Friday, October 22, 2004

Winter is here, NOW GO AWAY

I am so sick of snow. I hate it, I hate it. Grumble Grumble. Well it stopped snowing FINALLY!!!. I’m so glad that I don’t own the building I live in so I don’t have to shovel any driveways or walkways. Though to this day I still wonder why my Dad waited until AFTER I moved out to buy a snow blower. I think it’s because I moved out.

There’s one thing I really hate about winter is the fact that the sky is always grey. I think of only a handful of times in my life when I saw a blue sky during the winter. I don’t like seeing a grey sky.

Just checked a satellite weather map courtesy of Weather Watcher. I love the thing, it’s a great tool, its international and no spyware (not like that stupid Weather Bug thing that asks you for your ZIP code and when you type in a Canadian Postal code, It complains). The image shows nothing but cloud cover. Were talking The Day after Tomorrow here.

I remember when Quaid and his buddies were all bundled up and walking to New York in their gear with the snow blowing and I thought, WIMPS !!!. As a child, I got sent outside to shovel the driveway in that and they make it look like it really horrible. Move to Canada you pussies.

Well at least I don’t feel so bad that they’re Christmas stuff in the stores already, at least we have snow on the ground.

Though I’m disgusted with the snow right now it’s probably because its city snow. It’s mixed with slush and tire marks and other crap thought I might like it more if I was out in Banff. I’ve never been to Banff in the winter and perhaps I should do something about it this year.

Oh yeah, this is why we have Thanksgiving a month earlier in Canada, because of this crap (and an earlier harvest).

Alright, I have an idea. If everyone in the city gets out their hair dryers, maybe we can get ride of the snow and warm things up.

While this global warming thing does sound bad, but all I have to ask is any of these people ever experienced winter?

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