch of patrol bicycles together and that's when one guy got arrested for trying to grab one of the bikes.

73. The naked protesters at the Gap downtown during the G8 were overrated.

74. I'm proud of my city.

75. I love Turkey and Mashed Potatoes.

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