Saturday, October 09, 2004

Were fighting back people and were going to win

What is it about some people who only think about themselves and are rude to everyone else? People who swear in public or talk on their cell phones during a movie? These people are so selfish and it’s about time we did something about it.

I read this awhile ago on The Smoking Gun but it’s still a favorite. This woman was in a movie theater, talking on a cell phone during the movie, annoying everyone around her. Well a staff member (who was also a police officer) asked her to put her phone away and then she and her boyfriend went off about how they could do whatever they wanted and her boyfriend threaten to kiss his ass. So the cop busted arrested them for 'disorderly conduct'. YES !!!!! I'm tired of stupid people (too bad we can't sterilize them as well so we can try to save the gene pool)

This was from CNN and I also love this. A woman was swearing into her cell phone and a police officer asked her repeatedly to stop wearing so loudly in public. Again we see the 'I can do whatever I want' attitude and once again the police arrest her. YES !!!! YES !!!! YES !!!! The woman was made to lie down while she was arrested though she was 5 months pregnant. Personally I don't care if she was with child or not, we have rules in society and if you are not able to function by those rules then you should pay the consequences.

I noticed that this trend started as soon as it became 'bad' to spank your kids for being bad. Now these children never learn discipline and now they turn into what we are seeing now, AND THE GENE POOL IS BEING PEE'D IN AS A RESULT. This is what happened when a bunch of tree hugging Gaia loving, out of touch, wackos try to tell everyone else how to live their lives.

I'm going to explain my Gene Pool peeing theory. This is what is happening today. People who work hard on their education and their professional lives are holding back on having families or are not having them at all. On the other side, we have these trashy lazy people who discover that they can get some extra money on their welfare checks if they have another kid, so now we have all these dumb rude children being raised by dumb rude single moms (the dads lack any sense of responsibility and take off) as a result, we see more dumb kids and less smart kids because the dumb people are passing their genes more and more and the smart people less and less because they have enough sense to decide when it would be the right time to have children. End result, the whole gene poll is dominated by dumb lazy DNA.

Now we need to fight back people and I have a plan though it's controversial. We create something called the 'Stupid Police' and we send them out and if they find a gene pool polluter then we get them 'fixed' so they can have irresponsible sex all they want and society will not have to raise the little monsters. I know that forced sterilization is a bad thing but I can't think of any other option, they can't be trusted to have safe sex, and I fear the collapse of society because of these dumb people. Again I find myself balancing the rights of the individual vs. the common good, but I really hate stupid, selfish rude people. (Maybe we can start by neutering the cab driver who stole my cell phone.

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