Thursday, October 28, 2004

The last of my Fast Facts

Ok last time, I'm getting tired of it as well.

76. I once say Mr. T in some Christian Action movie (its was a Christian movie anyway and It was Canadian.)

77. I'm sorry about the lingerie model remark. (Actually I'm lying)

78. My Mom is a neat freak.

79.Christopher Walken is as funny as he is creepy.

80. When I was in kindergarten, I played a mean Triangle

81. The World Series is over and I don't care

82. I really miss Hockey but think the season's a washout.

83. I never watched Buffy or Angel (I just never got into those shows)

84. I love that Flock of Seagulls song "I Ran (so far away)"

85. The band Rush was awarded "The Order of Canada"

86. Calgary Flames defenceman Mike Commodore is my new hero because he can see past the greed of the Players and understands that changed are needed for the league to survive.

87.Britney Spears has her own fragrance. Was this really necessary?

88. I'm in love with my PVR. I can't watch TV normally anymore.

89. Darr know weather.

90. People who call the police because kids are playing street hockey should be shot and pissed on. They're not hurting anyone and its not like they are breaking into cars and smoking crack. These people are nothing but control freaks.

91. The old Trailer Park Boys website is a lot funnier and weird.

92. John Kerry plays Hockey.

93. George W Bush was awarded a "White Hat" from the major of Calgary in 02 during the G8.

94. He put the hat on thing on.

95. Only half the world leaders who were given a White Hat put the thing on.

96. I own the shittiest digital camera in the world. A camera phone would be better.

97. The 6th Season of The Amazing Race will start on November 16th. I love that SHOW.

98.Currently, File Sharing is legal in Canada.

99. I think the RIAA is pushing too hard and one day, someone is going to push back and someone will get hurt.

100. I'm fed up with this Fast Fact things. If I ever do this again, I'll have ALL facts prewritten.

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Vics said...

if you'd REALLY meant 77 i'd be wanting to move to canada ;o)

K. Restoule said...

I'm indeed very sorry. It was wrong of me to make such a comment, though it was true. I indeed have never meet a lingerie model but I never meant to offend. Now Canada is waiting for you ;-)

SJ said...

but you should watch Buffy and Angel. You should. They are perfectly rentable. Someone with your wit would appreciate them. Honestly. (man, I feel like Joss Whedon's bitch or something) ha

K. Restoule said...

Well I guess I'll have the rent the DVD's then. I'll just add it to my list on my Zip Account (The Canadian Equalivant to Net Flicks.)

My 2 bytes

SJ said...

watch all the Buffys first. It clues you in on Angel.

Vics said...

lmao - hmmm... well... i'll let you know when i can afford the airfare *grin*