Thursday, October 21, 2004

Our different selves

I’ve been thinking about my different selves all day and I thought I might ramble on about it

As I talked about yesterday, I have a second blog that I refer to as my geek blog. It is that blog that I just go nuts and talk about the things that would interest another geek or fan boy, like comic books and things that some people who consider childish (Though those people who snicker and judge me for admitting such hobbits should have the pickle removed from their ass. That’s why they walk funny). Anyway, someone could argue that this is just a different side of me (and they would be correct) but I prefer to call it a different self.

(I think I’m rambling, please tell me if I am)

Anyway I remember learning something in a Psych class I took, where we talked about private and public selves since we all have barriers of some kind or another as well as our idea self and our actual self (I think I learned that there or perhaps I’m just pulling this stuff out of my ass, I’m sure that’s what Dr. Phil does). So basically I believe that it’s ok to have different selves we decide what we want to share and with whom.

This blog for example could be one of my selves (actually it is) where I share certain things with people like you and my other blog is I share different things.

I refuse to believe that we are easily defined. I believe that we are all complex and that we all have infinite sides or selves. There’s reality of course but I kind hate reality, If I had my way, I’d rather live as the self who was Trump rich and doesn’t have to worry about cash ever again (whoever said money can’t buy happiness never had to live without it). Then again there’s the superhero self, who I call StarStryke (like I said, I enjoy comic books, the stories and the art are great), where I can accomplish many superhuman tasks. (Hey if Edda from 9 Chickweed Lane can daydream of being a superhero, so can I).

One of the things I really like about the Internet is the anonymity. You don’t know anything about me, except what I choose to reveal. I’ve revealed more to people I chat with via AIM but then again, that is my choice. Here I can be a thought of as a good writer (and some people have made comments and I thank you) as oppose to being a #####################, again I choose what to reveal.

While some people can (and do) choose to reveal more about themselves in their blogs, it’s their choice and that’s the best part. Perhaps one day I’ll put my real picture up (it’s not like I have a disfiguring mark or anything) but for now I’m happy with that image; just as I’m happy sharing what I choose to share with you now. It’s my choice.

(Unrelated, My Flames are in thrid place in the Western Conference of the G4TechTV virtual hockey season, GO Virtual Flames Go)

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Buttercup said...

So How does this virtual hockey thing work.

SJ said...

I agree. Internet anonymity is a good thing. One person here (more resembling the true person, I think because there are no real social boundaries) and one person at a dinner party where you want to run screaming from the room "YOU PEOPLE BORE THE SHIT OUT OF ME!" But you don't do that. Social boundaries.

Vics said...

Anonimity? But... But... I'm FAYMUS darlink... LoL
Actually yeah, some of the things i've written about and the way i am online are quite different from how i am in a social situation (um, only slightly though - it's those boundary things y'mate was talking about) it came as quite a shock when i realised people were not only reading what i wrote, but taking it onboard and writing about it in turn (your good self a case in point)in 'real life' i'm just not seen as that interesting i dont think.
but back to snow... its cold - i HATE the cold. come over here - its just wet. *grin* all year round...